An encounter with superior aliens will change humanity completely.

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An encounter with intelligent aliens seems closer than ever. It will occur in coordination with the Alien civilization for fear of panic.

Communicating with aliens through telepathy.

On October 30, 1938, in honor of Halloween the next day, Orson Wells aired on CBS Radio a radio program based on a book by Herbert George Wells called "War of the Worlds." The results were mass panic. Imagine a live TV show of an alien landing on Earth without prior preparations - panic is guaranteed! 

The video below does not mention extraterrestrials, but the message is clear. For the discussion, the possibility is raised that this is a highly advanced technology that may be in the hands of another power (China or Russia), but then any reasonable person would have realized that the American Ministry of Defense would not have released a video that emphasizes American technological inferiority.

The public discussion of extraterrestrials is becoming almost routine. If until a few decades ago, it was an esoteric topic! It has become a legitimate topic in the scientific community and is routinely mentioned in the media. A preliminary campaign for an encounter with aliens is in full swing; we are not yet internalizing it.


The first encounter with aliens will be well-planned and coordinated with them!

Intelligent aliens know that meeting them will create turmoil and chaos, so their initial exposure must result from meticulous 4-stage planning: (We are already in the first stage.)

  1. The stage of deliberate leaks of truth data about the existence of aliens. The media will bring in many experts who will confirm the possibility of the existence of aliens.
  2. A stage of calming the public in a comprehensive and global campaign. The main message will be that there is no fear of aliens. The campaigns will ostensibly be funded by entities not affiliated with governments. (In order not to confirm conspiracy theories)
  3. A dramatic announcement by world leaders about a relationship formed with aliens: the message will be synchronized between the powers and world leaders. Its primary purpose is to calm the public and the financial markets. The principal announcement will be that aliens will bring unprecedented technological and economic momentum to human history.
  4. A date for the physical encounter with aliens will be set for a neutral place far from a place of settlement. The date will be arranged in advance with the aliens only after the preparation period is over. It can be said that the public trusts the reassuring messages; otherwise, the meeting will be postponed!

Exact timetables have not been set; milestones have likely been nominated to transition from stage to stage. At the same time, it is a period of a few decades. Humanity will watch the most dramatic event since the creation of the world - an encounter with extraterrestrials.


The question on YouTube channels is whether an encounter with extraterrestrials could constitute a military threat.

In my view, whoever can reach the Earth and create a meeting with us, does not constitute a military threat because, technologically, this alien civilization surpasses us on whole scales! It is capable of destroying us without question. I think the danger stems mainly from mishaps, which stem from the fear that a local enemy (Chinese or Russians) might ignite unexpected events.

War scenarios exist between Earthlings and aliens' supercomputers (on the National Geographic Channel). It is advisable to stop producing war scenarios with aliens! (In movies, everything is allowed) For aliens who can reach Earth, all advanced technologies are far superior to ours. We have no chance of dealing with Aliens violently.

  • The other, no less threatening danger is that the knowledge that aliens will bring with them will completely change the social fabric of our planet.
  • There are currently about 2000 satellites orbiting the Earth; they can spot bodies the size of an apple, which is already very difficult to hide.
  • In the past, reports of encounters with aliens were the domain of a few. Today, the discussion of aliens is legitimate among renowned scientists, and the volume of publications has increased several times.

Aliens are scary because they do not necessarily look friendly like in the ET movie. They can be terrifying and deadly, as in many films. The idea that aliens cannot get here to Earth stems from the fact that nothing can exceed the speed of light, but the universe can move at any given speed and allow imaginary distances to be crossed through wormholes and folding in time and space. 


Assuming there are advanced alien civilizations, why would intelligent aliens be interested in us?

Our planet has no more valuable resource than its inhabitants' genetic load, emotions, thinking, behavior, and sexuality. (Living, growing, including bacteria, parasites, and viruses)

  • The elements on Earth are also found elsewhere, so the thought of precious minerals or humans as alien food is appropriate for science fiction horror movies. Aliens would like to improve themselves through knowledge from the various species and plants' vast genetic and physiological information, especially humans on Earth. 

What might aliens innovate for us? (Imagination is the limit)

  • Aliens may innovate for us in science, technology, computers, medicine, and the planetary sciences. (There are claims that such cooperation has been going on for a long time)
    • Time travel through wormholes.
    • The secrets of creation, the source of life in the universe, and human evolution.
    • Asexual reproduction (as claimed, exists in aliens) advanced medicine.
    • Brain research, telepathy, telekinesis (moving objects without contact), intuition, and the study of the subconscious.
    • Advanced military technologies, vector propulsion with plasma engines.


Are we Alone? SETI Institute scientists are working to find out.

