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19/07/2021 22:47

Unknown facts about extraterrestrial civilizations and related scientific and philosophical topics. Engaging reading is guaranteed.

The existence of extraterrestrials is no longer a question but an indisputable fact.

On October 30, 1938, in honor of Halloween the next day, Orson Wells aired a radio program on CBS Radio based on a book by Herbert George Wells called "War of the Worlds." The results were mass panic. Imagine a live TV show of an alien landing on Earth without prior preparations - panic is guaranteed! 

  • Much of the information I provide on this blog is based on Adrian Dvir's book, X3 Healing, Beings, and Extraterrestrials. Some of the answers I had doubts about or explanations I did not understand, I asked through direct channeling or through a communicator named Sigalit Levy, a compelling and exceptionally reliable medium. Link: Adrian Dvir (Wikipedia) 

It is essential to emphasize that mentioning religions in the blog comes from a purely scientific angle and does not take any position. The writer respects the believers of all faiths.

03/12/2023 1:40
According to the general theory of relativity, motion speeds above the speed of light are seemingly impossible. So, is there a contradiction here?
02/12/2023 5:45
Aliens also have notions of time. The paradoxical part is the synchronization between the two time scales of extraterrestrials and humans.
02/12/2023 3:20
The laws of physics as we know them are uniform throughout the universe but vary in the higher dimensions that extraterrestrials use regularly.
17/11/2023 23:51
Humanity's accession to the alien Federation (55 advanced civilizations) should reflect mutual respect, decency, and independence of humans.
17/11/2023 23:25
The small Earth's delegation will be invited to visit the Sagittarius constellation, the place of the Extraterrestrial Federation Council meeting.
17/11/2023 23:07
Aliens have been visiting Earth since the dawn of creation, but we saw them as idols; today, it may be hard to accept that we are inferior.
17/11/2023 3:09
The first encounter with aliens will be well-planned and coordinated with the extraterrestrials in two phases and four stages.
17/11/2023 2:53
Extraterrestrial technologies, efficient and inexpensive energy production, communications, and computing could completely change the geophilite map.
17/11/2023 2:22
Aliens have no human feelings but possess solid moral values and justice. Otherwise, it would be terrifying to meet them!
17/11/2023 2:03
There are 55 civilizations in the Federation of Aliens, but hundreds to thousands of civilizations are in the infinite expanses of the multiverse.
16/11/2023 3:30
My life was saved thanks to the intervention of extraterrestrial doctors. The knowledge and technology that aliens apply are incomparable.
16/11/2023 3:15
The Federation of Extraterrestrial Civilizations is a powerful executive body that brings together 55 advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.
16/11/2023 2:45
There are many theories about the moon landing, but the information provided to the public certainly obscured the unequivocal findings.
16/11/2023 2:08
I am on an open channel with extraterrestrials and receive scientific information from them. Usually, I verify the information afterward.
15/11/2023 2:32
Most extraterrestrial civilizations are human-friendly and here to help us in many ways. There are also a few hostile civilizations.
15/11/2023 1:33
Why we live very short, as opposed to extraterrestrials that reach thousands of years, is an intriguing question with several explanations.
15/11/2023 1:13
The information from extraterrestrials will revolutionize all aspects of life but will not solve all the secrets of the essence of life.
15/11/2023 0:49
Romantic relationships between humans and extraterrestrials are unusual but possible. The relationship is not based on sexual attraction.
14/11/2023 3:28
Aliens are aware of the risk of a military response by separatists who will feel threatened by an encounter with them and, therefore, prevent it.
14/11/2023 3:10
There are thousands of extraterrestrial civilizations. Some are very distant from humans. Even those close in appearance differ in genetics and anatomy.
14/11/2023 2:56
The requirements placed by the alien federation for the role of Earth's ambassador are integrity, decency, high moral values, and telepathic ability.
14/11/2023 2:16
In movies, the people of Earth beat the extraterrestrials! But don't be fooled; aliens are more technologically advanced than us on a whole scale.
14/11/2023 1:16
The potential of humanity in encounters with extraterrestrials is indescribable. At the same time, it is fraught with risks, which must be managed.
14/11/2023 0:55
The historical encounter with extraterrestrials has social and religious implications, so the encounter will not be a surprise.
09/11/2023 3:17
The scaling methodology for the level of technological development of civilizations, known as the Kardashev scale from 1964, needs updating.
09/11/2023 1:55
The fear of extraterrestrials is rational, not because of their appearance, but because their intentions are still unknown.
09/11/2023 1:30
Extraterrestrials are aware of and monitor nuclear weapons to prevent the possible destruction of Earth by its inhabitants.
27/10/2023 5:56
There is no solid explanation for the origin of viruses. Natural selection does not apply to viruses! Theories exist, but none are rational!
27/10/2023 3:23
Regularly, I had similar marks, mostly on my hands and feet, from testing and injecting energy performed on me by extraterrestrials.
01/07/2023 3:06
Radio waves, or any other known type of electromagnetic radiation, traveling at the speed of light are too slow for extraterrestrials.
21/01/2023 15:01
I present a simple methodological simulation of the first apes that underwent the mutation that reduced their chromosome number to 46 as humans have. 
17/10/2022 5:25
The Council of the Extraterrestrial Federation demanded that intellectual property originating from extraterrestrials belong to all humanity.
28/11/2021 6:21
Encounters between humans and extraterrestrials have occurred regularly throughout history. Humans worshipped them and saw aliens as idols.
28/11/2021 5:38
Much of the information I provide on this blog is based on Adrian Dvir's book, X3 Healing, Beings, and Extraterrestrials, including my direct channeling with extraterrestrials.
21/03/2021 13:49
Today, the discussion of aliens is legitimate among renowned scientists, and the volume of publications has increased several times.
07/12/2020 23:52
The prevailing assessment is that future communication with aliens will be done through telepathy, but it is not sufficiently developed at this stage for most of us.
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