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Summary of repeating questions and answers to applicants on theoretical practical and topics related to self-healing medicine.


Conventional medicine is very developed and makes use of advanced technologies. On the other hand, self-healing treatment is perceived as inferior, especially since there is a real fear of the reaction of the attending physician and the family. The problem is that in the context of chronic diseases, medication or invasive treatment is only symptomatic and, therefore, unable to bring about a full recovery. 


FAQ regarding Self-healing medicine. 

Does everyone have the capacity for self-healing?

  • The ability to self-heal exists in everyone; without it, life expectancy would be that of household appliances or a car. Every second, about 3.2 million red blood cells are produced in the human body, constituting about a quarter of all new cells formed.

How vital is the support and love of spouses, family, and friends?

  • The support of a partner, family, and friends is especially critical! Without support, dedication, love, and understanding of the difficulties, recovering from severe chronic diseases is almost impossible.

Do all cells in the body have the ability to regenerate?

  • All cells in the human body can regenerate, including brain cells. The rate of cell renewal is directly proportional to the metabolic and physical load placed on them. (Skin cells and the digestive system regenerate relatively quickly.)

How much does age affect the rate of recovery?

  • The rate of recovery depends on a large number of factors, including diet and lifestyle. At the same time, at older ages. (After age 50) the rate of cell renewal decreases steadily.

Are there differences between men and women in the context of chronic morbidity?

  • Women suffer more than men from complications caused by gallbladder infections, a widespread phenomenon caused by characteristic hormonal fluctuations. On the other hand, nature has provided women with improved liver protection, thanks to the hormone estrogen secreted during childbearing age.

Why can't medications, including herbal medicines, cure chronic diseases?

  • Medications, in the first place, are not intended to bring about recovery from chronic diseases but to relieve bothersome symptoms. Recovery from chronic diseases requires the elimination of the causes of the disease, which are a combination of body, mind, and spirit. No drug can do this! Only constant strengthening of the immune system allows recovery from chronic diseases.

How long does self-healing recovery from chronic diseases take?

  • The recovery rate depends on many factors related to the period that has elapsed since the onset of the disease, age and gender, lifestyle (physical and mental), and diet. The body and mind do not have set schedules, only processes that must be carried out.

What is the mental-energetic weight in recovery from chronic diseases?

  • The mental-energetic dimension is critical, especially for patients whose circumcision erupted at a young age. The explanation for this phenomenon is that there is still no physiological aging at a young age, and the ability to rehabilitate tissues is relatively rapid.

How important is detoxification?

  • Detoxification is essential, especially in obstructive diseases, but not exclusively. Mechanical detoxification can significantly speed up the rate of detoxification.

Why doesn't my doctor recommend self-healing treatment?

  • Doctors often believe in conventional medicine as an exclusive treatment tool, regardless of the logical limitations of treating chronic diseases, which are very challenging to treat.

I need a medical professional during self-healing, and I don't know who to turn to.

  • Unfortunately, there is currently no integrative medicine as one would expect. Therefore, I recommend starting the journey to self-healing accompanied by a naturopath. It is essential to make sure in advance that you understand and agree with the way and method.

It is essential to know that there are ups and downs in the various stages of self-healing. The pace is less important, but it is necessary to persevere along the way and not break and return to the medicine cabinet.


Self-healing medicine is like Performing Miracles. Every human being has this ability — It just needs to be revealed.

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