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26/01/2021 0:54

The best diet can optimize the body's health and weight in the long run. Lifestyle and dietary habits are combined.

30/07/2023 4:55
The acid-base balance in the digestive tract has a far-reaching effect on the immune system.
03/07/2023 3:25
Nuts are fatty, high-calorie foods, but they carry essential oils and fats for our bodies, dietary fiber, vitamins, and essential minerals.
03/07/2023 3:09
The nutritional values in food and beverages are theoretical, assuming full absorption, which usually does not exist in the modern diet.
02/07/2023 4:33
Contrary to popular belief, light bread and crisps are unhealthy and do not contribute to weight loss! They're low in calories, but they're also not satisfying.
02/07/2023 4:10
There are dozens of types of bread made from different flours, different leavening methods, in different colors and textures.
02/07/2023 2:29
Good quality egg yolk is bright orange and not pale yellow.
02/07/2023 2:13
The destructive impact of industrialized and processed food manifests in almost every possible aspect.
15/06/2023 5:17
The fat percentage in various foods is poorly understood from a health perspective.
15/06/2023 4:57
I suggest you look at 3 parameters that differ somewhat from the accepted ones.
15/06/2023 4:33
The answer is YES, but it largely depends on habitat, care, and nutrition it receives.
26/04/2023 3:02
Food that is difficult to digest causes us to produce more energy compared to the same calories of easily digestible foods!
26/04/2023 2:46
The answer depends on the quality of the oil we use, and its smoking temperature, not just the amount of oil absorbed into the food.
26/04/2023 2:32
Chinese cooking is usually based on short frying. Chinese cuisine is relatively healthy when using natural ingredients and non-industrialized oils with a high smoking point.
05/04/2023 9:15
Diets low in calories are challenging to implement. Diets that are not varied (missing primary macronutrients) are unsuitable for long-term weight loss.
09/01/2023 16:01
The problem with cow's milk is not the fat percentage nor the milk sugar, but mainly the excessive amount of protein.
09/01/2023 15:44
The answer depends mainly on the animal's diet and growing conditions. The best Japanese cow meat in the world, wagyu, is considered delicious and healthy and melts in the mouth, even though it is very fatty!
09/01/2023 15:23
Sauces are an excellent emulsifier, and besides improving the taste, they also improve digestion and absorption of food.
19/03/2022 3:46
Fatty foods are often identified with obesity (out of misunderstanding), and we tend to avoid them, even though natural fatty foods are essential to our health.
19/03/2022 3:26
The purpose of the food pyramid is to make recommendations for proper nutrition. However, it does not provide a complete picture.
18/03/2022 2:52
"The balanced, varied diet" is the best diet for maintaining good health and optimal weight.
18/03/2022 2:43
Calories cannot disappear but can be redirected as uncounted - Learn how?
18/03/2022 2:31
glycemic index and insulin index do not reflect interactions between foods. (We usually eat varied food simultaneously) and disregard food sources. (Natural vs. processed)
23/06/2021 21:25
A brief examination of the three primary variables of any diet.
03/06/2021 21:49
There are hundreds of different diets, each somewhat different from one another. That can be confusing; at least it was for me.
31/05/2021 16:03
The ancient recipe of the grandmothers is indeed very effective in relieving symptoms of flu and colds—the explanation of why you will find below.
27/01/2021 8:39
The entry of robots into the home and industrial kitchens will dramatically change nutritional habits.
21/01/2021 17:20
Unsurprisingly, there is no uniform and precise definition or criteria of what industrialized & processed foods are. The ambiguity mainly serves the food industry.
14/01/2021 7:20
Apple cider vinegar improves liver functions and the entire digestive system's function and contributes to health and weight loss.
14/01/2021 6:52
The benefits of intermittent fasting are far beyond slimming.
12/01/2021 9:33
Nutritional supplements have become a health trend all over the world with double-digit growth rates. The market volume for 2020 in the United States alone is about $ 50 billion.
01/01/2021 19:14
To gain the optimal weight for your body structure, one probably needs to achieve good health besides slimming.
01/01/2021 18:46
The name of the diet is derived from the "ketones." Ketones are a byproduct of the breakdown of fats as a source of energy.
09/09/2020 20:22
There is a lot of ambiguity about what the recommended diet is, so most people mistakenly believe that their diet is satisfactory, even though it is not.
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