Link: SETI institute
Whether intelligent aliens are trying to contact us employs scientists and researchers to this day with no results! There are three possibilities why no known connection has yet been made with non-Earth intelligent life:
  1. There is a possibility that there is no intelligent extraterrestrial life (although this possibility is now perceived as less likely than in the past)
  2. Intelligent aliens are trying to contact us, but we have not yet intercepted their communication.
  3. The aliens have already made very sporadic contact with us (without most of us knowing about it) and may even be on Earth and do not wish to be exposed for various reasons at this stage. (This is the most likely explanation)

The argument made by several scientists is that the world is not yet ready for an alien species revelation. 

A Google search for "aliens" will yield 127 million pages! Hopefully, aliens will look at us as not too frightening. You can find online many illustrations of Alien species. A world-renowned scientist claims that extraterrestrials are already here with an intergalactic alliance with which only the great powers are partners! Sounds delusional?
  • The fear is that there will be a terrible panic that will shatter the socio-economic fabric, and, therefore, gradually, we are being prepared for the idea that aliens exist. They may also make direct contact with us.
  • On the National Geographic Channel, you will find much information about aliens collected by researchers and scientists who have collected impressive findings and evidence.
  • I was amazed to watch cybercrime scenarios on the national geographic channel, a war between aliens and Earthlings' quantum computers. Amateurs did not build these scenarios!


Although apparently, no one has seen aliens, the images of aliens look pretty similar.

Although apparently, no one has seen aliens, the images of aliens look pretty similar.

No one has seen aliens yet, and there is still a scientific discussion on aliens' wide range of issues.

A simple Google search for aliens will show you detailed information on various topics about something that does not exist!
  • A search on alien topics reveals stunning images and information on many alien-related issues. Different species of aliens, how they supposedly reproduce, where they come from, and other seemingly uninformed information. The vast amount of data only reinforces the assessment that world leaders hide the data from Earth's inhabitants, mainly because we are not yet mentally prepared to encounter aliens.
At least in pictures, aliens always have big heads and big eyes.
  • Aliens have large heads (containing a giant brain) and large eyes because of the need to communicate on a supersensible level.
Are aliens made of organic compounds? 
  • The human appearance of aliens raises questions; perhaps we are a product of genetic engineering performed by aliens. Such claims regularly exist in the scientific community, claiming that evolutionary leaps were too rapid for natural processes.
  • Organic compounds contain carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and other elements. Carbon has a square chemical bond; its great advantage is its compressed chemical energy. Creating a life without organic compounds is not impossible but requires a completely different metabolism and a non-protein genetic code.
  • Living things require energy, and therefore without chemical energy, where organic compounds have a distinct advantage, the other option is magnetic-electrical or nuclear power (solid & weak forces). "Electrical" aliens are expected to look quite different from the images of aliens that can be easily found in any search.
Will aliens have organs reminiscent of human organs if they have organic physiology? Most images of aliens that abound on the Internet are reminiscent of humans: no hair, different limbs, big head, and huge eyes, but not monsters.
  • Physiology and energy production from an organic source will require aliens to liver-kidney-like organs, heart, and blood vessels. Even if aliens do not eat humanoid food, they must emit the breakdown products they produce. Therefore they will need a product disposal system. (Not necessarily similar to the human digestive tract or urinary tract) There is a reasonable chance that aliens (assuming they are built and consume organic matter to produce energy) will likely see body systems reminiscent of human systems.
Will an encounter with intelligent aliens lead to the elimination of religions in the world?
  • We can only speculate what existential secrets will be revealed through those intelligent aliens. Religions are not necessarily rational matters but very emotional ones. There will be those who see aliens as a clear anti-religious message and those who will strengthen their religious beliefs. They will re-edit their creation stories more broadly and claim that aliens were also created. Therefore there must be God!
Experts believe (interesting how they know) that aliens do not have sex and do not reproduce sexually.
  • Experts claim that sexual reproduction, primarily intended for genetic diversification, is not energy efficient, and therefore aliens apply other reproductive methods.

Assuming that aliens are not immortal, they are required to reproduce somehow. It is possible to produce different scenarios under different assumptions. Which makes more sense - judge for yourself.

  1. The entire alien species has a genetic bank of the relevant population. Fertilization is performed in vitro based on computerized matching. The "pregnancy" is performed in an automatic incubator without a surrogate.
  2. Aliens require a surrogate (non-alien), and they "kidnap" females from all universes who are perceived as "technologically retarded" and thus pass on their genetic information. But such a scenario produces hybrids rather than aliens and is not very likely.
  3. Non-genetic improvement. Think of an alien undergoing a "computer version" update. According to this version, aliens are "cyborgs" (a hybrid of live and machine production). They do not need heredity; the improvement of the race occurs as an update of their core software.

Which of the options is more likely? Hard to know! If I had to gamble, I would bet on alternative number 3. 


The only universal language in the universe is the laws of mathematics and logic combined with other senses. 

