Are aliens made of organic compounds, and how do they reproduce?

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28/11/2021 6:21

Organic compounds contain atoms of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other elements. Carbon has a square chemical bond, and its great advantage is that it has very compressed chemical energy. Creating a life without organic compounds is not impossible but requires a completely different metabolism and a non-protein genetic code.

Green Alien.

The energetic advantage in organic molecules is significant, so in all probability - aliens are made up of organic compounds.

  • The human appearance of aliens raises questions; perhaps we are a product of genetic engineering performed by aliens in us. Such claims regularly exist in the scientific community, claiming that evolutionary leaps were too rapid for natural processes.
  • Living things require energy, and therefore without chemical energy, where organic compounds have a distinct advantage, the other option is magnetic-electrical or nuclear energy (solid & weak forces). "Electrical" aliens are expected to look quite different from the images of aliens that can be easily found in any search.
Will aliens have organs reminiscent of human organs if they have organic physiology? Most images of aliens that abound on the Internet are reminiscent of humans: no hair, different limbs, big head, and huge eyes, but not monsters.
  • Physiology and energy production from an organic source will require aliens to liver-kidney-like organs, heart, and blood vessels. Even if aliens do not eat humanoid food, they must emit the breakdown products they produce. Therefore they will need a product disposal system. (Not necessarily similar to the human digestive tract or urinary tract) There is a reasonable chance that aliens (assuming they are built and consume organic matter to produce energy) will likely see body systems reminiscent of human systems. 


Experts claim that sexual reproduction, primarily intended for genetic diversification, is not energy efficient, and therefore aliens apply other reproductive methods.

Assuming that aliens are not immortal, they are required to reproduce somehow. It is possible to produce different scenarios under different assumptions. Which makes more sense - judge for yourself.

  1. The entire alien species has a genetic bank of the relevant population. Fertilization is performed in vitro based on computerized matching. The "pregnancy" is achieved in a computerized incubator without a surrogate.
  2. Aliens require a surrogate (non-alien), and they "kidnap" females from all universes who are perceived as "technologically retarded" and thus pass on their genetic information. But such a scenario produces hybrids rather than aliens and is not very likely.
  3. Non-genetic improvement. Think of an alien undergoing a "computer version" update. According to this version, aliens are "cyborgs" (a hybrid of live and machine production). They do not need heredity; the improvement of the race occurs as an update of their core software.

Which of the options is more likely? Hard to know! If I had to gamble, I would bet on alternative number 3.


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