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A list of recommended tasks and preparations one should apply before starting self-healing therapies.

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"Success depends upon previous preparation. Without such preparation, failure is assured."

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) was a Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher. By Simran Khurana (Updated March 18, 2017)

It would help if you adopted the available physical treatments, lifestyle, and dietary changes that best suit your condition. However, "the Balanced, varied diet" liver and kidney cleansing is often needed. The mental and spiritual part is usually critical for achieving full recovery.


A list of recommended tasks and Preparations.

The initial decision is to treat yourself using the self-healing method.

Read all the relevant explanations found on this website and, if necessary, do further research.

  • Understanding and accepting the philosophy of self-healing functional medicine is most desirable. Your family and friends will undoubtedly ask you many questions, who may doubt what you are embarking on. You may have to answer tough questions from them, such as: "Why have you chosen the self-healing method over conventional medicine?"

Mental and spiritual support. (Often underestimated.) 

Addiction-related diseases.

  • For people with an addiction, I recommend combining an appropriate support group with hypnotherapy. (Authorized )
  • Support groups substantially impact recovery from past traumatic events; connecting with the workshop facilitator and participants is essential. Hypnotherapy requires collaboration with the therapist; a good connection with the therapist will significantly help achieve a successful treatment that can release traumatic events from the subconscious mind.

Preliminary medical examinations.

  • It is recommended that you obtain a thorough examination of your vital organs and other routine tests. (Blood tests do not always reveal everything). 

Support of the immediate environment. (Spouse, family, friends)

  • Understanding and supporting family and close friends, especially spouses, is essential. (If it exists). You will need physical and mental assistance throughout the process, which might be extended, especially with liver or kidney disease.
  • If you have disagreements with your spouse before or during your illness, I recommend counseling, as you will need a lot of support, calmness, and a quiet environment. (Otherwise, the life-force Qi energy declines.)

Love, romance, intimacy, and sex are essential for recovery.

  • It is recommended that patients in a relationship have sex (with the appropriate frequency), romance, and love. The positive energies affect the strengthening of the immune system. There is no reason to abstain from sex! Even if their abilities are not at their peak, touch and intimacy positively affect them. Of course, adjusting the expectations to the actual situation is advisable.

Minimizing medications.

  • Self-healing is based on minimizing long-term medical interruptions. If you use medicines regularly, try to reduce the dosage. You will find that proper nutrition and lifestyle are more effective than drugs. You will probably get the usual answer if you ask your doctor what to do. (You can probably guess what that is.)
Is Self-Healing Possible While Taking Medication?
  • Most drugs do not allow the immune system to recover, but the dose can be reduced gradually for those who cannot stop taking drugs immediately.
  • I took about 100 pills a day! I stopped at once only when I realized there was no need for them, only severe and prolonged damage to the body. Without enlightenment, it is very mentally challenging to stop the medication; continued medication makes the patient addicted, especially to the fear of pain.
  • Success is guaranteed for those who understand and embrace self-healing principles (even with a gradual reduction in drug-taking)! Anyone who considers self-healing as another type of experience, one of many, unfortunately, has a low chance of success.

Do not expect your doctor's support for self-healing medicine.

  • You will likely encounter reactions ranging from cancellation to contempt.
  • Many questions arise in my experience of entering a self-healing process, especially from severe illnesses. Understanding and believing along the way is critical to success. Self-healing is a challenging process accompanied by ups and downs; it is effortless to break down in the healing process; success comes thanks to perseverance.

Deciding which way to choose is always the patient's decision; family and friends' support is essential.

How do you choose the most suitable therapy available in self-healing functional medicine?

Link: Choosing the most suitable self-healing functional therapy.

  • Without methodology, appropriate self-healing therapy is often based on the familiarity and recommendations of friends and family, considerations of convenience and financial concerns, and not necessarily from a deep understanding of the body and mind's needs.


Logistics - Self-healing is time-consuming.

Before starting self-healing treatments, the first task involves freeing time from non-essential tasks and unnecessary distractions. (Especially social networks) For this, you will need the help of family and friends.

  • Preparing food and juicing takes time, as do the spiritual techniques. So it would be best to have a lot of help and mental preparation for the lifestyle change you are about to undertake.
  • Find a convenient (preferably organic) food store. Usually, it is hard to find all the products you need to consume in natural food stores. The required foods consist of many vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans, sprouts, berries, eggs, organic chicken, goat yogurt, goat milk, deep-sea fish., grass-fed beef, etc.
  • Now that you know what you are about to do, the practice's logistic side.

