An energetic definition of cancer in all its forms.

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22/04/2022 5:16

Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of confined cells isolating themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue.

Cancer cells.

The first question every cancer patient should ask themselves is whether cancer is a symptom or the cause! When choosing the desirable treatment  - consider whether it strengthens you energetically. Treatments designed to destroy the tumor usually, paradoxically, damage you energetically.


The causes of cancer are always body, mind, and spirit, except that there are two separate pathways for cancer, and the weights of the influencing factors are not uniform. In the absence of philosophy, medicine treats the symptoms with considerable success, but it is necessary to treat the disease's causes to recover. There is no drug, invasive, or other treatment capable of rehabilitating the immune system, a very complex system with feedback to many physiological processes. Without the spiritual-energetic side, the treatment focuses mainly on the body! Our body never functions randomly. All acquired (non-genetic) chronic diseases, including cancer or addiction type, location, and intensity, are not accidental. 


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