  • If intelligent extraterrestrial life has been created at a level appropriate for communication, they must master all mathematics-geometry fields combined with logic.
  • Mathematics and logic with images and sound are the languages of nature. Even if the aliens' symbols are different from ours, the decipherment of their communication is not relatively complex.
  • The idea that aliens cannot get here to Earth stems from the fact that nothing can exceed the speed of light but that the universe can move at any given speed and allow imaginary distances to be crossed through wormholes and folding in time and space.
Although not romantic, concepts like beauty and love, positive and negative emotions, and memories can have mathematical expressions. 
  • We will probably have to crack the math of effective verbal and visual communication with a voice to communicate effectively with aliens.


Telepathy is the future form of communication that will connect humanity with alien civilizations.

Telepathy is the future form of communication that will connect humanity with alien civilizations.

The overall assessment is that future communication with aliens will be done through telepathy.

The overall assessment is that aliens communicate with each other only through telepathy. (Interesting, where does this interesting knowledge come from)
  • The pineal gland in the brain is considered the telepathic organ. It also exists in other mammals, including monkeys. It, of course, raises many questions. The pineal gland degenerates with age, possibly due to lack of use. Mystics attribute the pineal gland to the place of the spirit and the connection with other worlds. It is a great pity that science does not try to decipher the secrets of this vital gland in depth.
  • Multidimensional geometry with different colors may serve as an excellent mathematical tool for encoding messages with aliens. 
  • Mathematics is the language of nature, and even if the aliens' symbols are different from ours, the decipherment of mathematical messages is relatively not complex.

Descriptions on the national geographic channel of hybrids between humans and aliens with a unique telepathic organ seemed to be taken from existing information and not from the imagination!

Why, after all, is quantum entanglement an informed possibility for telepathy and intuition?

Is there a possible scientific explanation for this phenomenon of telepathy, intuition, telekinesis, and more?

  • The 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three scientists in the field of quantum entanglement. What until recently was considered impossible today is no longer perceived as science fiction. Communication-based on quantum entanglement, encryption using quantum entanglement, and quantum teleportation has become relevant topics, although still far from being implemented.

Telepathy is now considered an existing scientific fact. Telepathy turns out to be a phenomenon unrelated to the distance between the mediums.

  • Scientists claim that it serves aliens to communicate with each other and their parent star, millions of light-years away, so radio waves that move at the speed of light are not a possible alternative.
  • The phenomenon of quantum entanglement is a familiar and strange phenomenon that does not depend on distance. Quantum entanglement is the solution that teleportation scientists offer. (Star Trek) There is currently no ability to launch objects and no humans to use quantum entanglement remotely. Still, it may be possible to perform transmission and reception without cables and distance restrictions. (This is probably how aliens communicate with their planet)

The reason quantum entanglement is the most likely possibility for the telepathy phenomenon is that it is the only phenomenon that physics recognizes with no distance limits of communication.

  • As is well known, all types of electromagnetic radiation (including radio waves) are weakened by the square of the distance and are not a possible option for the telepathy phenomenon. (As they travel at the speed of light.) Suppose it is proven that communication can be realized through quantum entanglement. In that case, it will be an achievement to understand the effects of telepathy and intuition. It may help decipher the pineal gland's controversial capabilities.
Maybe in a few decades, we will have an app on a mobile phone-like device similar to Google to translate various alien languages' fangs!

An encounter with intelligent aliens may change life on Earth in almost every possible aspect. (Science, Technology, Society, Culture, Religion)

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Are aliens an existential and military threat to humanity?
In my view, whoever can reach the Earth and create an encounter with us, does not constitute a military threat because technologically, this alien civilization surpasses us on whole scales! It can destroy us without question.
What are the motives that bring extraterrestrials to search on Earth?
Our planet has no more valuable resource than its inhabitants' genetic load, emotions, thinking, behavior, and sexuality. (Living, growing, including bacteria, parasites, viruses)
What is the main threat of an encounter with intelligent extraterrestrials?
The main danger is at the social level, the fabric of life, the economic stability, and the world order. The information that extraterrestrials bring could create severe conflicts and a culture war.
Is the public disclosure of unidentified aerial objects at present a coincidence or a deliberate hand?
The public disclosure of unidentified aerial objects is part of a well-planned and well-timed covert propaganda campaign. It can be noticed (covertly) that the participants are careful (probably instructed), not to mention the word "extraterrestrials."
To what extent can it be argued that there is no obligation to disclose phenomena that pose a danger to the public? (such as aliens)
Whenever a meeting with extraterrestrials occurs, questions about the public's right to know will arise. The line of defense (which is already emerging) is that there is a reasonable fear of panic if the public knows the truth!
Does all the evidence of encounters with extraterrestrials that were denied in the past become relevant?
There are thousands of testimonies; some are photographed and even filmed. I believe most of them are real! Covering denial was part of a worldview that is currently changing because it will become more challenging to hide the UFO phenomena from the public eye. Technologies have made our world much more transparent.
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