Deciphering the causes (mental and physical) of all chronic diseases.

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Treating the underlying causes of chronic diseases rather than the symptoms, tailored individually, is the next healthcare revolution of the 21st.

Quantum computer.


New medical ventures that use AI are based on optimizing existing treatments with fewer side effects and increased effectiveness. However, they still do not change medicine's worldview and continue treating the symptoms rather than the causes of the disease! Therefore, they will not be able to cure chronic diseases.

  • Deciphering the genetic code will make it possible in the coming decades to correct genetic diseases using genetic editing, cutting, and pasting technologies (a technology known as CRISPR) successfully tested in COVID-19 vaccines and clinical trials. However, in many chronic diseases, including many autoimmune diseases and cancer, the explanatory component of genetics in morbidity on average is single-digit percentages, except for exceptional cases, does not exceed 20% and therefore requires a combination of additional variables, mainly lifestyle (mental and physical, nutrition and treatment of the energetic dimension, which is not at all known to medicine.

My approach to treating chronic disease causes is particularly challenging but exceptionally rewarding. 

  • To reach a result that can be implemented based on changes in mental, physical, and nutritional lifestyles, it is necessary to statistically decipher all the variables, including the mental-energetic dimension, at a high level of significance, such that it will be possible to maneuver between the variables, except heredity. 
  • The patient's prescription will include a precise recipe for a healthy lifestyle, an exact, personalized diet, lifestyle changes, both mental and physical, recommendations for age-appropriate physical activity and health status, and most importantly, a recipe for releasing unresolved traumas from the past, with clear indications of what to look for and at what level. These are insights that have never been at the attention of medicine.
  • The proposed project represents a fundamental shift in the perception of the entire field of chronic disease treatment. Instead of treating the symptoms of the disease, the treatment will be focused on neutralizing the causes of the disease. It will dramatically lower chronic disease morbidity that until now were perceived as incurable, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), mental illness, addictions, and more. Symptomatic treatment is not able to cure chronic diseases. The only chance for the chronically ill is by eliminating the causes of the disease.
  • New technologies that combine powerful quantum computing with artificial intelligence can accurately pinpoint the causes of chronic diseases. No chronic patient will hesitate to use this innovative service. The project will require massive investment, but the returns for investors and humanity will be tremendous. 


Decoding the causes of all chronic acquired diseases will be The 21's healthcare revolution.

Deciphering the causes of autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer, mental illnesses, and addictions is a possible task that will dramatically change the world of medicine. The treatment will focus on eliminating the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. 

  • Although we think chronic diseases are a matter of chance, knowing that the body never works randomly is essential. Therefore, all chronic diseases' nature, location, and severity are consequential!
  • If we know the causes of the disease precisely, we can neutralize them and recover quickly, with a sharp reduction in drug treatment designed to treat symptoms. Eliminating the causes will prevent suffering, side effects, unnecessary expenses, and severe side effects caused by the treatment.


The technology to implement the project already exists. The initiative is needed, especially a change in the medical establishment's perceptions, which are fixated on the old methods of treating disease symptoms. The venture's potential is enormous!

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Frequently asked questions and answers:
Why is deciphering the causes of chronic illness the flagship project of healthcare?
Because without accurate decoding of all the environmental and hereditary variables, medicine treats only the symptoms of the diseases and not the causes of the disease!
Is the proposed project based on existing methodologies?
Statistical methodologies and enormous computing power already exist. Some variables such as diet, lifestyle, and their influence are known. The human genome is already cracked and known. The missing critical part is the mental-energetic side.
Is the proposed project extremely costly?
It is a large-scale technological project that may last for years. The project concerns all the countries worldwide, and the scope of the investment in it will yield huge savings and a high return on the investment.
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Deciphering the causes of all chronic acquired diseases. (Beyond genetics)
1. Why must deciphering the causes of chronic diseases be medicine's flagship project?
Chronic morbidity has taken on the dimensions of a global epidemic, which is constantly on the rise, despite the increasing use of drugs.
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A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 1.
Modern medicine has not been able to identify the causes of disease in a way that would allow treatment of the causes of the disease and therefore has focused on treating the symptoms. However, treating the symptoms usually only perpetuates the disease and does not lead to the patient's recovery.
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