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I have long-term experience with energy therapies; It should be part of a comprehensive (body, mind, and spirit) and not an exclusive therapy.

Energy Medicine.

"To discover the universe's secrets, think about energy, frequency, and vibration. (Nikola Tesla)"

Energy medicine includes a long list of therapies (as part of self-healing medicine). Because modern medicine has no explicit philosophy, energetic medicine has no boundaries and definitions. Acupuncture is a phenomenon that has been extensively researched, has scientific validation, and is a clear and recognized representative of energetic medicine. (Although it is not perceived as such) Energy medicine is the future of medicine since there is no doubt that the human body has energetic properties critical for our health. 


In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine (Ayurveda), you can find tables of traumas and the energetic blockages they cause.

They are not exact but illuminate essential concepts.

Circadian Body Rhythms.

Energy medicine- Introduction. 

Link: Energy medicine. (Wikipedia) 

Energy medicine has no uniform definition, and you will find skeptical references about its existence.

My broad suggested definition of Energy Medicine:

"Forms of diagnosis or treatment (that have efficacy) do not work on the physical body through Intense exercise, drugs, herbs, food, drinks, chemicals, or invasive treatments."

Energy medicine can be divided into two methods: With the patient's body and without movement.

Prominent examples:

  1. With patient's body movement - Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung.
  2. Without patient's body movement - Acupuncture, Energy flushing, Meditation, Magdalena method, Guided Imagery, Frequency, and music medicine, Hulda Clark zapper, Placebo effect, Bach flowers, Homeopathy. (In this group, several therapies have questionable effectiveness.)  

My experience and insights with energy medicine. 

  • Over the years, I have received dozens of energetic flushes treatments (using the Dr. Nader Butto method) and a few Magdalena treatments, combined with music at frequencies that help with physical and mental rehabilitation. I tried crystal stones and even went to the rabbis in a religious purification process. The energetic flushing yields are very tangible and noticeable results.
  • It is worth emphasizing that energy therapy requires a combination of lifestyle, a healthy diet, and mental-energetic empowerment.
  • Energetic treatments need a state of meditation or deep guided imagery to function and resonate at the healing frequencies.
  • Yoga, tai chi, meditation, and martial arts techniques use the body's energy to achieve physical and mental resilience. (But they are not necessarily perceived as techniques that use the energy of life - qi.)

Blinking is a valuable technique for supersensible diagnosis.

  • The eyelid muscles are the most sensitive, allowing high accuracy in receiving information and assisting with an accurate diagnosis. The nervous system of the eyelids is both voluntary and involuntary, and a voluntary release of control over them connects the subconscious to the conscious.

Healing energy medicine techniques with motion: Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung.

All energy medicine movement techniques strengthen the inner energy (qi) to balance body, mind, and spirit. The effect of these techniques on the physical body is far-reaching.


Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20-Minute Home Yoga Workout!

I recommend everyone to listen with their eyes closed in a quiet room while meditating on music at reputational frequencies.

Listening to music while lying down with eyes closed, preferably in a dark and quiet room, is recommended. It is possible while meditating and using guided imagery. Frequencies are ineffective if they do not penetrate the subconscious. If you search YouTube, you can find several recommended frequencies, such as 432, 528, 741 Hz, and more. The sounds are very soothing and pleasing.

  • I recommend that those who want to try the frequencies whose sum of digits (added to one number) is 3,6,9. These principles were formulated by the (lesser-known) genius Nikola Tesla.
  • Although I agree with the basic principles, I object to the firm conclusions. Combining body (nutrition and lifestyle), mind, and spirit is necessary for energetic therapy to work in our body.


432 Hz - Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul - DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music.

I have long-term experience with the Hulda Clark zapper. (I bought it on Amazon for about 200 $ a few years ago.)

The zapper claims to be a cure for all diseases (From Dr. Clark's US website.) Links: Hulda Regehr Clark (Wikipedia) Dr. Clark stores.


Hulda Clark Zapper.

Hulda Clark Zapper.

My long-term experience with the Hulda Clark Zapper. 

  • Do not expect to be fully cured only by zapping.
  • I recommend further investigation of zapping. It seems to positively affect disarming pathogens, especially after taking live probiotics. (But it does not cure all diseases as claimed.)
  • Possible side effects: red skin and minor superficial scratching wounds around the ankles. (Under the straps)


As someone who has tried various energy therapies for years, I know they positively affect only if one simultaneously treats the body and spirit. 

LinkRadiating the life-force energy will be the ultimate CURE.

Although I support energetic therapies, I advise patients not to develop excessive expectations as they are still immature. 


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Why is energy medicine the medicine of the future?
Without harnessing the "energetic body," we cannot cure cancer, autoimmune diseases, mental illnesses, addictions, and more.
What is the most prominent and well-known example of energy medicine?
Although not perceived, acupuncture is based on energy balance along the energy channels. (Meridians)
Is there medical equipment today that can locate and analyze the strengths of the various energy channels?
Such equipment exists (not sure if it is reliable enough), but conventional medicine has not yet matured to use energy medicine and therefore does not attach importance to it.
Physics has long recognized that matter and energy are dualistic! Why hasn't medicine yet adopted these ideas?
The most famous formula in the world, developed by Albert Einstein, linked matter (mass) and energy. Medicine has not yet broken the boundaries of thought! In part because of the tremendous economic considerations of pharmaceutical companies, which see energy medicine as a threat rather than an opportunity.
Is there any scientific evidence that the human body is dualistic? (matter and energy)
Quantum physics is based on the duality of matter and energy at the level of individual atoms. Thus, the human body must have dual properties of matter and energy.
Where in our body is the link between body, mind, and spirit?
The pineal gland, right in the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, is the one that controls the Subconscious. The Subconscious is the bridge that connects the Mind to the Body, making it Spiritual.
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Energy Medicine is the future of advanced healthcare.
1. Why is energy medicine the medicine of the future?
Many people perceive the concept of energy medicine as medicine from science fiction movies. It is essential to realize that without the mental-energetic side of human beings, it is impossible to recover from many chronic diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases.
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A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 3.
Energy medicine can treat a wide range of health conditions without performing invasive treatments on the physical body.
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