Tumors allow the working parts of an organ to be isolated from the damaged parts. (Authentic photo)

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Cysts, polyps, and tumors are a symptom of prolonged inflammatory processes. Thus, surgical removal often does not solve the problem in the long run.

Polyp that came out of me.

The photo of a polyp coming out of my digestive system is an authentic photo taken on a mobile phone. The star is where the flash is reflected in the image.


Cysts, polyps, and tumors are a symptom of prolonged inflammatory processes.

The tumor is not the cause of any disease - it is a result! (Symptom) Modern medicine usually tends to treat the symptom rather than the causes of the disease. Tumor removal often does not solve the problem because it does not eliminate the factors that caused the tumor to develop.

The main differences between cysts, polyps, and benign tumors are different tissue types that form various tumors.

  • Chronic inflammation and inflammation as a result of autoimmune diseases are the leading cause of the formation of C.P.T. (Cysts, Polyps, Tumors)
  • Weak flow of blood & lymph fluid can cause the body to produce cysts.

Cysts are not the cause! But a symptom of a highly toxic organ or tissue. Cysts do not form by chance, and their location is not accidental. Cysts are formed in the body along or at the ends of the meridians (blocked energy channels).


A robust immune system can repair and break down tumors that have formed and are no longer essential.

The human body can reverse tumors with its unique ability to make Cysts, polyps, and tumors disappear. (If the proper conditions prevail.)

  • As a person with chronic liver cirrhosis with dozens of cysts in the liver and the kidneys, I learned to understand that cysts are a symptom! They can also get out of the body or dissolve and disappear, provided they are not needed!
  • On CT and M.R.I. examination, dozens of cysts were observed in my liver. In my estimation, I could get out and neutralize most of them. For about nine years, vast amounts of tissue wrapped in membranes that looked like cysts came out. I believe an up-to-date M.R.I. scan will confirm that I can remove most of the cysts from my liver.

The main risk - If the body's energy decreases, there is a danger that these benign tumors will become cancerous.


Authentic photo - a cyst torn from my liver following liver and gallbladder flushes and coffee enemas. (You can see the small blood vessel that was torn off)

Link Gallery (Disgusting)Liver Cysts & My rotten liver tissue.

Liver Cysts with the connecting tiny blood vessel.

To test my claim – Laboratory animals will receive exceptionally inflammatory nutrition and living conditions.

Extensive testing will turn the trend into anti-inflammatory nutrition and living conditions. If the claim I make is correct, the experiment should show a sharp decline in the amount and extent of the tumors until their complete disappearance. This is a relatively simple experiment with far-reaching implications.


Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of cells that isolate themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue in self-defense.

Link Gallery authentic photos (Disgusting): Liver Cysts and decayed tissue – Removed by liver flushes.

I am living proof that the claim I am making is correct.

Modern medicine continues to treat tumors that are a symptom - instead of treating the causes that created the tumor!

Frequently asked questions and answers:
How did I come to this far-reaching conclusion that tumors are part of the self-defense mechanism?
In the CT and MRI examinations, dozens of cysts were observed in my kidneys, especially in the liver. Some of them I removed through mechanical detoxification, and some of them dissolved. The conclusion is clear.
Is there a scientific way to prove this claim?
I proposed research to confirm these claims. The problem is that this type of research is not of interest to pharmaceutical companies! Which are the major financiers of this type of research.
Is the process of detoxification able to bring about the disappearance of tumors?
Mechanical detoxification of the liver and kidneys and an anti-inflammatory diet have an excellent effect, but the mental-energetic dimension is often also required.
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