Cholesterol is attributed to morbidity without realizing its role.

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  4. Cholesterol is attributed to morbidity without realizing its role.
25/12/2020 21:43

An unhealthy diet and lifestyle (mental & physical) are the primary reasons blood cholesterol levels rise to riskier levels.


Cholesterol is part of the building blocks of our body. It is not the enemy as it is commonly thought! (Most hormones in our body are derivatives of cholesterol)

  1. A diet rich in animal products, especially fatty, processed, and industrialized foods, causes severe damage. They are acidic to the intestines, difficult to digest, the toxins are not broken down in cooking, and the fat contaminates the blood vessels.
  2. The liver produces high amounts of cholesterol when the body is in prolonged inflammation. Every cell's fatty membrane comprises cholesterol, so repairing cells requires the liver to produce more cholesterol! Cholesterol is not the enemy in this case.


My diet was almost devoid of animal foods, and I still had very high cholesterol levels due to the heavy damage I did due to my severe chronic liver disease. The high cholesterol levels reflected the body's need for tissue rehabilitation, not a disease requiring medication.

  • After each blood test and blood pressure, the doctors tried to convince me to take medication. When I explained to them that my high blood cholesterol was due to my severe liver disease and meant to supply the building blocks required for tissue rehabilitation, they looked pitiful. What a fool you are!

Lipitor is a statin and one of the best-selling drugs in the world. It acts on the liver and inhibits cholesterol production processes. However, it does not cure inflammation and has severe side effects over time.


LDL size analysis is required. (Bad) cholesterol.
  • Harmful cholesterol (LDL) is the smaller one that sticks to the walls of blood vessels. (Most blood tests do not distinguish the sizes of harmful cholesterol.)


Link: Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, and High blood cholesterol.

High blood cholesterol is a symptom of an unhealthy diet & lifestyle rather than the disease itself.


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