Hypnosis can penetrate the patient's subconscious mind.

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  3. The subconscious is a survival trait that bypasses logic.
  4. Hypnosis can penetrate the patient's subconscious mind.
05/06/2021 17:17

Medicine makes little use of hypnosis for various health conditions, mainly due to a lack of understanding of the profound meaning of the subconscious on our mental and physical health.


Hypnosis is essential for (voluntary) penetration into the subconscious mind.

  • The definitions of hypnosis you will find are pretty cumbersome. The method requires the cooperation of the patient and involves certain risks. History has documented cases that did not come back from the hypnotic process. Hypnosis for entertainment purposes is banned globally, and today, in some countries, a special license is required to perform hypnosis.
  • Meditation, tai chi, yoga, guided imagery, and shaman therapies are primarily based on subconscious control. But these techniques of self-penetration to give consciously require conditions and experience and are not common in the West.

Hypnosis treatment is often required, especially for young patients suffering from severe chronic diseases like cancer, autoimmune diseases, addictions, etc.

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