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  2. FORUMS forums deal with various topics in medicine, science, and lifestyle, emphasizing recovery from chronic diseases by self-healing.

The forums are an open web-based community that encourages the exchange of opinions and discourse, possibly anonymously. Some posts reflect my response to the emails I receive, with slight changes.

The 21 forums are divided into 3 main categories: 1. Science, nature, and relationships. 2. Chronic and addictions-related diseases. 3. principles and application of the self-healing method. 

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Friendly aliens. is a world-class source of reliable information regarding extraterrestrial civilizations and upcoming encounters. Link: Intriguing valuable facts about extraterrestrial civilizations.

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The tremendous healing power of LOVE. image 1


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  • Sexual identity - refers to the sex to which we feel emotionally-energetically connected; most often, it is our biological sex. Occasionally, there is a conflict between the biological sex and the sex we feel connected to.
  • Sexual orientation - answers the question of which sex we are attracted to. (Opposite sex, same as ours, both sexes, or neither.) 

Link: Sexual Identities and Orientations Energy-Based Unifying Theory.

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LOVE is the most powerful Love is ageless. It has no boundaries. Love is independent of culture, color, race, religion, language, or country. LinkAbout the author

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Unresolved traumas, stored in the subconscious, are a significant factor in developing autoimmune diseases, especially in young patients—link: The four groups of long-term immunodeficiency illnesses.

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Recovery from chronic liver diseases and Cirrhosis are among the most challenging. (Body, Mind, and Spirit). Link: GALLERY (DISGUSTING)

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Link Gallery authentic photos: (Disgusting) Decayed digestive tissues and polyps.

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Recovery is only possible by constantly strengthening the immune system. (Body, mind, and spirit)

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Hypertension and high blood cholesterol are the body's compensation tools resulting from low kidney and liver filtering. 

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