The placebo effect requires profound belief to activate its benefits.

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  4. The placebo effect requires profound belief to activate its benefits.
11/01/2021 18:48

In the modern age, where self-thinking and constant criticism are sanctified, it isn't easy to make people believe unquestioningly!

The placebo effect.

The mechanism of action of the placebo effect is autosuggestive, and therefore, it requires a firm, almost blind belief!

The placebo effect (when it succeeds) strengthens the life-force energy. Quite similar to strong love or great happiness.

Link: The placebo effect (Wikipedia)

  • The placebo effect is often used as a control group in clinical trials without the patient knowing whether he has received the actual drug or the placebo substances.
  • In my opinion, the placebo effect has not been scientifically proven due to a lack of understanding of its mechanism of action, which requires adjustment in conducting the tests.

Very religious people exercise the same abilities, mainly because they believe.

  • When we pray in complete faith, we activate meditation and improve our autosuggestive ability. Life-force energy is the expression of the meditation mechanism.

Shamanic priests perform the autosuggestive treatment  (kind of hypnosis), similar to a deep prayer!

  • There are many similarities between shamanic, voodoo, and Indian and Aboriginal rites based on autosuggestion.

The clergy may get angry at the comparison, but the link is a firm blind faith.


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