A study of hospices—a glimpse into the human spirit.

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13/01/2022 4:06

Such attempts have been made; the conclusion was that the body loses about 23 grams of weight at the time of death. (Tremendous amount of energy.)


Although there are endless detailed testimonies of people who experienced clinical death and returned to life (NDE) and dozens of studies by medical researchers, there is still no comprehensive, documented, and unequivocal research on the subject of whether there is a "spirit" in the human body. There may be no desire to clash with the religious establishment, and there may also be insufficient funding for research that does not have the support of pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies and, therefore, remains an esoteric subject.


Incarnation is attributed to the human spirit's energetic qualities.

Clinical death means the soul leaves the body, hence the perception that death brings about a (very slight) change in the body's mass. According to Einstein's well-known formula, E = MC², even a few grams of mass are tremendous energy!

  • With the latest technologies, it is possible to conduct a controlled study of what happens in the moments of clinical death. Special sensors and cameras may even capture images we have never seen before. I believe a wealthy billionaire on the verge of death would be willing to fund such research if the finding approves that the human soul has mass! This would be a most sensational scientific revolution.

The question of what happens after death has preoccupied many scholars for generations. Quite surprisingly, no in-depth scientific research has been conducted on the subject.

A determined and curious billionaire will want to advance research, perpetuating their name forever.


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