The 4 groups of long-term immunodeficiency illnesses.

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Four groups of immunodeficiency: Allergies, Chronic inflammations, Cancer, and Autoimmune diseases are explained as an energy flow failure.

The four seasons.
"When it is evident that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust them. Faced with what is right, leaving it undone shows a lack of courage. "

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) was a Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher. By Simran Khurana (Updated March 18, 2017)

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This model suggests looking at the long-term failure of the immune system as an energy failure. Therefore, it can be presented in the 4-phases model of life. The fact that four groups of diseases reflect long-term immune failure is not accidental. Understanding the energetic processes in the human body can greatly help in recovery. Our body never functions randomly. Any acquired (non-genetic) chronic disease or addiction type, location, and intensity are not accidental. Healing is always achievable, even from severe, long-term chronic diseases like cancer and addiction.

In the more practical question of how energy blockages affect us in each of the four phases of life, we must return to the (very advanced) concept of Chinese medicine of energy channels (meridians) in each of the energy channels; there is a possibility of blockage in each of the four phases of the energy cycle: stimulation, expansion, contraction, and relaxation. Each blockage has different characteristics and different morbidity. Most of the time, the disease manifests itself in the organs connected along that blocked energy channel, according to its energy state. The two main energy channels (separately from the 12th meridian) affect various chronic phenomena and diseases.


Simplified broad definitions of healthcare, self-healing functional medicine, Inflammation, and physical pain.

Without a philosophy of medicine, uniform, simple, and exhaustive definitions for these central topics would not exist.

  • "Health care or healthcare - is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments. Health professionals in allied health fields deliver health care."

Plus, the sentence I added to the original Wikipedia definition.

  • Health care is the maintenance or improvement of health with minimal usage of drugs and invasive medicine, the wise use of the close connection between the Body, Mind, and Spirit via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people. Health professionals in allied health fields deliver health care.

My broad suggested definition of Self-healing functional medicine.

Currently, there is no clear definition of functional medicine. Self-healing Functional medicine eliminates the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms. 

  • "Self-healing Functional Medicine—All types of methodologies and techniques of noninvasive medicine (using mainly herbal drugs and natural supplements) for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the body and mind, which can bring about a proven and significant improvement (without considerable side effects) in the overall health of the patient in the long run."

The broad suggested definitions (without using synonyms) of inflammation and physical pain mirror each other.

Links: | What is Inflammation? (Inflammation vs. Infection) | Pain (Wikipedia) | 

If you look for definitions for physical pain, you will find that they are not uniform.

  • "Inflammation - is a short or continuous immune response caused by temporary or permanent cell damage (above a certain threshold)" intended to rehabilitate the damaged tissue." 
  • "Physical pain - is a short or continuous alarm sensation caused by temporary or permanent cell damage (above a certain threshold) in tissue with sensory nerves (nociceptors)." Pain is a part of the self-defense mechanism. 


A short brainstorming concerning Chronic morbidity.

To date, medicine has failed to resolve the chronic morbidity riddle. Much knowledge was gained regarding heredity and a healthy lifestyle, but paradoxically, chronic morbidity only increased! A logical explanation for the phenomenon - lacking a whole and central dimension that has a decisive influence - is the mental & energetic factor. (Life-force energy.)

The primary causes & catalysts of chronic morbidity are always a dynamic combination of:

  1. Psychological - Energetic - When we talk about emotional stress and trauma, they have a unique energetic expression. (Life-force energy.) 
  2. Lifestyle & Diet - Today, experts usually agree on most healthy living variables and proper nutrition.
    1. The environment, weather, and exposure to pathogens significantly impact the immune system. (Although they are not the primary cause of chronic morbidity, they are catalysts.)
  3. Genetics. (Predetermined at birth) - Cracking the genetic code was an impressive achievement, but it didn't help solve the riddle of chronic morbidity.
    1. Gender & age.

Solving equations with three variables and only two formulas opens up almost endless possibilities. Without decoding the disease's causes, medicine handles the disease's symptoms! But such treatment has a heavy price.


The leading causes & catalysts of chronic morbidity.

Psychological - Energetic, Unhealthy lifestyle and diet, exposure to pathogens.

