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The integration between conventional modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine is vital to achieving optimal healthcare.

Unifying models of all acquired chronic diseases, Cancer, Addictions.
Usually, there is no drug or invasive treatment that can eliminate all the causes of chronic illness. The only way to be cured is to ensure that all causes are treated correctly and simultaneously. (Body, Mind & spirit)
 Any addiction not only manifests itself in certain addictive chemicals but also, and mainly as a psychoenergetic phenomenon. (Applies also for behavioral addictions)
Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of a group of cells that isolate themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue in self-defense.
Surprisingly, modern medicine has no directive philosophy!
The SWOT analysis points to a mirror image between Modern Medicine and Self-Healing (Alternative-functional) Medicine's weaknesses and strengths. Thus the integration between both is requested.
Tthe paradox is striking - Drug use has risen sharply in recent decades, and excessive drug use has not prevented a sharp rise in chronic morbidity!
We often ignore early symptoms until chronic pain or other worrying signs appear. Preventive medicine can reduce human suffering and enormous expenses.
Self-Healing Functional Natural Medicine Philosophy.
Without philosophical thinking of the human body, medicine and related sciences are ineffective and inefficient, neither scientifically nor economically.
Self-healing functional medicine is like “Performing miracles.” Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.
The SWOT analysis points to a mirror image between the weaknesses and strengths of Modern Medicine and Self-Healing (Alternative-functional) Medicine
Patients who turn to alternative medicine (self-healing method) have often been disappointed with conventional medicine. But it presents them with another challenge of choosing among a large variety of therapies.
Conventional medicine (which realized that it only treats symptoms) tried to isolate treatments that it thought were helpful in alternative medicine and gave them a new name - Functional medicine.
Good health, high life expectancy are directly related to enhanced tissue regeneration capabilities.
Unifying theories of Sexual Identities and Orientations, Emotions & Subconscious.
There can be no separate explanation for each and all sexual identities and orientations; there must be a unifying model because that is how nature works.
These 4 groups of emotions (Love, Envy, Hate, revenge) are needed in a competitive world. They are not accidental. They serve the purpose of survival.
The subconscious is part of the self-defense mechanism of the mind. One of Its functions is to store unresolved traumatic events that may prevent us from functioning properly.
Inflammation and Immune response.
Inflammation (not necessarily an infection) is part of the body's self-repair mechanism. Inflammations are a widespread phenomenon that produces many different symptoms and pain.
The gastrointestinal tract is the primary non-sterile internal system, thus forcing the immune system to fight relentlessly to prevent the overgrowth of pathogens.
Physical pain is an alert mechanism of the body designed to protect us from deterioration.
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