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The forums are an anonymous web-based community that encourages interaction among readers seeking to share their experiences, emotions, sexuality, ideas, questions, and hesitations concerning self-healing & the human body and mind. Some of the posts reflect my anonymous responses to readers' inquiries. (With slight changes)

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Love❤️in its various forms is the most powerful "Health Drug" in nature.

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The Unified Energetic Model of All Sexual Identities and Orientations. (Alixin's theory) image 1

  • Sexual identity - refers to the sex to which we feel emotionally-energetically connected; most often, it is our biological sex. Occasionally there is a conflict between the biological sex and the sex we feel connected to.
  • Sexual orientation - usually answers the question of which sex we are attracted to. (Opposite sex, Same as ours, both sexes, or not.) 

Link: The Unified Energetic Model of All Sexual Identities and Orientations. (Alixin's theory)

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Sexual behavior - How humans experience and express their sexuality. (Wikipedia) 

The tremendous healing power of LOVE. image 1

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Unresolved traumas, often stored in the subconscious, are a major factor in developing autoimmune diseases, especially in young patients (aged 30-35 and under).

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link Gallery (authentic photos): GALLERY (DISGUSTING)

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Link Gallery authentic photos: (Disgusting) My decayed gut tissue.

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Recovery from chronic prostatitis & epididymitis is only possible by strengthening the immune system. (Body, mind, and spirit altogether )

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Hypertension is misunderstood - It is a compensation tool of the body, resulting from low filtration of the kidneys and liver. Only about 20% to 25% of cholesterol originates from our diet; the rest is synthesized in the liver.

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