All chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable!
There is no drug or invasive treatment that can eliminate the causes of chronic illness. The only way to be cured is to make sure that all key variables are treated correctly and at the same time. (Psychological – Energetic, Unhealthy lifestyle & Diet.)
Although we think cancer is a matter of chance, it is essential to know that the body never works at random. Therefore the nature of the disease, location, and severity are consequential!
Surprisingly, modern medicine has no directive philosophy!
The SWOT analysis points to a mirror image between the weaknesses and strengths of Modern Medicine and Self-Healing (Alternative) Medicine. Thus the integration between them is required.
Throughout our lives, almost every one of us may need alternative - functional medicine, for the simple reason that conventional medicine has no answer to a long list of diseases, especially chronic diseases.
Medical field in the 21 century is a war zone, dictated by modern lifestyle, would anyone allow himself entering a difficult war without a strategy? I guess not!
Self-healing is like “Performing miracles.” Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.
The principles of conventional medicine integrated with self-healing functional medicine.
Tissue regeneration, rejuvenation, and reverse aging are achievable.
Good health, high life expectancy are directly related to enhanced tissue regeneration capabilities.
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