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Innovative medical technologies: Blood purification, liquifying biliary stones, and stem cells are the future of interventional medicine.



Pharmaceutical medicine cannot allow tissue regeneration and recovery from chronic diseases because it treats only the symptoms of the disease and not the causes of the disease!

  • Systematic strengthening of the immune system, blood purification during sleep, and mechanical detoxification of the liver and gallbladder, combined with simultaneous stem cell therapy, may create the necessary trigger for stem cell activation and differentiation of damaged tissues that must be replaced and restored. This technology is not science fiction; most of it is based on existing technologies that require integration, which is challenging.

The benefits of applying these technologies simultaneously, especially while treating the mind and the energetic dimension of the human body, may lead us to an entirely new type of interventional medicine that uses the human body's incredible abilities.


Three synergetic anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and immune boost technologies: 

  • The technology of using sound waves to crush kidney stones (Lithotripsy) has existed for many years. Surprisingly, there is no equivalent technology for dissolving biliary stones from the liver and gallbladder, although many people suffer from this phenomenon, impairing their immune system. The natural alternative of flushing the liver and gallbladder is challenging to perform.
  • Futuristic technology filters blood and lymphatic fluid levels to mimic those of people with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It will be integrated with liquidating intra-hepatic bile stones and opening liver and gallbladder blockages if necessary. 
  • Stem cells are embryonic cells that can differentiate into any cell in our body. The reason for stem cell failure in clinical trials is explained by stem cells needing an anti-inflammatory environment to work and enough energy (not calories) to activate their trigger. Stem cell technology has long been recognized, but the combination I propose is innovative in triggering stem cells to differentiate into the desired cells.


Potential health benefits from unblocking the Liver and Gallbladder:

  • It may prevent surgery for cholecystectomy. (Gallbladder removal.) 
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Since the liver and kidneys perform many complementary functions, cleansing the liver improves kidney function.
  • Improves bile flow to the duodenum and intestines.
    • Lubricates the intestines.
    • Removes the fat-soluble toxins. (Present in the bile fluid.) 
    • It contradicts the acidic food that comes from the stomach.
    • It improved cholesterol levels.
  • It will contribute to a decrease in blood pressure.  
  • Prevents chronic constipation.
  • Implementing this suggested technology may contribute to recovery from many chronic and autoimmune diseases.
  • Improved appearance.  


Giant liver-solidified bile stones. (My authentic photo.) 

Giant Liver solidified bile stones. (My authentic photo.) 

Modern life with stress, anxiety, and bad eating habits contribute to high toxicity levels.

  • The cause of gallstones is a load of toxins in the liver that causes an imbalance between the bile fluid components, causing the fluid to solidify into a solid that blocks the liver and prevents proper blood flow and bile flow fluid into the duodenum. In the absence of an adequate amount of bile that is chemically a strong alkaline, there is nothing to contradict the acidic food from the stomach. Therefore, the intestines become very acidic. High acidity allows the parasites to thrive, creating a heavy load on the immune system.
  • The main organs that suffer from these rapid lifestyle changes are the liver, gallbladder & kidneys. Also, it affects the entire body, blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart diseases, and weakened immune system.
  • Unlike the heart or brain, liver catheterization is uncommon; its size and structure make it much more complicated and carry many risks.


Laser device integrated with MRI scanner (for maximum accuracy)

Laser canon melting solidified liver bile stones.MRI machine is needed for extreme accuracy.

 The main idea is a non-invasive procedure of liquefying intrahepatic stones from the liver and gallbladder.

The proposed idea is to liquefy these intra-hepatic stones and remove them from the body under an MRI scanner with an accurate laser cannon and colon cleansing facility to collect, record, and analyze all leftovers. 

A realistic scenario using available technologies. (Not science fiction.)

  • The patient must follow a strict diet for a few days (similar to a colonoscopy). It will enable the biliary stones to flow throughout the intestines and colon.
  • The MRI scanner will interface with a very accurate Laser canon that can heat these intra-hepatic stones to high temperatures to liquefy them (without damaging the surrounding tissue).
  • The patient will be given solid laxatives and medications that relax the digestive system muscles. 
  • A robotic arm with a warm pillow will gently massage the abdominal area to release the blockages and promote bowel movement. 