The main activities outside the home often require assistance from professionals.

  • Such as hypnotists, acupuncturists, reflexologists, profound massage practitioners, sauna, and Jacuzzi.

The main in-home activities include:

  • Preparing unprocessed food, juicing, giving yourself coffee enemas, liver & gallbladder flush, and kidney flushes. 

Buying accessories and arranging your place to be comfortable and available.

  • Make yourself comfortable at home. Find the proper place to do the coffee enemas (if necessary). Doing them inside the bathroom, close to the toilet, is essential.
  • Buy the accessories that you need for comfortable home treatments. The initial expenditure will probably be a juicer, coffee enema kit, and hot bottle.


Economic considerations.

  • Self-healing therapies are usually inexpensive; most people can afford a self-healing lifestyle, and most can be done at home. The treatment of the self-healing method is often significantly cheaper over time than conventional medicine.
  • People in severe health distress tend (as has also happened to me) to spend very high sums in attempts (trial and error) to recover. Extreme suffering causes people to believe in promises and persuasions. Sometimes, unreliable therapists take advantage of the situation.
  • I have spent over 15 years on exceptionally high sums (the cost of an average apartment) because I have tried every possible type of available treatment! But in the end, it turned out that most of the spending was in vain!


The self-healing recovery paradigm- Symptoms may appear to get worse before they disappear.   

  • After 2-3 months, one should start feeling the changes. Be aware that there are ups and downs in the process of self-healing. Sometimes, recovery is challenging. It does not mean that it is not working. The advanced stages are the hardest because the immune system is becoming more responsive, and therefore, the symptoms might worsen, but it comes with many minor signs of recovery. (Light fever and unusual fatigue are signs that healing is in the process.)

Discontinuation of symptomatic medication usually results in temporary worsening of symptoms. It is an unavoidable stage; there is no need to panic and worry that natural self-healing treatment is harming you, just the opposite.

How long may self-healing recovery take?

  • Of course, the answer to this question is individual and is derived from the patient's condition, the nature of the disease, and the cumulative damage it has caused. Age, man or woman, eating habits, lifestyle, and other personal influencing factors such as determination and perseverance.
  • The body has no schedule for recovery. The body never functions randomly. Healing comes (usually gradually) when the disease's primary causes (Mental and physical) have been eliminated.


You are ready to start – I wish you a successful journey.

You are ready to start – I wish you a successful journey.

Self-healing is like "Performing miracles." Every human being has this capability—It just needs to be revealed.


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Why is it essential to understand the self-healing method before starting the treatments?
You will probably be asked quite a few questions by skeptics, including family members and friends, who will try to doubt your judgment.
Why do chronic patients sometimes need the support of a naturopath?
In the self-healing method, the patient sometimes hesitates and has no one to turn to, so it is essential to have an experienced professional to consult.
Are the therapies using the self-healing method less expensive compared to conventional medicine?
Since most therapies in the self-healing method can be performed at home, without drugs, without invasive treatments, without doctors, and without expensive laboratory tests, the technique is usually significantly cheaper than conventional medicine.
Is it possible to start treatment using the self-healing method while taking medication?
Medications burden the immune system and often contradict the natural healing effect! At the same time, it is possible to combine natural self-healing while taking medications for fixed periods, preferably while reducing the taking of medicines.
Why does addiction treatment have to start with withdrawal? (controlled by the subconscious)
Addiction is a condition in which persuasion does not work! Without withdrawal, the addict cannot change harmful habits that burden his physical and mental health.
Releasing unresolved traumas from the subconscious is a critical part of many chronic diseases.
In many chronic diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases (especially in young people), and chronic inflammatory diseases, there is a great deal of weight to the mental-energetic dimension that (Western) medicine does not emphasize. Without eliminating the causes of the disease, it is impossible to recover! Symptomatic therapy most often only perpetuates the disease.
Challenge Yourself, Your Knowledge and Intuition:
Test your self
How to start with Self-healing Natural Medicine therapies?
1. What is the most challenging part of starting therapy with the self-healing method?
Starting treatment with the self-healing method usually involves many deliberations, almost always after the failure of conventional medicine.
See my suggested, most suitable answer »
A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 2.
The two main challenges that prevent many chronic patients from starting therapy with the self-healing method are a deep understanding of the method and its principles. The second factor is finding an integrator (preferably a naturopath) who will accompany the patient on his recovery journey and help them with his dilemmas, especially in the initial stages.
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