Explaining Allergies using the four phases of life model.

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08/03/2021 21:14

Allergies are often a seasonal symptom and are perceived by many as external stimuli unrelated to their lifestyle and diet!

Explaining Allergies using the four phases of life model. image 1

Allergies are a condition of energy blockage in the stimulation phase (detailed below). This is usually reflected in a decrease, not steep of life-force energy, so the symptoms of allergies often manifest in relatively mild symptoms, without pain or severe side effects.

The 4 seasons are just one (of many) examples of cyclic energetic flow.

The four life phases model. 

All the energetic processes in nature, from the single cell to the entire universe, are characterized by the dynamic energy flow, consisting of four Phases.

The four phases are:

  1. Stimulation.
  2. Expansion.
  3. Contraction.
  4. Relaxation.

Prominent examples:

  • Mitosis (Cell division) consists of 4 phases. (Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase.)
  • Body organs: Respiratory system & heartbeat. (Each has 4 phases.) 
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
  • Life Cycle: Birth, Maturity, Old age, Death. (Applies also for stars!)
  • All Matter has 4 phases: Gas, Liquid, Plasma, and Solid. (Matter and energy have dual properties.) 


Allergies. (Stimulation phase.) 

Link: Allergy. (Wikipedia)

Allergies are several conditions caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to typically harmless substances in the environment. (From Wikipedia.)

  • Allergies attack only selected organs and systems that directly contact the allergens, such as Skin, eyes & eras, Respiratory & digestive systems. 
  • Allergies are an early warning sign that the self-defense mechanism is confused! (Usually without pain, but with a decline in quality of life.)
  • While allergies may impair the quality of life, they are usually not life-threatening.
  • Exceptionally, there is a reasonably effective (non-violent) treatment for allergies.


Allergies, Chronic inflammations, Cancer, Autoimmune diseases. 

It is explained using the 4 phases of the life model.

Introduction and Hypothesis. 

  • All four groups of diseases reflect a blockage in one or more of the four life energy phases.
  • There is a possibility of blocking more than one phase or switching from one phase to another.

The four phases of life and their matching group of diseases, respectively. 

  1. Stimulation     ⇒ Allergies.
  2. Expansion of   ⇒ Chronic Inflammations.
  3. Contraction of ⇒ Cancer.
  4. Relaxation      ⇒ Autoimmune diseases.


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