The Bach Flower method. (Homeopathic therapy)

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18/09/2022 5:20

Bach flowers are a form of homeopathic treatment designed primarily for relaxation. The treatment, in my opinion, is based on the placebo effect.

Bach flowers.

Bach flower remedies. (Method of homeopathic treatment)

The treatment method is named after an English homeopathic doctor named Edward Bach. The method is based on 38 plant extracts diluted with water and brandy extract. The concentration given is deficient and has no chemical-pharmacological significance. I believe Bach flowers (as well as homeopathy) are based on the placebo effect.

Link: Bach flower remedies (Wikipedia) 

My Bach flower experience.

  • I became acquainted with the Bach flower method with an acupuncturist (in Israel) who recommended I try it. Unlike acupuncture, which has a clear and immediate effect on Bach flowers, there was no reaction in my case.

Since the Bach flower method (at least to me) is reminiscent of homeopathy, the advantages and disadvantages of the method are the same as homeopathy. The great advantage of homeopathy is that it is painless, easy to perform, does not have any side effects, and does not require prior preparations. Its primary disadvantage is that without an explicit action mechanism, it cannot treat the causes of chronic diseases!

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