The leading causes & catalysts of chronic morbidity.

Allergies, Chronic inflammations, Cysts, Cancer, and Autoimmune diseases. (4 groups of Immunodeficiency illnesses).

With few alterations, this article is based on the principles presented in Dr. Nader Butto's books (Medicine and the Seventh Sense, Medicine and the Seven Laws.) while introducing new ideas.

  • The (unconventional) perception of the human body as a dual, physical, and energetic entity is essential to fully recovering from chronic diseases.
  • "To live is to have Qi in every part of your body." To die is to be a body without Qi. For health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."
    • By nature, we are focused on the disease we suffer from. Still, it is essential to discover the mechanism common to all Non-genetic Long-term immune failure diseases for understanding and healing.
    • Understanding the entire process will help us recover from the illness we are suffering from, improve our health, and prevent future diseases.


The four life phases model applies to all energetic cyclical phenomena in nature.

The 4 seasons are just one (of many) examples of cyclic energetic flow.

The 4 seasons are just one (of many) examples of cyclic energetic flow.

Recommended link: Four Life Phases. By Dr. Nadder Butto. 

From the single cell to the entire universe, all energetic processes in nature are characterized by the cyclic energy flow, which consists of four Phases.

The four phases are:

  1. Stimulation.
  2. Expansion.
  3. Contraction.
  4. Relaxation.

Prominent examples:

  • Mitosis (Cell division) consists of 4 phases. (Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase.)
  • Body organs: Respiratory system & heartbeat. (Each has 4 phases.) 
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
  • Life Cycle: Birth, Maturity, Old age, Death. (This also applies to stars!)
  • All Matter has 4 phases: Gas, Liquid, Plasma, and Solid. (Matter and energy have dual properties.) 


Introduction to the concept of Qi Life-force energy.

  • Life energy can be illustrated by a simplistic analogy with cars as the energy of the spark that ignites fuel combustion. You can fill up with fuel, but the car won't start without the spark. We can eat to our fullness, but without the spark, with the right timing and intensity, the person will get sick. The spark (life energy) exists from when life begins and throughout life.

The Chinese concept of Qi is not easily translated into Western thought.

Link:  Yin Yang House Theory - Explore Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. (Interactive meridian maps) 

"To live is to have Qi in every part of your body." To die is to be a body without Qi. For health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."

The connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Although this connection between body, mind, and spirit has been known for thousands of years, modern conventional medicine does not balance the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Not everyone knows that acupuncture is an energetic treatment method that aims to balance life energy, which is essential for a healthy life.
  • All martial arts make exceptional use of life energy. Through practice, they harness the energetic capabilities of doing impossible things!

The science of physics has long accepted the duality of Matter and energy. Identifying life energy does not meet medicine's priorities, mainly because (Western) medicine does not see the human body as a dual entity. (Matter and energy)

What the human spirit is made of is an important scientific question. Life energy is "Cosmic energy" and has not yet been identified. On the other hand, the gates of energy channels (meridians) and energy centers (chakras) are controlled by an electromagnetic gates mechanism, which is also why acupuncture uses excellent electrical conductors. An MRI scan does not image the soul, and Kirilian photography (high voltage) captures our body's magnetic field, not the spirit!


LIFE-FORCE (Ψ) = {BODY (Ψ)} X {MIND (Ψ) (Conscious Ψ)( i Subconscious Ψ)

The formula refers to the energy level in the central energy channel. Every organ and tissue in our body has its energy.

  • Life energy is energy at the quantum level; therefore, the formula is unconventional. The formula contains a component of complex numbers because the spiritual energy is in another dimension.

These are simultaneous equations. (Each variable affects the other variables and themselves.)

  • LIFE-FORCE (Ψ)                    - Life force wave function
  • BODY (Ψ)                              - Physical body wave function.
  • MIND (Ψ) (Conscious)           - Mental conscious wave function.
  • MIND (Ψ) (Subconscious)     - Subconscious spiritual wave function.
  • i (complex numbers)            - The square root of -1 (Oscillates due to the spiritual energy)

The body, mind, and life-force energy (spiritual) are entangled and non-separable. They are all reflections of each other.

