Can a drug or combination cure any acquired chronic disease?

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15/09/2022 5:40

Since no drug or combination of drugs can eliminate the causes of chronic diseases, but only their symptoms, the answer is that there is no such drug.


For the demonstration, we will make an analogy of the human body and chronic illness to paint on rust. (Oxidation of iron)


You need to preserve a wholly rusted item (the human body). If you paint it with standard paint (conventional medicine), the rust continues to bubble and crumble the paint; after a not-long period, it is necessary to repaint (new drug) because the condition of the iron deteriorates. Sometimes, the rusty iron breaks or folds, which is needed to make mechanical repairs. (Surgeries) Compared to regular paint, rust paints can perform the opposite action of oxidation to stabilize the rust (medicine for self-healing). In addition, a complex and sealed protective layer is formed, preventing the iron's continued oxidation for long periods.


Link: Conventional Medicine vs. Self-Healing Functional Medicine - SWOT analysis.

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