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28/11/2021 6:21

Encounters between humans and extraterrestrials have occurred regularly throughout history. Humans worshipped and saw them as idols.

Alien civilizations.

Abducting humans for experiments and mutilating cattle has created a violent image for aliens, with a great deal of justice. At the same time, it is worth understanding the general context.

  • Extraterrestrials have been involved in human evolution since the dawn of creation, and as far as they are concerned, nothing has changed. World governments have given their tacit consent to human experimentation, which is often designed to help humanity and extraterrestrials learn about the human body.
  • Claims that extraterrestrials have transcribed human women with extraterrestrial sperm are claims projected with misunderstanding! An extraterrestrial sperm cannot be hybridized with a human egg.
  • All the activities to accelerate human evolution were done through genetic engineering, using viruses to spread.

Most extraterrestrials understand that misconduct has been made in the past. The Council of the Alien Federation required all 55 member civilizations to treat humans respectfully. When the Earth joins the Federation, all studies without patient consent will cease! (Volunteers will not be lacking) Animal experiments will be conducted under joint supervision, following the rules of prevention of suffering and torture.


On the Internet, you will find various pictures and descriptions of different alien races, where aliens are often attributed malicious intentions!

I recommend that you treat this information with caution. If you examine the facts, you will find that things look entirely different. Aliens have vast scientific knowledge and are naturally curious. They learn about the universe, humans, and Earth for several reasons:

  1. We are a relatively new civilization.
  2. The Earth enjoys an excellent climate and abundant life forms and vegetation.
  3. Humans reproduce through sexual intercourse, a phenomenon almost unknown to extraterrestrials.

If extraterrestrials wanted to harm us, they could have done so long ago, not now. When I ask, the unmistakable message is that extraterrestrials are interested in promoting the Earth and its inhabitants and have no malicious intent.


The interface of extraterrestrials and humans. (Q&A) 

Since when do extraterrestrials visit Earth?

  • Extraterrestrials have visited Earth since the dawn of time. Most ancient cultures regarded them as idols and worshipped them.

What are extraterrestrials looking for on Earth?

  • Extraterrestrials are curious and learn about the universe and themselves through various life forms. They have studied us deeply and know us better than we think.

Do extraterrestrials have human feelings and moral values?

  • Extraterrestrials have no human emotions, no ego, and no hierarchical scale similar to humans. However, they do have clear morals, justice, and honesty!

Are extraterrestrials hostile to humans?

  • Most extraterrestrial civilizations are friendly to humans and want to help us evolve. There are hostile civilizations, but they are in the minority, and once the Federation of Aliens protects us, we are in no danger.

Are extraterrestrials a military and existential threat?

  • Extraterrestrials are technologically and scientifically advanced compared to us on entire scales. We are not an adversary at all in a military confrontation. Don't comment on science fiction movies where humans destroy the alien invaders. It is a scenario for film only! Aliens can easily destroy the entire planet and its inhabitants.

Why did extraterrestrials kidnap humans and corrupt cattle and animals?

  • Extraterrestrials thought it was allowed! They have (tacit) agreements to conduct experiments on humans. It is essential to emphasize that they do not produce hybrids of humans and extraterrestrials. The experiments are intended primarily for relief purposes but are perceived (perhaps rightly) as kidnapping.

When did governments learn about the existence of extraterrestrials?

  • Great power governments have been aware of the existence of extraterrestrials for decades. The issue is a secret for fear of creating panic and losing social order.

When is the historical encounter with extraterrestrials expected?

  • The encounter is expected to take place in the current decade. There is no deadline yet, but it is worth emphasizing that we are in the midst of a legitimization campaign for the alien's existence. Something that until recently had been a forbidden and esoteric topic.

Where is the meeting supposed to take place?

  • Extraterrestrials prefer Antarctica because of its great remoteness and ability to create a hermetically sealed area.

Does the encounter involve risks?

The historic encounter has unimaginable potential. At the same time, there are also risks, which must be managed long before the encounter itself.

  • The most significant risk is an attempt by extremists to attack the extraterrestrials! It is a situation that could endanger all of humanity. There are also considerable civil risks of loss of public order, panic, and a sense of doomsday.

The meeting must have an emphasis on building mutual trust.

  • The first meetings with aliens will be full of curiosity and apprehension. Therefore, the first meetings will be with an emphasis on mutual acquaintance.
  • For the first encounter, extraterrestrials offered a study tour to a volunteer team of 3-5 humans to the Sagittarius constellation, 450 light-years away. In extraterrestrial technology, the tour will last only three weeks. As mentioned, I volunteered to go on a tour to bring cultures closer together and serve as Earth's next ambassador to the Federation of Aliens.


Much of the information I provide on this blog is based on Adrian Dvir's book, X3 Healing, beings and Extraterrestrials, and my direct channeling.

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