Humans were genetically engineered in the form of extraterrestrials.

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25/04/2023 6:16

Humans are not descendants of apes but the product of genetic experimentation of extraterrestrial races morphologically reminiscent of humans.

Blond alien.

Note - The blog discusses religions from a scientific perspective and does not take a position. The writer respects believers of all faiths. 

Genesis 1, verse 26 (Translated from Hebrew)

"And God said, We shall become man in our image and likeness..."

Genesis 1, verse 27 (Translated from Hebrew)

"And God created man in his image, in the image of God created him male and female created him."


There are many races of extraterrestrials, some of whom are externally similar to humans.

Some alien races with very light hair (most alien species do not have hair) resemble people from Scandinavia. There are also aliens with Asian appearances and those with darker skin. Are there coincidences here? Of course not. Humans were brought to Earth by extraterrestrials and underwent many genetic changes, carried out through viruses, mainly in the last two million years. When I asked (in the channel) whether humans originated on Mars, extraterrestrials refused to answer the question. Still, they clarified that humans originated extraterrestrally and, in any case, human origin, not from apes.

Although certain alien races may appear similar to humans on the outside, they are anatomically and physiologically different- and their genetics are entirely different. Thus, to the disappointment of all genre lovers, it is impossible for extraterrestrials to breed with humans and have offspring.


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