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Self-healing Functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. Natural therapies are often synonymous with self-healing functional medicine.

How to get started with self-healing functional medicine natural therapies?
During 15 years of struggle for survival, I have gained a great deal of Western & Chinese medicine experience where I have been staying on and off for 13 years.
Self-healing Functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. Natural therapies are often synonymous with self-healing functional medicine.
Pain is often the primary urge that causes most of us to go to the doctor for a checkup.
Discontinuation or reduction of medication in chronic patients is not just a health decision, but a decision that is often derived from fear and the attending physician's response.
A list of recommended tasks & preparations one should apply before starting self-healing therapies.
Mental & Spiritual empowerment is critical to recovery!
Prolonged chronic illness (including certain addictions) has many characteristics of personal loss, so the use of the Kubler-Ross model is very appropriate.
The ability to recover miraculously increases when the patient finds love and support. Love in its various forms is the most powerful "Health Drug" in nature.
Men and women with chronic illnesses need love, touch, warmth, and also sex.
Set yourself challenging goals so that you can gauge your progress over time. Remember that failure is part of success; perseverance and determination are the keys to success.
I have many years of positive experience with varying energy therapies, but they are usually part of a comprehensive treatment and not an exclusive treatment.
Acupuncture is a powerful healing technique that affects the physical body by balancing the life-force (Qi) energy flow along the energy channels (meridians).
Releasing unresolved traumas from the subconscious mind through hypnosis has far-reaching impacts on our physical and mental health.
In the modern age where self-thinking and constant criticism are sanctified, it isn't easy to make people believe blindly!
The Ultimate Detoxification - Cleansing the Liver, Gallbladder, Intestines, Kidneys.
Drinking natural squeezed juices ensures a regular supply of essential nutrients to the body. It helps in the production of bile fluid, thereby boosting the immune system. Extraordinary benefits - No side-effects.
Coffee enemas can release significant amounts of toxins stuck inside the liver and digestive tract due to bile duct obstructions. It has a considerable impact on strengthening the immune system.
Liver Flush can dissolve the intra-hepatic stones coating, thus enable the cleansing of the liver & gallbladder. By unblocking the liver, gallbladder, intestines & kidneys, one can boost the immune system dramatically.
Modern life with poor nutrition and unnatural beverages burden the kidneys (and liver), so it is essential to cleanse the kidneys regularly. It has an immense impact on the immune system.
The definition of antioxidants is relatively new and refers to a group of substances found mainly in plants that can inhibit or prevent damage to human cells and tissues.
Lifestyle & Diet, Supplements, Herbal medicine & Additional anti-inflammatory therapies.
Lifestyle changes in chronic patients are often the result of accepting the need for change, along with hope for recovery.
Intermittent fasting is an incredible tool for slowing the metabolism. When the digestive system rests, the body can initiate tissue rehabilitation. The benefits of intermittent fasting are far beyond slimming.
It is advisable to incorporate controlled sun exposure with eating natural foods containing vitamin D3 to prevent vitamin D3 deficiency.
Nutrients from food and natural beverages are better absorbed than any supplements and have no side effects. (Supplements can be harmful.)
After more than 70 years of extensive use of penicillin and other synthetic drugs, it seems that antibiotics become much less effective, I believe that modern lifestyle and improper nutrition contribute to this worrisome phenomenon.
Massage of all kinds has an excellent effect on the body and mind - without any side effects.
Cupping and scraping are traditional anti-inflammatory therapies, widespread, especially in China.
This table is designed to summarize all types of physical therapies.
Non-beneficial treatments I went through.
In this article, I examine several therapies I have performed without significant benefits.
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