Self-Healing medicine is like “Performing miracles.” Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.

Our body never functions randomly. The type, location, and intensity of any acquired (non-genetic) chronic disease or addiction are not accidental.

The self-healing method combines body, mind, and spirit altogether.

Unlike conventional medicine, Self-healing functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. 

Given the appropriate terms (mental & physical), all chronic acquired (non-genetic) diseases are curable!

Recovery is always achievable, even from severe, long-term chronic diseases, including addiction-related illnesses.

Following Self-healing methods is a challenging process on both a mental and physical level,

mainly because it takes discipline and self-confidence to serve as your medical advisor.

The benefits of self-healing functional medicine are enormous beyond curing diseases, primarily because it generates personal empowerment.

The in-depth analysis points to a mirror image between modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine's weaknesses and strengths.

The integration between conventional modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine is vital to achieving optimal healthcare.


The is a free website, providing a detailed, simple, step by step explanation on how to practice Self-healing medicine,

emphasizing overcoming obstacles in cognitive behavior to initiate the lifestyle & dietary changes essential to accomplish full recovery.

We offer a comprehensive philosophy & theory along with applicable methods for achieving a full recovery from:

Chronic Inflammatory Diseases, Chronic degenerative diseases, Autoimmune diseases, and Addiction-related diseases.

As a former severe chronic liver patient (HCV), I dedicate this website to all people worldwide, especially people with chronic illnesses.

I wish all people, wherever they live, full recovery, good health, and a better quality of life.

Conventional medicine failed to cure me! I am considering self-healing therapy. My family is unconvinced of the way I chose; what should I do?
Kübler-Ross model – Explains the behavior of personal loss. The five stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.
Autoimmune diseases can be healed if we eliminate the mental & physical causes of the disease. Symptomatic treatments perpetuate the patient's dependence on drugs.
Love and support strengthen the sick spouse and help him heal. A mercy-based relationship that emphasizes sacrifice hurts the patient!
The leading cause is an imbalance in the intestinal flora. Balancing the gut flora will eliminate the fungal infection throughout the body.
Switching to biological drugs does less harm, but it does not strengthen the immune system as one might think.
All the energetic processes in nature, are characterized by the dynamic energy flow, consists of four Phases.
Addicts are not unreasonable people, nor are they self-destructive. In a state of addiction, the subconscious partially paralyzes reason, and thus, persuasion is not a useful tool.
The antihypertensive drugs bring a drop in blood pressure, but at the cost of long-term health damage.
One of the unknown leading causes of type 2 diabetes is the prolonged consumption of industrialized & processed food & beverages. It causes accelerated weight gain and additional severe side-effects.
The gastrointestinal tract is the primary non-sterile internal system, forcing the immune system to fight relentlessly to prevent pathogens' overgrowth.
Surprisingly! - Processed foods are making us gain weight much faster than the same equal calories of natural foods.
All Sexual Identities & Orientations are explained by known magnetic properties: Attraction and Repulsion. The laws of nature are whole and uniform.
"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body.” To die is to be a body without Qi. For the health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."
Love is ageless. It has no boundaries. Love in its various forms is the most powerful "Health Drug" in nature. Love is independent of culture, color, race, religion, language, or country!
In a competitive world, these 4 groups of emotions are needed. They are not accidental. They serve the purpose of survival.
The primary challenge in developing cyborgs stems from the need to simulate the human body's physiology, behavior & emotions into mathematical formulas.
Instead of leading a healthy lifestyle, one can emulate a healthy lifestyle and diet by technological means.
Quantum computing can initiate individually tailored therapies that will eradicate chronic diseases. It may be the medical revolution of the 21st century!
In the past, encounters with aliens were the domain of a few, today the discussion of aliens is legitimate among renowned scientists, and the volume of publications has increased by several times.
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Love in its various forms is the most powerful "Health Drug" in nature.

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  • Sexual identity - refers to the sex to which we feel emotionally-energetically connected; most often, it is our biological sex. Occasionally there is a conflict between the biological sex and the sex we feel connected to.

  • Sexual orientation -usually answers the question of which sex we are attracted to. (Opposite sex, Same as ours, both sexes, or not at all.) 

Link: The Unified Theory of All Sexual Identities and Orientations. (Alixin's Theory)

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Sexual behavior - How humans experience and express their sexuality. (Wikipedia) 

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Autoimmune disease patients are treated with a misconception that this is an incurable disease. Therefore, treatment accordingly is usually only symptomatic. | Link: AUTOIMMUNE & ADDICTION-RELATED

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My huge intra-hepatic bile stones were 3.5 inches long. (8.9 cm) | Photos Link: GALLERY (DISGUSTING)

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Chronic prostatitis is a very stressful and depressive disease that drugs cannot cure, nor Chinese herbal medicines. | Link: Chronic Prostatitis and Epididymitis.

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What is your sexual orientation? Voting is completely anonymous without trace.
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There can be no separate explanation for each and all sexual identities and orientations; there must...
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Love is ageless. It has no boundaries. It is not only between men and women but in every possible co...
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Interesting, diverse medical and scientific topics, including breakthrough futuristic technologies.
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In the absence of a philosophy of medicine - medicine has no compass. If you do not know what you ar...
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Self-healing Functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. Natu...
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The in-depth analysis points to a mirror image between modern medicine and self-healing functional m...
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The subconscious mind is part of the self-defense mechanism of the mind. One of Its functions is to ...
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Experiences from my extended stay in Changsha, China, for medical treatment, including painful, exha...
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The best diet can optimize the body's health and weight in the long run. Lifestyle and dietary ...
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