Intellectual property originating from aliens will belong to humanity.

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17/10/2022 5:25

The Council of the Extraterrestrial Federation demanded that intellectual property originating from extraterrestrials belong to all humanity.

Intellectual property.

Usually, in channeling, I ask questions and get answers. This time, the message reached me without me asking questions.

Extraterrestrials have vast scientific knowledge and supertechnologies in many different fields: nuclear fusion for energy production, space, aviation, transportation, communications, medicine, minerals, and just about everything. The economic value of knowledge and technologies for human use is enormous, and extraterrestrials are aware of possible conflicts arising from the unfair or unequal delivery of information and technologies.


The Council of the Extraterrestrial Federation emphasized that it wishes that all intellectual property from extraterrestrials be the property of all humanity!

The fear is that trade wars will develop and perhaps real wars. The economic value of extraterrestrial knowledge and technologies is estimated in quadrillions of dollars. (thousands of trillions)

It is essential to emphasize that extraterrestrials will not be given knowledge and technologies without fully implementing the specified requirements.

  • To avoid legal manipulation, even adding terrestrial technologies to extraterrestrial ones or terrestrial knowledge will not allow patents to be registered!
  • Treaties will be signed when humanity joins the Federation of Aliens (not in a long time). At the same time, a local treaty of the countries on Earth is required.
  • Extraterrestrials emphasize that the arrangement will include existing technologies obtained through reverse engineering and from extraterrestrials.

I believe that the federation's demand is legitimate and intended to serve all world citizens, not just the superpowers that already enjoy a technological advantage.


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