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Addicts are not unreasonable people, nor are they self-destructive. In a state of addiction, the subconscious partially paralyzes reason, and thus, persuasion is not a useful tool.

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Addictions are a widespread phenomenon. To my understanding, all addictions must have a common denominator. (Uniform laws govern nature.)

The explanation of the Self-healing approach to all addictions.

  • All addictions allow the body to improve the energy flow in the specific blocked energetic center/s. (At the expense of extensive damage to many organs and systems.)

The reward mechanism of addictions is not only chemical but primarily an energetic tool for conserving the critical life-force energy needed for survival.

  • Any addiction not only manifests itself in certain chemicals but also, and mainly as a psycho-energetic phenomenon. Releasing traumatic non-resolved issues from the past that caused the addiction is far more complicated than detoxification from the addictive substances.

The desirable rehab program.

  • Rehab from any addiction should, therefore, eliminate the primary factor that created the need for addiction. (That is, to open the respective life-force energy blockages.)


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