Best reflexology professional massage in Changsha, China

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07/09/2020 22:31

My favorite massage place, I spent all the evenings after the treatments with Alixin in a 90-minute foot massage that I could joke with her.

Reflexology massage, Changsha, China.

Alone in a country whose language I did not understand, I found support and assistance on the verge of death. I went for a 90-minute reflexology massage every evening and learned Chinese words. The massage was soothing and helped me relieve the pain; it also helped me fall asleep better despite the severe pain I was suffering from.

The massage in non-touristy China is excellent and incredibly cheap. Elsewhere, I would not allow myself a daily massage. A 90-minute massage cost (including a tip not customary in China) was about $ 10. (Today, the price is higher but significantly cheaper than in other countries.)

Our romantic relationship started after almost 10 years when I was no longer in a life-threatening condition. We got married only in late 2021, due to the coronavirus pandemic, after I managed to divorce in Israel. 

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