Is telepathic communication possible in the foreseeable future, and where does the idea of biological hackers come from?

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17/02/2021 12:34

The answer is definitely yes, but it is necessary to decipher the biomathematics of thinking, emotions, senses, and feelings.


Once we can decipher and transmit a cerebral transmission directly—Similar to science fiction movies, hacking into the human brain is plausible.


Do telepathy, telekinesis, and intuition exist? Or are they just shams?

The pineal gland in the brain is considered the telepathic organ. It also exists in other mammals, including monkeys. It, of course, raises many questions. The pineal gland degenerates with age, possibly due to lack of use. Mystics attribute the pineal gland to the place of the spirit and the connection with other worlds. It is a great pity that science does not try to decipher the secrets of this vital gland in depth.

  • Today, institutional science sees these phenomena as pseudo-scientific—part of the para-psychology of strange and unexplained phenomena seemingly contradict known physics principles. Many studies confirm the telepathy phenomenon far beyond statistical probability. The phenomenon of telepathy, according to studies, is not related to distance! Therefore, the possibility of transmitting - input of electromagnetic radiation that fades over long distances (in direct proportion to the distance square) is ruled out. Is the universe connected to a virtual network where the ability to communicate differs from person to person? A fascinating topic for research that may break boundaries.
  • The phenomenon of telepathy is reminiscent of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, for which no plausible explanation has been found to date. Similar to telepathy, quantum entanglement creates a single-valued affinity regardless of distance! But quantum entanglement exists only concerning subatomic particles, while ostensibly telepathy is a phenomenon between intelligent entities.

Is there a possible scientific explanation for this phenomenon of telepathy, telekinesis, and more?

  • These phenomena seemingly contradict the laws of energy conservation and possibly other physical laws. But without understanding these processes, we may not be able to see a complete picture of where the energy that drives these processes comes from.

The premise is that everything in nature can be expressed through mathematical formulas combined with the human senses' logic and expressions. (Not necessarily suitable for communication with aliens)

  • Even today, there are developments, mainly in motor skills through thoughts. The next step will be possible to translate memories, feelings, and emotions and transfer them to a third party without contact.
  • This is precisely when thoughts arise of biological hackers stealing ideas straight from your brain! Sounds imaginary, but entirely possible within a few decades.


After all, is quantum entanglement an informed possibility for the phenomenon of telepathy and intuition?

Link: Quantum entanglement (Wikipedia) 

According to the laws of physics that exist today, quantum entanglement cannot transmit information at speeds exceeding the speed of light. The organ that researchers and mystics claim to decipher telepathy is the pineal gland in the center of the brain. The gland is also known as the third eye.

  • Telepathy is now considered an existing scientific fact. Telepathy turns out to be a phenomenon unrelated to the distance between the mediums. Scientists claim that it serves aliens to communicate with each other and their parent star, which is millions of light-years away, so radio waves that move at the speed of light are not a possible alternative.
  • The phenomenon of quantum entanglement is a familiar and strange phenomenon that does not depend on distance. Quantum entanglement is the solution that teleportation scientists offer. (Star Trek) There is currently no ability to launch objects and no humans to use quantum entanglement remotely. Still, it may be possible to perform transmission and reception without cables and distance restrictions. (This is probably how aliens communicate with their planet)
  • The reason quantum entanglement is the most likely possibility for the telepathy phenomenon is that it is the only phenomenon that physics recognizes with no distance limits of communication. As is well known, all types of electromagnetic radiation (including radio waves) are weakened by the square of the distance and are not a possible option for the telepathy phenomenon. (As they travel at the speed of light.) Suppose it is proven that communication can be realized through quantum entanglement. In that case, it will be an achievement to understand the effects of telepathy and intuition. It may help decipher the pineal gland's controversial capabilities in the brain.

To produce communication based on quantum entanglement, it is necessary to have a deterministic model contrary to the legality known today in quantum physics of a superposition. For things to be possible, assuming a multi-universe with a spring hive of communication between them is required. Science Fiction! Perhaps, but you will be surprised; this is precisely where classical physics is going today.


Almost all of us have intuition (at different levels). Women probably have better intuition than men. To deny such a central and essential tool that has been proven to exist just because it does not currently have an explanation - is a scientific error that is more typical of distant days.

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