Life energy exists as long as we live and is reset by death. The subconscious mind has a massive effect because it acts exponentially on the conscious mind. The formula I propose presents a theoretical and mathematical conception of life energy. The distance to discovering and harnessing life energy is still great but critical in many aspects.


Allergies, Chronic Inflammation, cancer, and Autoimmune disease causes. (Body, Mind, and Spirit.)

Pathogens are a cause of chronic disease outbreaks.

  • In chronic diseases, pathogens are not a cause but only catalysts for further deterioration. The fundamental cause is always a weak immune system.

Lifestyle vs. Genetics.

  • An unhealthy lifestyle (Mental and physical)  is the leading cause of long-term immunodeficiency diseases. (80% or more). Genetics explains only a small part of the failures. (20% or less.)

Age factor (Unhealthy physical lifestyle) vs. Traumatic non-resolved events from the past.

  • The age factor - As symptoms onset at a younger age (30 years or less), it is more likely that the weight of unresolved mental traumas is higher than the unhealthy lifestyle. The explanation is that cell aging and death are cumulative, while unresolved traumatic events have an immediate and cumulative effect. (This is particularly prominent in autoimmune diseases.)

Physical Body.

  • An unhealthy lifestyle reflected in Improper nutrition, high body toxicity, low physical activities, and exposure to the sun, lack of sleep manifests itself in:
    • Insufficient flow of body fluids. (Blood, lymph, bile.)
    • Gut flora imbalance and parasite overgrowth cause a heavy load on the immune system.

Mind and Spirit.

Happiness, Love, Satisfaction, and other positive emotions charge life-force energy.   

Anxiety, stress, disappointment, hate, fear, guilt, envy, and negative emotions deplete the life-force energy.

  • Traumatic Non-resolved mental & spiritual events from our past (usually subconscious) can cause poor life-force energy flow. (Blockages in the flow of life-force energy have far-reaching physical and mental effects.)

The combined effect of body, mind, and spirit.

  • A long list of symptoms. (Physical & Mental.)


  • Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated.
  • Symptomatic treatments usually cannot cure the patient, as they do not eliminate the disease's causes.


The essential distinction between symptoms, causes, and catalysts.

All Non-genetic diseases in the human body reflected in the immune system's long-term failure are symptoms rather than the cause.

  • Modern medicine does not have a clear philosophy regarding the differences between disease causes, symptoms, triggers, and catalysts (Pathogens in Chronic stages). 

A symptom of one disease as a cause of another disease?

  • Logically, a symptom of one illness is not the cause of another. (However, There are possible common causes of various conditions and diseases.)

In cases of first-time infectious disease.

  • Pathogens are indeed the cause of the disease.

In chronic stages.

  • The same pathogens are only triggers and catalysts. The self-defense mechanism does not work correctly because the human body is designed to overcome intruders. So, the real cause is more profound.


Summary table - What do these four groups of immunodeficiency diseases have in common?

Allergies, Chronic inflammations, Cancer, Autoimmune diseases, comparison table.

Category\ disease Allergies Chronic inflammations Cancer Autoimmune diseases
Proper identification of potentially harmful substances. No. Yes. Yes. No.
The primary immunodeficiency failure.

Attacks harmless substances.

It identifies the pathogens but cannot overcome them or eliminate the Inflammation. 

 Identifies the destructive formation of tumor tissue without being able to destroy it.

The body attacks itself as a result of a malfunction.

Is the immune system malfunctioning? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

 Life-force energy & General symptoms comparison table. 

Life-force energy levels. (Scale of 5) Five is the highest.  4 3 1-2 2
Symptoms in Body organs & systems. Skin, eyes and ears, Respiratory and digestive systems. All organs and systems.   All organs and systems.  All organs and systems.
Are symptoms like those of Inflammation in the same organ? Yes. Yes. Much like. Yes.
Formation of Cysts, Polyps, Tumors.  No. Extensive tissue damage can lead to isolating the damaged tissue by creating CPT.   Extensive tissue damage with low life-force energy. It can lead to the formation of cancerous Tumors. Extensive tissue damage can isolate the damaged tissue by creating cysts, polyps, and cancerous tumors. 
Effective drug and invasive treatment? To a high degree. Mostly symptomatic treatment.  Inconsistent results with partial success. Mostly symptomatic treatment. 


