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  • About the author - I dedicate this website to all people worldwide, especially people with chronic illnesses. LOVE is the most powerful "Health Drug" in nature.
  • Disclaimer - During 15 years of struggle for survival, I have gained a great deal of Western & Chinese medical experience where I have been staying intermittently.
  • Events - The portal was launched in late 2018; it is dedicated to all people worldwide, especially people with chronic illnesses.
  • Support me - The is a free, non-advertising portal that provides a detailed, simple, step-by-step explanation of self-healing medicine practice.

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  • CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASES - Chronic inflammatory diseases have become widespread—Mainly due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. (Mentally and physically)
  • AUTOIMMUNE + ADDICTION-RELATED - Autoimmune diseases and addiction-related illnesses are particularly affected by unresolved traumas, which reside in the subconscious.
  • SELF-HEALING PHILOSOPHY - Integrating modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine is vital to achieving optimal healthcare.
  • NATURAL THERAPIES - Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms.
  • NUTRITION + EATING HABITS - The healthiest diet is based on natural and varied food, is easy to digest, has anti-inflammatory properties, and supports tissue regeneration and a good mood.
  • INNOVATIVE FUTURISTIC - Innovative, applicable, and theoretical futuristic ideas in medicine, science, and philosophy.
  • GALLERY (DISGUSTING) - All photos in the gallery are authentic—Most were taken using a mobile phone camera.
  • BLOG - The Blog (divided into 9 categories) brings diverse medical and scientific topics. Including experiences from my extended stays in China.
  • FORUMS - The forums are an anonymous web-based community that encourages exchanging various ideas and experiences. Some of the posts reflect my anonymous responses to readers' inquiries. (With slight changes)

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  • About this website - website was launched in late 2018; It is a free website dedicated to people worldwide, especially chronic patients.


Selected topics

New articles & Innovative ideas in medicine and science

Unifying models of acquired chronic illness and addictions.

Surprisingly, modern medicine has no separate philosophy!

Self-Healing Natural Medicine Philosophy.

Unifying, Innovative-Groundbreaking Models.

Inflammation causes and symptoms, Immune response, and pain scale.

Chronic acquired inflammatory illnesses.

Other chronic and Degenerative diseases.

How to get started with Self-healing therapies?

Mental and Spiritual Empowerment is critical.

Additional anti-inflammatory therapies.

The Ultimate Detoxification.

Self-healing medicine eliminates the causes of chronic diseases.

Methodological Topics Regarding Nutrition.

Practical Tips for Healthy Nutrition.

Reduce processed and industrialized foods, beverages, and chemicals.

Weight and obesity — widespread issues.

Curiosity and a lot of imagination — Combined with science.

Improving the availability of healthcare.

Applicable breakthrough medical technologies.

Autoimmune diseases.

Addiction-related illnesses.

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