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Harvard University has set up a research institute dedicated to finding evidence of extraterrestrial visitors. The message is unequivocal. 

Friendly aliens.

The is a world-class source of reliable information regarding alien civilizations and upcoming encounters. The blog on extraterrestrials is dedicated to the late Adrian Dvir (Wikipedia)  (1958-2004), a computer engineer, medium, and founder of extraterrestrial civilizations science. Link:  Fascinating, unfamiliar facts about extraterrestrial civilizations.

  • On October 30, 1938, in honor of Halloween the next day, Orson Wells aired a radio program on CBS Radio based on a book by Herbert George Wells called "War of the Worlds." The program described the Martian invasion of Earth, which resulted in mass panic. Imagine a live TV show of an extraterrestrial spacecraft landing on Earth without prior preparations—panic is guaranteed! 

The existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is no longer a question but an indisputable fact. The web is flooded with information about extraterrestrials, but much of it is unsubstantiated and unreliable. In the blog, I cover a wide range of topics, not from my imagination or estimates, but through answers from extraterrestrials in channeling. Link: Summary of known facts regarding extraterrestrial civilizations.


Introduction to human and extraterrestrial documented historical encounters. 

The public is unaware that we are in the second stage of 4 toward an encounter with extraterrestrials. (No date has been set for the meeting, but there are signs that the encounter is closer than previously thought.

  • Extraterrestrial civilizations incorporated in the Extraterrestrial Federation are concerned about the possibility of self-destruction at the hands of Earth's inhabitants! They initiate the encounter to help humankind.
  • The first documented encounter with extraterrestrials is unprecedented in humankind's history. Still, the event involves enormous risks of a military response from separatist elements, who will feel threatened. Therefore, the first meeting will involve meticulous preparations on both sides, including extraterrestrial technologies, to prevent any possible mishap!

The attached link to the blog discusses various extraterrestrial topics. Link: Fascinating, unfamiliar facts about extraterrestrial civilizations.

Judging by the publications' amount and seriousness, we will encounter extraterrestrials within a few years. 

Frequently asked questions and answers:
How close are we to an encounter with extraterrestrials?
Many experts estimate that an encounter with extraterrestrials will occur most within a decade or two.
Why is there a fear of panic following an encounter with extraterrestrials?
Because extraterrestrials aren't necessarily friendly like in the ET movies, they may threaten humanity.
Will an encounter with extraterrestrials come as a surprise?
The extraterrestrials understand the panic they may create; therefore, the encounter with them will be accompanied by a 4-stage Public Awareness Campaign designed to reassure.
Why didn't the official videos released by the Pentagon about the existence of unidentified aerial objects make the headlines?
We are in the midst of the first phase, designed to prepare the public for the existence of extraterrestrials with superior technologies. The publication is monitored and controlled by secret government authorities of the superpowers to prevent panic.
In light of the new official revelations, was there a cover-up of silence and concealment that has lasted for many decades?
The secrets were kept in the hands of a small handful of people worldwide. Unleashed secrets! Laser Bob is an unusual event that may be designed to confuse the enemy. The bond of silence is intended to prevent panic and global disorder. The world was not ready for the sensational revelations of extraterrestrial existence.
If the aliens are abducting humans, then they must have malicious intentions.
Assuming that people were indeed abducted for experimental purposes, we judge the extraterrestrials based on human values, which may not be valid from their point of view!
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Are we consciously ready for an encounter with aliens?
1. Is dealing with extraterrestrial topics just a question of fashion that will soon disappear?
If you do a simple search on extraterrestrial topics, you will discover many pages, videos, and scientific articles on the subject. The volume of extraterrestrial publications has increased on entire scales over the past decade! (Not by chance)
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On October 30, 1938, in honor of Halloween the next day, Orson Wells aired on CBS Radio a radio program based on a book by Herbert George Wells called "War of the Worlds." The results were mass panic. To prevent panic, the public is gradually being prepared for the existence of extraterrestrials. The campaign is conducted in well-planned stages and complete secrecy.
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