The patient will be connected to a hydro colonic-colon cleansing facility with a camera analyzing the feces content.

  • The patient will be connected to a hydrocolonic (colon cleansing) machine that records and analyzes the feces, solidified bile stones, and other leftovers before they enter the sewerage. 
    • This procedure can continue in a nearby room without needing close medical attention under the MRI scanner.
  • In this suggested technology, colon cleansing therapy serves a different purpose in collecting and analyzing feces and other leftovers. 


Colon cleansing facility. 

Colon cleansing. (Colon irrigation)

Suggested new technology of liquefying intrahepatic stones benefits. 

  • Non-invasive with minor side effects.
  • Extraordinary cost-benefit ratio.  
    • Affordable and accessible to vast populations.
    • It is less expensive than cholecystectomy.   
    • Based on available technologies. (Lower R&D costs.)

 This procedure can be repeated several times until the liver and gallbladder are thoroughly cleansed.   


Blood purification system.

Blood purification system.

Purifying the blood during sleep to optimal levels will have immense health implications. (Mimicking optimal lifestyle and diet)

We were delighted to improve his health, quality of life, and longevity. This technology will require quick, multiple connections to and from the bloodstream.

Link: Rejuvenation and prolonged life expectancy.

Is this technology possible? The answer is "Yes."

  • It combines existing technologies for blood purification and will be minimized to a home device. The main obstacle is a long-term connection to the bloodstream.

Integrating and innovating existing and new blood purification technologies for healthy asymptomatic people to boost rejuvenation while gaining a healthier body and a better appearance.

  • Harnessing existing technology will enable us to regain our natural regeneration capabilities and maintain our modern lifestyle habits.
  • These technologies mainly serve patients with advanced liver and kidney disease stages. 


Rejuvenation bed – Science at work while we sleep.

How it might work. (Scenario)

  • From the consumers' point of view, the main obstacle (except for the price) will be reconnecting daily to their blood circulation.
  • The system will sit in a box under the bed, with excellent noise insulation and good maintenance accessibility.
  • No one has to see all the tubes with the blood flowing through them.

Magnetic valves will conveniently be inserted into a vein and artery in the legs.

  • Tubes will automatically attach to the vein & artery using a voice command. The attachment to the magnetic valves will not require any intervention from the consumer. The 3D cameras will guide a robotic arm directly to the magnetic attachment. This attachment will allow normal movement during sleep. The tubes will be detached via voice command or a sudden movement. The attachment will automatically sterilize itself after each use.


Imagine all these purification systems and many more attached to and modified to fit any bed.

Imagine all these purification systems and much more attached to modified to fit any bed.

Adults usually spend 6-8 hours a night in bed. The bed can be turned into a sophisticated integrated platform.

Next-generation beds for blood purification. (This is not remote science fiction.)

Such a system may include the following existing components and many more: 

  • An Artificial liver machine, Integrated with a Kidney hemolytic dialysis machine.
    • Blood purification - Removing toxins and unwanted chemicals & excessive levels of harmful compounds such as LDL cholesterol (Bad cholesterol (.
    • Blood analysis computerized laboratory.
    • An (Indirect) urine analysis laboratory.
    • Pulse and blood pressure real-time monitoring.
    • Bodyweight and diet recommendations.
  • Skin and hair analysis. (Via high-definition cameras with low-light sensors(.
  • Body temperature. (Infrared sensors)
  • Sleep analysis through high-definition cameras with low-light sensors.


Blood purification System output. (Scenario)

  • Blood purification will reduce the body's toxicity and help remove harmful chemicals.
  • Warning against deterioration in physical condition.  
  • A dedicated secure application will send all medical reports to users' smartphones.
  • This blood purification system will give detailed reports on the following:
    • Pulse, body temperature, blood pressure.
    • Whole blood and urine analysis on demand.
    • Individual study of deviant values that need to be treated.
    • Wight control and diet recommendations. 
      • Instructions on what to eat or drink (juices) and where such items can be found. (Also, take-away service will be provided)
      • According to the analysis, the location of healthy food restaurants that serve specific dishes promotes nutrition and health.
    • Recommendations for vacations when a patient shows signs of stress.
    • Setting appointments with specialists if needed.
    • Recommendation to exercise. (Give exact times and locations according to the user's preferences.)
  • The camera will analyze sleeping habits, facial, skin, hair condition, body temperature, etc. 