The four groups of chronic immunodeficiency illnesses — Integrated energetic model.

Life's energy is constantly in motion; the downward arrows (in all four phases of life) reflect an energy blockage, and the upward arrows reflect energy flowing through disturbances and a decrease in energy potential - reflecting a condition or chronic illness.

Four phases of life model. 

Since this model is not intuitive, it is a small, familiar analogy.

Think of the human body as an illustration, like a car whose gearbox malfunctioned while driving. (Shifting gear is impossible)

Let's examine the primary scenarios:

  1. Stimulation: If we travel at a too-low speed, the travel time will be very long, and we will be late for everything we have planned.
  2. Expansion - The trip will be bouncy and uncomfortable if we travel too fast to the road conditions.
  3. Contraction- If we want to stop, we must forcefully push the brakes, especially if the car gets stuck in high gear.
  4. Relaxation - If we want to turn around or return, we can't!


Allergies, chronic Inflammation, cancer, and autoimmune diseases share causes.

Introduction and Hypothesis. 

  • All four immunodeficiency diseases reflect a blockage in one or more life energy phases.
  • There is a possibility of switching from one phase to another.

The four phases of life and their matching group of diseases, respectively. 

  1. Stimulation     ⇒ Allergies.
  2. Expansion of   ⇒ Chronic Inflammations.
  3. Contraction of ⇒ Cancer.
  4. Relaxation      ⇒ Autoimmune diseases.

Although the treatments for all four immunodeficiency diseases are similar, a few adjustments are usually needed. Removing the cause will cure any symptoms. Bacteria, viruses, and other parasites are tools the body uses for self-defense. They are symptoms, not the cause.

Prolonged chronic inflammations and autoimmune disease risks—If the body's energy decreases, these benign tumors can become cancerous.


The location and severity of the symptoms are not accidental. (This analysis is simplistic but thought-provoking.)

Link: Chakra (Wikipedia) Note: A simple search will provide more detailed diagrams with elaborated information. (Recommended)  


The seven human Chakras (Energy Centers) and organs have respective influential emotions.

The 7 human Chakras (Energy Centers) and organs they represent, with respective influential emotions.

General and  Introduction -  The concept of energy centers. (Chakras)

Only Traumatic, unresolved mental and spiritual events from our past may block the life-force energy. (Traumatic resolved mental and spiritual events do not block the energy centers.) 

  • These principles come from traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and Chinese medicine, balancing the body. Western medicine completely ignores the human body's energetic being and misses an opportunity to understand chronic disease formation deeply.
  • Diseases break out where life-force energy does not flow smoothly.
  • When discussing stress and anxiety as significant causes of chronic morbidity, we must deepen and label the traumatic emotions to release them consciously.

My example is too simplistic but illustrates the idea and encourages self-searching.

  • The symptomatic organ should be adjusted to its energy center, and the traumatic emotions that block that energy center must be identified and released.
    • You should consider assisting a certified hypnotist if the result cannot be reached through an internal search.
  • Prolonged and severe multi-system diseases must be restored according to the chronological order of symptoms.
  • In many cases (as in my case), it is a mix of traumatic emotions and several energy centers, making it challenging to locate the energy block source.
  • The right side represents the male at the energetic level, while the left is related to the female and offspring. Therefore, trauma with a mother or a brother, for example, will be expressed in different locations!

The severity of symptoms. 

  • The intensity of the symptoms is related to the body's general energy (in the central energy channel) and the specific organ or organs' energy level.


A brief review of each group separately. 

Dust mite. (Allergy)  Dust mite. (Allergy)  

Allergies. (Stimulation phase.) 

Link: Allergy. (Wikipedia) 

Allergies are several conditions caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to typically harmless environmental substances. (Therefore, allergies are felt mainly in systems that come into external contact with the environment. (Skin, breath, and digestion)

Allergies are a condition of energy blockage in the stimulation phase (detailed below). This is usually reflected in a decrease, not steep, of life-force energy, so the symptoms of allergies often manifest in relatively mild symptoms, without pain or severe side effects.

