03/12/2019 17:24
In the massage place to soothe the pain from the awful treatments.
03/12/2019 17:24
My favorite place, I spent all the evenings after the treatments.
14/10/2019 11:30
December 2017 Tai Chi with swords
14/10/2019 11:30
Without her, I could not do anything, at least in the early years.
14/10/2019 11:30
I love Chinese food.
23/05/2019 7:59
2008 before my HCV chemotherapy.
02/04/2019 21:59
Foot massage, after immersion in very hot water and natural disinfectant.
27/02/2019 21:36
The best acupuncture in China.
21/07/2018 20:02
After the HCV chemotherapy. Depressing condition.
21/07/2018 19:57
A Kung fu master who looks as if he has come out of a movie.
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