Cleansing the kidneys: Drinking Parsley tea, Steam sauna, Jacuzzi hot water jets.

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Modern life with poor nutrition and unnatural beverages burden the kidneys (and liver), so it is essential to cleanse the kidneys regularly. It has an immense impact on the immune system.

Cleansing the kidneys: Drinking Parsley tea, Steam sauna, Jacuzzi hot water jets. image 1
Chronic patients, especially patients with chronic heart disease, chronic kidney disease, and chronic liver disease, must exercise extra caution when performing kidney cleansing.
The liver and kidneys fill a long list of critical metabolic processes. A burden on one creates a strain on the other, and therefore it is often essential to cleanse both the liver & kidneys. There are several types of kidney flushes. Cleansing the kidneys is intended to release sand, stones, and toxins from the kidneys. In this article, I give a few techniques for kidney flush in greater detail.


Cleansing the kidneys has a significant impact on strengthening the immune system.

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If combined with the liver, gallbladder, and intestines flush, kidney cleansing has a more powerful impact.

I recommend that everyone (healthy people included) start their day (on an empty stomach) with a squeezed lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water + 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It cleanses the kidneys and the liver. 
  • Our modern lifestyle places a heavy burden on the kidneys as well. Sand, stones, and toxins may be stuck inside and block the kidneys.
  • Due to this heavy burden, kidney cysts are prevalent.
  • When the kidneys are not blocked, they perform their many roles much more efficiently.
  • The kidneys and the liver share many metabolic processes; cleansing the kidneys will help the liver function better and vice versa.


Possible side effects of kidney cleansing.

  • Usually, the side effects & risks of kidney cleansing are not acute. 
  • The secretion of sand in the urine is a fairly common phenomenon among chronic patients. It can be seen as sedimentation at the bottom of the vessel, where urine is collected.
  • Sediments in the urine after kidney cleansing may indicate inflammatory processes or excretion of sand. (It is advisable to perform tests to detect urinary tract infections)

For patients with chronic kidney disease or chronic liver disease, performing urine collection to detect sediment is recommended.

The parsley tea diuretic recipe. (There are many)

The Kidney flush is not painful and usually does not have significant side effects.

  • Take a rest during the kidney flush; the best hours to do it are in the afternoon.
  • Eat a small, light meal 1-2 hours before doing a kidney flush. Doing a kidney flush on a full stomach causes discomfort.
  • Put a bundle of parsley (organic, if possible) in 1.5-1.7 liters of clean, pure water and let it boil for 15- 20 minutes.
  • Add a tablespoon of Ghee (clarified butter) or lemon juice. (The benefits of Ghee are described in the Diet chapter.)
  • Although still warm (not hot), it has partially cooled. Start drinking the parsley-ghee tea.
  • Parsley is a potent diuretic, so you may need to urinate frequently.
    • If you urinate a lot (like I do), it is usually a sign that you are getting rid of toxins.
    • I had many discharges of cloudy white sand that were blocking my kidneys.


Steam Sauna.

Steam saunas and the sweating benefits.

I did hundreds of steam saunas over my 15 years of illness.

  • After a steam sauna, my high-frequency urination always dropped dramatically for several hours. So I believe it is a sign that a wet sauna releases harmful salts and lowers blood pressure and pulse.
  • As a liver patient with weak liver function, I used to sweat, even after a very light walk. My sweat had a powerful lousy smell. My kidneys were trying to compensate for my malfunctioning liver by the high urination frequency and discharging large quantities of toxic waste in the sweat.
  • I usually had a discharge of burning substances through my eyes during steam saunas. So yes, I believe a wet sauna releases harmful chemicals from the body. 

If you have ever wondered why one sweats a lot when running a high fever:

  • Sweating is controlled mainly by the kidneys.
  • Fever is a natural mechanism to fight infection as most bacteria, viruses, and parasites do not tolerate high temperatures.
    • Drugs that lower body temperature does the opposite of what the body wants. They fight only the symptoms.
  • Enhanced sweating without any physical effort during fever reproduces the exact mechanism of a sauna. It releases salts and maybe also toxins.
  • To a certain extent, a wet sauna mimics a "fever," producing increased sweating that positively impacts the immune system due to lower blood pressure, relaxation and toxic salts, and other harmful chemicals excreted with the sweat.
  • Feeling more alert after a steam sauna is directly related to heat lowering blood pressure and the pulse. It helps to relax the body and raises Qi levels.


Tips for taking a safe steam sauna.

Patients with heart, lungs, respiratory, or blood pressure problems should consult a specialist before entering a steam sauna.

  1. A wet floor is an excellent place for fungus growth. Do not enter the sauna barefoot.   
  2. After a sauna, you usually feel more alert. The best time for taking a sauna is between meals on an empty stomach, not before you go to sleep.
  3. Users can control the temperature in many saunas. Do not allow the heat to exceed 48-49 degrees Celsius. (120 degrees Fahrenheit.)
  4. Take a bottle of fresh, clean water with you inside the sauna. You can add one teaspoon of baking soda to it. (Baking soda is a chemical buffer that reverses alkaline or acidic environments.)
  5. Getting out of the sauna after 10 minutes and taking a warm (not very hot) shower is recommended. Then you can stay in for another 10 minutes. Do not remain in the sauna for more than 20 minutes in total.
  6. The steam and heat are suitable for hair or face (with natural ingredients only).


Jacuzzi water jets – Aquatic kidney massage.

Jacuzzi hot water jets – Aquatic kidney massage. (Gentle kidney massage)

A warm water jet gently massages your kidneys when sitting in the jacuzzi corners, directing the water jets towards the kidneys.

  • A jacuzzi is an aquatic massage inside the bath filled with warm water. (usually about 40 degrees Celsius.)
  • The Jacuzzi is very relaxing, and if you find the right spot, you can gently use the water jets to massage your kidneys.
  • Kidney massage is a vital therapy (along with kidney and liver flushes) to eliminate sand and other chemicals blocking the kidneys.
  • The Jacuzzi and the sauna are often in the exact location to combine your visit.


A combination of kidney, liver, gallbladder, and intestinal cleansing significantly strengthens the immune system.

Cleansing the kidneys is essential and relatively easy to perform, with no significant side effects. 

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