Sex is not just for the sake of fertilization or pleasure!

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12/03/2022 17:07

Sex has enormous significance in inner happiness, social life, raising the children, and the energetic charge accompanying them.

Sexual attraction.

This model suggests looking at sexual identities and orientations as an energy-based phenomenon rather than a genetic or social one. Reading the article at the link below is recommended to understand the explanation.


Sexual intercourse postures are not just for fun!

Sexual intercourse postures attempt to find the best position to connect energetically to your partner.

    • It does not contradict the physical satisfaction each position enables.
  • You can find closer proximity to the opposite pole of the sexual partner in many of the positions. 
  • The missionary position (usually between heterosexuals) is not a coincidence. It allows both females and males to charge energy simultaneously. Therefore, it is energetic and very efficient.
  • Since most people's inner magnetic poles are not precisely located in identical palaces, sexual intercourse is an exciting way to explore the best suitable position to charge the life-force energy.
  • Kissing alone cannot charge the energy, but it might be a sign of love, significantly impacting energy transfer between sexual partners.

Charging the life-force energy takes place only when the opposite poles are nearby.

Link: The Unified Energetic Model of Sexual Identities and Orientations. (Alixin's theory)
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