  • Allergies are often seasonal symptoms and are perceived by many as external stimuli unrelated to their lifestyle and diet!
  • Allergies usually attack selected organs and systems that directly contact the allergens, such as Skin, eyes and ears, and respiratory & digestive systems. 
  • Allergies are an early warning sign that the self-defense mechanism is confused! (They are usually without pain but with a decline in quality of life.)
  • While allergies may impair the quality of life, they are usually not life-threatening.
  • Exceptionally, there is a reasonably practical (non-violent) symptomatic treatment for allergies.

The main risk of allergies is a lower energy level deterioration, leading to one of the three other chronic disease groups. (Chronic inflammations, autoimmune diseases, cancer) 


Bactria - Chronic Inflammation.

Bactria - Chronic inflammation.

Chronic Inflammations. (Expansion phase - Red and swallowed.)

Recommended link: Systemic Inflammation. (Wikipedia) 

Inflammation is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. (From Wikipedia.

  • Bacteria, viruses, and other parasites are tools the body uses for self-defense.
  • Common symptoms of Inflammation are Fever, vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhea, sweating, and frequent urination. They all serve one purpose: to remove toxins from the body.  
  • Antibiotics and other medicines cannot "cure" chronic inflammatory diseases because they do not eliminate the causes. 
  • Complete recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated.
  • Symptomatic treatments (such as medications) usually cannot cure the patient, as they do not eliminate the disease's causes.


Autoimmune diseases are not incurable! But recovery is not through medication.

Autoimmune diseases are not incurable! But recovery is not through medication.

Autoimmune diseases. (The Relaxation phase.)

Link: Autoimmune disease. (Wikipedia)

General & introduction.

  • An autoimmune disease arises from an abnormal immune response to a normal body part. There are at least 80 types of autoimmune diseases. (Wikipedia.)

Common to all autoimmune diseases.

The positive, energetic magnetic pole of women is close to the heart and the thymus gland. This probably affects the high incidence of autoimmune diseases in women.

  • The thymus gland is of great importance in understanding autoimmune diseases. The maturation of T blood cells is the one that enables self and no-self-recognition. The thymus gland belongs to the energetic dimension of the fourth center (Heart Chakra), whose driving force is Love, Relationships, and self-acceptance.
  • The proximity of the thymus gland to the positive pole in women probably affects the hormonal effect much more significantly (unfamiliar) than the hormonal effect, which is perceived as the main reason for the significant gaps in the incidence of autoimmune diseases in women.
  • The thymus reaches its peak size during the physiological period of puberty, after which it begins to shrink and degenerate. In old age, the organ has almost wholly disappeared.

Age factor (Unhealthy physical lifestyle) vs. Traumatic non-resolved events from the past.

  • The age factor—As symptoms onset at a younger age (30-35 years or less), it is more likely that the weight of unresolved mental traumas is higher than the unhealthy lifestyle. The explanation is that cell aging and death are cumulative, while unresolved traumatic events have an immediate and cumulative effect. (This is particularly prominent in autoimmune diseases.)

Autoimmune diseases are curable, but not with drugs.

  • The idea that autoimmune diseases cannot be cured is fundamentally wrong. Autoimmune diseases are diseases that can be healed. (If we eliminate the mental & physical causes of the disease.)
  • Remissions often characterize autoimmune diseases. They are not accidental; they result from an increase in the body's life-force energy level. Remissions reinforce the idea that autoimmune diseases are curable diseases.

Hormonal Imbalances are a rational explanation of why women are more likely than men to get autoimmune diseases. (Although there are exceptions such as Type 1 diabetes.)

Women's Hormonal Imbalances may cause an increased tendency to develop gallstones. The main reasons for women's increased tendency to form gallstones are hormonal imbalances such as pregnancy, birth control pills, medications, and insulin resistance. (Poor nutrition)

  • Bile obstruction has a far-reaching impact on the immune system.
    • Bile is a strong alkaline and helps contradict the acidity of food coming from the stomach.
    • In a pH-balanced environment, parasites in the digestive system do not thrive, significantly strengthening the immune system. Bile is a lotion that contains fats and salts that help lubricate and restore the intestinal walls.
    • Restoration of the natural flora in the intestines significantly strengthens the immune system and helps recover from many chronic diseases.

