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27/01/2021 8:48

A self-healing resort in a surrealistic environment with one-stop-shop health services can be a reality shortly. This is not a new idea, just a different emphasis.

A self-healing resort.

There are many health resorts worldwide, but nowhere can you find a one-stop-shop self-healing medicine health resort. 

  • The coronavirus pandemic has caused the continued neglect of many patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases. At the end of the plague in 2021, many patients will need medical treatment using self-healing medicine.

Self–healing recovery is demanding and tiring, Especially for long-term chronic patients with complications.

  • Giving people a break and vacation is essential while continuing with the same self-healing philosophy.
  • The idea is to establish a one-stop-shop health resort with all mental & physical treatments for practicing self-healing medicine. 


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