All flora and fauna on Earth originated from alien intervention.

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25/04/2023 7:34

The message is unimaginable! But everything we know is based on the erroneous assumptions of Darwin's theory of evolution.


Some scholars attribute what is said in the Bible, in the book of Genesis, which describes the creation of the universe, with the word "Elohim"(in Hebrew) as extraterrestrials. At the same time, I have no background in these fields. 

Note - The blog discusses religions from a scientific perspective and does not take a position. The writer respects believers of all faiths. 


All flora and fauna originate from extraterrestrial intervention over millions of years.

Link: Human Evolution Must Have Been Accelerated By Extraterrestrials.

The message is a very difficult one to accept! Therefore, I verified it in the channel through Ms. Sigalit Levy. The origin of humans is not from the apes! But outside of Earth. The Darwinian theory is correct, but only partially, with the principle of natural selection. Second-order genetic manipulations, while changing the number of chromosomes, are problematic in humans and all mammals. The same rules apply to almost all animals. About vegetation, the possibilities are broader, but even there, everything was created with the intervention of extraterrestrials. As mentioned, extraterrestrials visit and create all flora and fauna as we know it. The findings of fossil science are accurate, but they only confuse the science! They presented lineages of experiments carried out by extraterrestrials.

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