Hormonal imbalances may also affect mood and be more vulnerable to mental trauma.

Self-defense & immune system malfunction is not accidental. 

  • The self-defense survival mechanism is a very sophisticated one. Making the body attack itself means something in the basics went wrong!
  • Low life-force energies characterize autoimmune diseases partly due to past unresolved traumatic events. (Most of them subconsciously.)
  • The variety of so many autoimmune diseases suggests they all have common causes!
  • Not surprisingly, the primary treatment of autoimmune diseases is based on steroids. (Suppress the immune system.)
  • The conventional treatment weakens the patient and creates a vicious cycle of inevitable deterioration! 


Colon Polyps 3d illustration.

Colon Polyps 3d illustration. 

Cysts, Polyps, and Tumors are a part of the self-defense mechanism.

Cysts do not form by chance, and their location is not accidental. Cysts are formed in the body along or at the ends of the meridians (blocked energy channels). The main differences between these three benign tumors stem from different tissues and development.

Surgical removal of cysts and other lesions temporarily relieves the immune system, which deals with less damaged tissue. (provided that the surgical operation does not cause significant damage) At the same time, this is a symptomatic treatment that does not guarantee that the cyst will not return.

  • Chronic Inflammation and Inflammation as a result of autoimmune diseases are the leading cause of the formation of CPT (Cysts, Polyps, Tumors)

Cysts, Polyps, and Tumors allow an organ's working parts to be isolated from the damaged parts. (Thus protecting the organ.) 

  • Weak flow of blood & lymph fluid can cause the body to produce cysts.
  • Cysts are not the cause but a symptom of a highly toxic organ.

The human body can reverse this condition with its unique ability to make CPT disappear (if the proper conditions prevail).

The main risk - If the body's energy decreases, there is a danger that these benign tumors will become cancerous.


Cancer. (Contraction - The third and Lowest energy phase.)

Cancer manifests as the "Energetic Suffocation" of cells that isolate themselves from the healthy surrounding tissue in self-defense. 

The prevalence of cancer in women and men indicates dramatic cancer rates near the body's positive magnetic poles! The incidence rate of breast cancer (in women) and prostate and bladder cancer (in men) is very unusual in its incidence compared to other types of cancer!

  • The human body has two opposing magnetic poles, and a vortex creates a weak magnetic field between them.
  • The phenomenon of cancer incidence in the vicinity of the positive pole (in red) is not accidental. Cancer reflects a sharp decrease in the body's energy, first and foremost expressed in its proximity to the positive pole.
  • The above significant findings only reinforce the claim that cancer is not only a biochemical phenomenon but mainly an energetic one. The great difficulty in curing cancer stems from the lack of recognition of the human body as a dual entity. (Energetic and mechanistic)


The most common types of cancer in the U.S. 2020.

Symptomatic treatments (such as chemotherapy and radiation) are often effective in the short-medium term only as they do not eliminate the disease's causes.

Link: The primary underlying causes of cancer. (All types)

This theoretical discussion concerning cancer should not be considered a recommendation for any action or treatment.

Insights from the 4-life phase model.

  • The comparative table clearly shows the similarity between chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer. But, there is also a resemblance between cancer and autoimmune diseases, only that the phase of the body's life-force energy is different, and subsequently, the immune system acts differently!
  • Cancer formation reflects a sharp decrease in life energy during the contraction phase.
  • Cancer formation has two possible paths:
    • Significant mental trauma usually accompanies the direct trajectory of a sharp and sudden decrease in life energy. (Often unconsciously)
      • Such a situation may characterize younger people. Its effect may be particularly acute.
    • The secondary pathway involves gradual deterioration or benign tumors that gradually become cancerous due to a continuous decrease in life energy.
      • This pathway is more characteristic of older people; their cancer develops slowly and is not particularly violent.
    • The location is never accidental. Cancer hits the weakest spot on the energy level. (Close relationship to mental trauma.)

What is the optimal self-healing treatment for cancer patients?

