Integrative medicine is essential in chronic patients.

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26/01/2021 20:17

The analysis points to a mirror image between modern medicine and self-healing medicine's weaknesses and strengths. Thus, integration is essential.

The in-depth analysis points to a mirror image of modern medicine's and self-healing functional medicine's weaknesses and strengths. Integrating modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine is vital to achieving optimal healthcare. Self-healing medicine and modern medicine do not compete; they are two sides of the same coin. Link: Conventional vs. Self-healing Medicine—SWOT Analysis.

08/12/2023 4:39
The question sounds fanciful but will become a reality within a few decades. Extraterrestrial doctors will probably treat today's children.
08/12/2023 2:52
An increase in body temperature is a defense mechanism of our body. Except for the immunocompromised, there is no danger of fever.
08/12/2023 2:35
The standard explanation that night urination is related to excessive drinking before bed and even to the rate of drinking is too simplistic.
10/11/2023 7:24
There is a massive surplus of information in medicine; therefore, the information is neither focused nor objective for the benefit of patients.
10/11/2023 5:27
Per capita consumption of prescription drugs is rising steadily in all OECD countries. The paradox is that chronic morbidity is only increasing.
10/11/2023 4:24
The claim that medical lobbying does not affect doctors' judgment is false! If that were the case, why are pharmaceutical companies investing in it?
29/10/2023 3:41
Gallbladder removal surgery is often unnecessary but very common, especially in women, and is designed to prevent pain. But it has a price!
29/10/2023 2:23
Medicine uses hypnosis only for mental illnesses or disorders and not for diseases of the body, mainly because of a lack of understanding.
29/10/2023 2:07
Preventive medicine must begin before the patient has already been assigned to a risk group. Therefore, it must begin in infancy and last a lifetime.
12/05/2023 5:59
The perception that the human body is a dual, physical, and energetic entity is critical. Conventional medicine is non-holistic!
12/05/2023 5:35
At a glance from a doctor, blood tests cannot be analyzed thoroughly and reliably. Therefore, a dedicated artificial intelligence system is required.
12/05/2023 5:14
Stem cells are embryonic cells that can differentiate into any cell in our body and theoretically repair most tissue damage.
26/04/2023 5:17
Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated. Symptomatic treatments cannot cure chronic diseases.
26/04/2023 3:46
Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of cells that isolate themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue in self-defense.
26/04/2023 3:36
Medicine has outstanding achievements, especially in the technological sphere. In the context of chronic diseases, failure resonates.
24/10/2022 5:49
The disregard of modern medicine for the energetic-mental side of the human body does not allow recovery from many chronic diseases.
24/10/2022 5:33
Unlike conventional medicine, Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms.
24/10/2022 5:21
The human body has two primary filters: the liver and kidneys and a long sewage system (digestive system) that occasionally needs mechanical cleansing.
17/09/2022 4:54
The holistic principle negates the possibility of treating a single organ without restoring the entire immune system. Contrary to modern medicine.
27/01/2021 17:40
"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body.” To die is to be a body without Qi. For the health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."
14/01/2021 6:46
The manifestation of inflammation is much broader than pathogens infection. Which usually produces an inflammatory response.
12/01/2021 9:02
The number of people affected by high blood pressure has almost doubled over the past 40 years. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle are the primary causes.
10/01/2021 15:40
The SWOT analysis shows a mirror image between modern and self-healing medicines' weaknesses and strengths. Thus, Integration is essential.
25/12/2020 21:43
An unhealthy diet and lifestyle (mental & physical) are the primary reasons blood cholesterol levels rise to riskier levels.
25/12/2020 12:46
Hypertension - High blood pressure is a symptom caused by low liver and kidney filtration and clogged blood vessels. It is not the disease itself.
05/12/2020 10:12
The herpes zoster virus remained dormant in me for 30 years, which erupted several times due to the sharp fluctuations in my immune system.
10/09/2020 17:35
I have tried to treat my severe liver disease in private clinics in Israel and the United States. Not only did they not help me, but they harmed me.
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