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07/09/2020 22:31

Frequently asked questions, myth-demystifying, and short answers about sexual identities and orientations based on the unified energy model.

FAQ regarding sexuality.

Humans engage their thoughts in sex regularly for most of their lives. However, the mystery of what determines sexual identity and orientation remains a mystery until I introduced 2018 this unifying model. 


Are people born gay? This preoccupied many researchers worldwide for an extended period.

I can summarize that there are only two main options. (with a few combinations in between)

  1. People are born gay due to Genetic causes. (They are born gay)
  2. People become gay due to social, environmental (epigenetic) causes, or psychological reasons. (They are not born gay.)

The genetic and social-environmental (epigenetics) approaches failed to explain all sexual identities and orientations. The theory I present here is bold and requires much imagination. It is challenging to prove but logical, consistent, and uniform.


Q&A regarding sexual identities and orientations.

Link: Sexual Identities and Orientations Energy-Based Unifying Theory.

The answers are based on the unified model of all identities and sexual orientations described in detail in the article at the attached link.

If identity and sexual orientation are not related to heredity or environment, what is the factor that explains this phenomenon?

  • Sexual identity and orientation are energetic traits. Like magnets, they have properties of attraction and repulsion.

At what age sexual identity and sexual orientation are determined?

  • Sexual identity is already determined at the embryonic stage. Sexual orientation is usually also determined in the fetal stage, but in borderline cases (a continuous trait), it may surface later.

Why are there only 10 possibilities of sexual identities and orientations?

  • There are 3 possibilities of sexual identities and also 3 possibilities of sexual orientation. Therefore, there are 9 options, plus another possibility of asexuality. A total of 10 options.

Is it possible to change one's identity and sexual orientation by any means?

  • These traits of sexual identity and orientation cannot be altered in any way.

What are the dimensions of the LGBT community?

There are no exact numbers, but it is estimated that this is about 10% of the population.

Are members of the LGBT community sex deviants?

  • Of course not! Members of the LGBT community are normative people in all respects. They are not sex perverts! They have different sexual preferences.

Is the distribution of members of the LGBT community the same all over the world?

  • Members of the LGBT community tend to congregate in more liberal places that are willing to accept them as they are. At the same time, the distribution of births should be the same all over the world. A statistic that is very difficult to verify.

Do environment, socioeconomic status, etc., affect identity and sexual orientation?

  • Environment and socioeconomic status do not affect sexual identity, but only in borderline cases sexual orientation may be affected.


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