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The BLOG covers various topics of medicine, science, philosophy, and facts about extraterrestrial civilizations, emphasizing out-of-the-box thinking.

The blog deals with scientific topics that intrigue the public and is written in a language that is readable to everyone. The is a world-class source of reliable information regarding extraterrestrial civilizations and upcoming encounters.

19/07/2021 22:47
Reliable facts about extraterrestrial civilizations and human encounters were revealed via channeling with the extraterrestrial Federation hive PBX.
26/01/2021 0:54
Innovative futuristic and practical theories and suggested technologies in medicine, science, and philosophy—Out-of-the-box thinking.
26/01/2021 0:47
There can be no separate explanation for each sexual identity and orientation; there must be a unifying model because that is how nature works.
26/01/2021 0:55
Without a philosophy of medicine — medicine has no compass! You will never find what you need if you do not know what you are looking for.
26/01/2021 20:17
The analysis points to a mirror image between modern medicine and self-healing medicine's weaknesses and strengths. Thus, integration is essential.
26/01/2021 0:54
The subconscious is part of the mind's self-defense mechanism. One of its many functions is to store unresolved traumatic events.
26/01/2021 0:55
Chronically ill patients often wonder why it happened to them. This blog will try to assist with appropriate methodology and therapy.
26/01/2021 0:55
Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of chronic diseases rather than their symptoms, as does conventional medicine.
26/01/2021 0:54
The best diet can optimize the body's health and weight in the long run. Lifestyle and dietary habits have far-reaching health impacts.
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