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In the past, encounters with aliens were the domain of a few. Today, the discussion of aliens is legitimate among renowned scientists, and the volume of publications has increased several times.

Friendly aliens.

On October 30, 1938, in honor of Halloween the next day, Orson Wells aired on CBS Radio a radio program based on a book by Herbert George Wells called "War of the Worlds." The results were mass panic.


Introduction & Prolog. 

  • Aliens are scary in our consciousness because they do not necessarily look friendly like in the ET movie. They can be terrifying and deadly, as in many films.
  • The idea that aliens cannot get here to Earth stems from the fact that nothing can exceed the speed of light, but the universe can move at any given speed and allow imaginary distances to be crossed through wormholes and folding in time and space.
  • Imagine a live TV show of an alien landing on Earth without prior preparations - panic is guaranteed! War scenarios exist between Earthlings and aliens' supercomputers (on the National Geographic Channel). The other, no less threatening, danger is that the knowledge that aliens will bring with them will completely change the social fabric of our planet.


Are we Alone? SETI Institute scientists are working to find out.

Link: SETI

Whether intelligent aliens are trying to contact us employs scientists and researchers to this day with no results! There are three possibilities why no known connection has yet been made with non-Earth intelligent life:
  1. There is a possibility that there is no intelligent extraterrestrial life. (Although this possibility is now perceived as less likely than in the past)
  2. Intelligent aliens are trying to contact us, but we have not yet intercepted their communication.
  3. The aliens have already made sporadic contact with us (without most of us knowing about it) and may even be Earth and do not wish to be exposed for various reasons at this stage. (This is the most likely explanation)

Although apparently, no one has yet seen aliens, many images depict aliens, with many similarities between them.

  • Most alien photos appear without head and body hair, with a large head, large eyes, and protruding ears. It is estimated that aliens have a supersensible vision and extraordinary transmission-receiving capabilities. Many experts believe that aliens do not have sex and do not reproduce sexually, but in other more efficient forms at the energy level. Are all of these similarities, are based on facts or imagination? Judge for yourselves.

Scientists claim that the world is not yet ready for a close encounter with intelligent aliens, so they hide from us.

Scientists today agree that the probability of discovering intelligent extraterrestrial life is very high.
  • A Google search for "aliens" will yield 127 million pages! Hopefully, in reality, aliens will look to us as not too frightening. You can find online many illustrations of Alien species. A world-renowned scientist claims that extraterrestrials are already here with an intergalactic alliance with which only the great powers are partners! Sounds delusional?


Continue reading: An encounter with superior aliens will change humanity completely.


Descriptions of war between humans and aliens, supercomputers, and hybrids with a unique telepathic organ on the National Geographic channel seemed to be taken from existing knowledge and not from the imagination. Such detailed scenarios, which seem to take away from the imagination, only reinforce theories of information concealment in everything to do with aliens.
Judging by the publications' amount and seriousness, I believe we will encounter aliens within a decade or two. 
Frequently asked questions and answers:
How close are we to an encounter with extraterrestrials?
Many experts estimate that an encounter with extraterrestrials will occur most within a decade or two.
Why is there a fear of panic following an encounter with extraterrestrials?
Because extraterrestrials aren't necessarily friendly like in the ET movies, they may threaten humanity.
Will an encounter with extraterrestrials come as a surprise?
The extraterrestrials understand the panic they may create; therefore, the encounter with them will be accompanied by a 4-stage Public Awareness Campaign designed to reassure.
Why didn't the official videos released by the Pentagon about the existence of unidentified aerial objects make the headlines?
We are in the midst of the first phase, designed to prepare the public for the existence of extraterrestrials with superior technologies. The publication is monitored and controlled by secret government authorities of the superpowers to prevent panic.
In light of the new official revelations, was there a cover-up of silence and concealment that has lasted for many decades?
The secrets were kept in the hands of a small handful of people worldwide. Unleashed secrets! Laser Bob is an unusual event that may be designed to confuse the enemy. The bond of silence is intended to prevent panic and global disorder. The world was not ready for the sensational revelations of extraterrestrial existence.
If the aliens are abducting humans, then they must have malicious intentions.
Assuming that people were indeed abducted for experimental purposes, we judge the extraterrestrials based on human values, which may not be valid from their point of view!
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