Stem cells are embryonic cells that can differentiate into any cell in our body.

Stem cells technology.

Stem cell technology needs a trigger to initiate its full potential!

Why was stem cell therapy (which initially looked very promising) clinically unsuccessful?

  • The reason for stem cell failure in clinical trials is explained by stem cells needing an anti-inflammatory environment to work and enough energy (not calories) to activate the trigger that activates them. In infants, these conditions usually exist; in patients with chronic diseases, adults, or those suffering from hereditary diseases, these conditions do not exist naturally and, therefore, must be combined with anti-inflammatory technologies (some of which already exist) together with detoxification, continuous strengthening of the immune system and treatment of the mental dimension that has a close connection with the energetic level.

If nails, tendons, and bones can regenerate themselves, muscles, and even nerve cells, why amputated limbs cannot be reconstructed since all the genetic information required to regenerate limbs has not been lost?

  • Attempts have been made without much success; the explanation is that harsh conditions are required! It is necessary not to close the bleeding wound. Proper blood flow to the organ and an ample supply of nutrients are needed.

The pace of human metabolism is currently unable to respond to limb regeneration. At the same time, in the not-very-distant future, with the acceleration of physiological processes, it may be possible to rehabilitate amputated limbs relatively quickly, quite like the ideas presented in science fiction films.


Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations. 

  • Combining all three proposed technologies (most of which already exist) with energy medicine while treating the mental-energetic dimension is the medicine of tomorrow. Drugs, as we know, cannot neutralize the causes of chronic diseases but only relieve symptoms.

Applying these technologies, combined with the "injection" of life energy, is the key to a good quality of life and long life expectancy.

  • Medications have exhausted themselves and cannot cure chronic diseases; they only treat the symptoms! The next generation of technologies will improve public health, quality of life, and life expectancy.

It will be costly initially (like most new technologies); probably only rich people will afford such advanced technology. A few years later, it should become much cheaper and affordable to a larger population.


The proposed technological combination is mainly at the level of understanding the human body! The technical challenge is achievable.


Frequently asked questions and answers:
What are the advantages of the proposed technologies?
Unlike drugs, the two technologies offered for purifying the blood and opening blockages of gallstones and liver stones work in synchronization with the rest of the feedback cycles in our body.
Why does mechanical cleansing of the liver and gallbladder from gallstones and toxins significantly strengthen the immune system?
When blood flow in the liver and bile fluid into the intestines improves, the toxicity in the body decreases, energy increases, the intestines are less acidic, and pathogens do not thrive in the digestive system.
Are these two technologies for strengthening the immune system and anti-aging science fiction?
The two proposed new technologies are based on known principles; integration of systems and technologies that do not yet exist will be required, but not in the scope of science fiction.
The technology of dissolving liver stones and gallstones may prevent surgeries.
The proposed technology will save on cholecystectomy operations, a widespread operation. In many cases, it will also be possible to postpone, if not even prevent, liver transplant surgeries—complex, dangerous, and costly surgery.
The main obstacle to blood purification technologies while sleeping is a reliable detachable connection to the blood vessels. (Arteries and veins)
Technology for purifying blood while sleeping requires a permanent and removable connection to the blood vessels, using small titanium valves that will be implanted in the legs.
Technology for purifying the blood while sleeping is a daily blood test.
A regular blood test every night can give users recommendations for a personalized diet and lifestyle derived immediately from test results. Valid requests and analyses will be sent daily to the mobile phone or on demand.
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Anti-aging and immune-boost futuristic technologies.
1. Why hasn't science been able to find the fountain of youth potion?
Attempts to find the secret of the magic of the elixir of immortality have taken thousands of years. Despite enormous advances in anti-aging science, scientists have not yet been able to find a miracle drug that strengthens the immune system and significantly prolongs life in humans.
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1. The most suitable answer is answer number 4.
Potions and medicines cannot strengthen the immune system and prolong life. Harnessing existing and new technologies that mimic healthy lifestyles and differentiate embryonic cells to regenerate damaged tissues may be the key to anti-aging because they use natural mechanisms rather than trying to circumvent them, like drugs.
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