The holistic principle is fundamental in self-healing medicine.

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  4. The holistic principle is fundamental in self-healing medicine.
17/09/2022 4:54

The holistic principle negates the possibility of treating a single organ without restoring the entire immune system. Contrary to modern medicine.


The holistic principle has practical implications and is not just a philosophical thought. According to this principle, there is no point in treating a single organ, the subject of the symptoms.


The immune system is even throughout our entire body, but its manifestation may differ in our body's organs/systems.

The location of symptoms does not necessarily reveal the main problem. Often, the illness is along the harmed energy channel. (Meridian)  

  • This phenomenon's explanation stems from the nutrients' availability and ability to reach and repair accumulated tissue damage. The blockages result from compromised blood, bile, and lymphatic flow. (Causes are mainly due to an unhealthy mental and physical lifestyle.)
  • The organs in the diagram below are directly related to the immune system—still, the immune system's strength results from the body's total physiology, including mental-energetic ability.
  • Were young patients who died from coronavirus complications healthy before they died without background diseases? Those who died young from the coronavirus, seemingly without background illnesses, had a weak immune system. The explanation is often combined with a mental-spiritual state, not just a physical one. A weak immune system is not necessarily symptomatic until the late stages.
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