How to boost the immune system naturally?

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22/04/2022 3:49

The body's primary defense mechanism is the immune system; a weak immune system exposes the body to chronic disease and cancer—the main difficulty in applying the principles of healthy living in a modern world without free time.

Boost your immune system.

Immune system rehabilitation must integrate the body, mind, and spirit. 

  • We usually tend to run to the medicine cabinet as soon as we have a fever or symptoms of inflammation. Usually, no medication is needed to recover. Grandmother's remedies, such as tea, soup, and a balanced diet with rest, are effective without side effects. 


Mental, Behavioral & Spiritual: (Often underestimated) 

Link: Mental & Spiritual empowerment is critical to recovery!

  • Lifestyle changes, with more relaxation and sleep.
  • Mental & spiritual enhancement to restore Qi life-force energy.
  • Strengthening positive emotions and faith.
  • Releasing Non-resolved stressful events from the past. (Using licensed hypnotherapist or other techniques such as meditation or Tai Chi.)




Lifestyle & Environmental. (Often, it is not possible to change the environment in the short term)

  • Comfortable living in a non-humid or polluted environment. The quality of housing and a comfortable environment has both a moral and psychological impact.
  • Avoiding sharp temperature changes usually requires heating in cold places. (Sharp fluctuations in temperature affect the immune system)


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