Cupping therapy is very common in traditional Chinese medicine.

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05/12/2020 9:38

Cupping is an anti-inflammatory therapy that leaves signs of a slight burn that goes away after a few days. It delivers significant health benefits.

Cupping Therapy.

My experience and views concerning Cupping Therapy. 

I had cupping therapy over a hundred times. Usually after scraping therapy. (Routine treatments in traditional Chinese) hospitals)

  • The suction creates light burns on the skin that have a circular form.
  • It does not have as strong an effect as acupuncture, but I think it may relieve some symptoms, like flu.
  • The spots (light burns) on the body are not equal. Some are red-purple. Others show almost nothing. It is not random and is not explained by the technique.)
  • I believe Cupping Therapy diverts inflammation from other body parts to the skin. (The burns "suck out inflammation.")
  • The main side-effect is sometimes an inflammation of the burned area.


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