  • The desired cancer treatment combines past traumas (using hypnosis or similar techniques.) with physical therapy. (Using Self-healing principles.)
  • The current mainstream position on this subject in modern medicine is more counterproductive than one might expect. (Recently, there has been a welcome trend of going in the opposite direction - boosting the immune system.)
  • What may seem a paradox is that the self-defense survival mechanism may cause death!


Is there the optimal treatment for these three groups of diseases (Excluding allergies)

Chronic inflammations, cancer, and Autoimmune diseases? (Allergy is not perceived as an illness but as a physical condition.)

Choosing which type of medicine to choose is often a default decision, but more profound decisions require brainstorming. The answer depends on the patient's confidence in the method, the attending physician, and worldview. 

The choice is one of two options or both combined:

  1. Conventional modern medicine treats the symptoms with extremely aggressive medication and surgical procedures. Disregarding the energetic properties we all possess. (Life-force)
  2. Self-healing (Alternative) medicine - Contrary to mainstream and raises questions and social pressures. Also, most of the therapeutic and mental burden is on the patient and their environment.


Principles of treatment using self-healing principles.

Recommended link: Self-Healing Medicine – Main principles and guidelines.

Self-healing medicine - Advocating for eliminating mental traumas resulting in decreased life-force energy, an exceptionally healthy (both psychological and physical) lifestyle, meticulous, unprocessed nutrition, and sustained detoxification.

Self-healing treatment is divided into two parts:

  1. Restores the body, mind, and spiritual life-force energy. (Immune restoration and damaged tissue regeneration.)
    1. This treatment is uniform for all diseases; its intensity is directly proportional to the severity of the disease and its ability to withstand prolonged treatment.
    2. As the patient's energetic condition deteriorates, more emphasis is needed on the mental & spiritual side.
    3. Techniques of meditating and releasing traumatic tensions from the past are not very common in the West; I recommend them as a substitute for a qualified hypnotist. You will be amazed by what a far-reaching physical effect may be due to hypnotic therapy.
  2. Specific treatments for each of the various chronic diseases, pain & symptoms.

Some examples of symptomatic treatment of various chronic diseases.

  • Crohn's disease, all IBD diseases, and fibromyalgia - Severe damage to the intestinal tissues requires a strict diet and restoration of the nutrients' absorption capacity.
  • Chronic prostatitis - Regular walking daily, up and down stairs, improves blood flow to the prostate.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis - Requires an emphasis on restoring the calcium homeostasis in the body. (Controlled sun exposure, iodine intake, and natural magnesium from natural green juices. Combined with physical therapy & hydrotherapy.)
  • Inflammatory diseases of the lungs - Use air purifiers and stay in clear, clean air. Swimming has a very positive effect on the body and the lungs.
  • Psoriasis - Requires controlled exposure to the sun, natural herbs & minerals (such as bentonite clay) to treat wounds, and a balanced diet.
  • Dementia (a chronic inflammatory disease of the brain.) - requires a systematic practice of the brain, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Contrary to scientists' belief, the brain has good rehabilitation abilities. (Neurogenesis.)
  • Migraines - (A result of Swollen veins at the skull base, which prevents blood flow from the brain, causing intracranial pressure.) Natural anti-inflammatory therapy and a balanced diet will solve the problem without medication. 


Summary and conclusions.

  • No drug or invasive treatment can eliminate the causes of chronic illness. The only way to be cured is to ensure that all key variables are treated correctly and simultaneously. (Stress & anxiety - Psychological - Energetic, Unhealthy lifestyle & Diet.) 

Lifestyle vs. Genetics.

  • An unhealthy lifestyle & traumatic non-resolved issues from our past are the leading causes of Allergies, Chronic Inflammation, Cancer, and Autoimmune diseases.

The concept of life-force energy. (Qi) 

  • "To live is to have Qi in every part of your body." To die is to be a body without Qi. For health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."
  • The Life-force formula indicates a strong relationship between the mental-emotional side and the physical body. (Through the impact of Life-force energy on the body.) 

The four life phases model. 

  •   All the energetic processes in nature, from the single cell to the entire universe, are characterized by the dynamic energy flow, which consists of four Phases:
    1. Stimulation.
    2. Expansion.
    3. Contraction.
    4. Relaxation.

The integrated model of immunodeficiency diseases.

Allergies, Chronic Inflammation, Cancer, and Autoimmune diseases. 

Introduction and Hypothesis. 

  • All four groups of diseases reflect a blockage in one or more of the four life energy phases.
  • There is a possibility of blocking more than one phase or switching from one phase to another.

The four phases of life and their matching group of diseases, respectively. 

  1. Stimulation     ⇒ Allergies.
  2. Expansion of   ⇒ Chronic Inflammations.
  3. Contraction of ⇒ Cancer.
  4. Relaxation      ⇒ Autoimmune diseases.

Causes vs. Symptoms.

  • All Non-genetic diseases in the human body reflected in long-term immunodeficiency are symptoms rather than the cause. (This simple definition may have far-reaching consequences!)
  • Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated.
  • Unfortunately, no drug can cure an unhealthy lifestyle and traumatic non-resolved issues from our past (that have not been adequately internalized.) All attempts to find a cure for these diseases, including cancer, will fail!
  • All drugs interfere with the body's self-defense mechanism. The main problem in taking medications for long periods is that they do not treat the causes but only the symptoms, thus increasing their dependence on drugs. (Without bringing about recovery.)
  • Curing chronic diseases mainly involves self-healing. Developing advanced technology that mimics a healthy lifestyle can significantly improve patients' symptoms with no side effects. One has only to dare and dream, hoping that medical equipment manufacturers will understand this new product line's enormous potential.


Integrating modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine is vital to achieving optimal healthcare.


Frequently asked questions and answers:
Why are there 4 groups of illnesses that express prolonged immunodeficiency?
From the single cell to the entire universe, all the energetic processes in nature are characterized by the dynamic energy flow, consisting of four Phases. (Stimulation, Expansion, Contraction, and Relaxation)
What is the contribution of the energetic model of immunodeficiency?
This model presents a different and innovative approach to chronic illness from the angle of deficiency in energy flow.
Is the energetic model already applicable today to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases?
The energetic model of long-term immunodeficiency does not present a treatment method but directs therapies that will have the most significant impact.
Challenge Yourself, Your Knowledge and Intuition:
Test your self
The 4 groups of long-term immunodeficiency illnesses.
1. Why are there precisely 4 groups of diseases of persistent immunodeficiency?
The four groups that reflect immunodeficiency are allergies, chronic inflammatory diseases, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. Nature does not act by chance! The number 4 is because energy flows between poles and always has 4 phases. (2 per pole)
See my suggested, most suitable answer »
A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 3.
The fact that 4 groups of diseases reflect long-term immune failure is not accidental. Understanding the energetic processes in the human body can greatly help in recovery.
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Syrinx - fluid-filled neuroglial cavity.

08/01/2020 16:54
Harel Samuel
Dear Tejeswin,

First, I would like to point out that I have no personal experience or other patients who have written about this disease. Therefore, the answer is logic-based and thought-based.

A syrinx is a rare, fluid-filled neuroglial cavity within the spinal cord (syringomyelia), in the brain stem (syringobulbia), or the nerves of the elbow, usually at a young age. (Wikipedia)

Any fluid-filled cavity (such as the one you suffer from) is due to local inflammation. The liquid contains toxins and is intended to prevent further damage to the affected place.

Since this is a disease that often affects very young people (under 30), the emphasis must also be mental. A sense of self-fulfillment usually hurts the brainstem, so I recommend meditation, yoga, and hypnosis to eliminate the trauma that causes the phenomenon.

Acupuncture may be beneficial in your situation. Do not be afraid of sun exposure; sunlight tan powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Recommend that you adopt the balanced diet outlined on the website, Along with habits of sleep and regular exercise.

You are right in conception, surgery will not necessarily solve the problem, it does not treat the cause of the disease, but only the symptoms.

Syrinx can cause severe complications. Recommend that you delve into the principles of self-healing, even before you begin.

I will right also directly to your private email.

I wish you a full recovery.
Best wishes,
Harel Samuel


08/01/2020 12:56
Hi sir how can i contact you..... Becoz i have an ailment called syrinx.. Which is not dreadful but litetally doesnt let me do what iam gonna do... So i decided to heal myself coz iam a believer in self healing
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