Is there life after death? (Non-philosophical answer)

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25/04/2021 9:10

When a star dies, it is transformed and resurrected. The same also applies to entire galaxies! Humans, being energetic entities, obey the laws of nature.

Life after death.
When we look at whether there is life after death at the level of theoretical physics, the conclusion is unequivocal - there is life after death. Since all the energetic processes in nature are cyclical - there is no reason to assume that humans are exceptional. 

We have little knowledge about death, something we will all experience when the day comes.

Recommended link: 21 grams experiment (Wikipedia) 

  • A study conducted in 1970 determined that the body loses 21.3 grams. (Huge amount of energy) but there were many claims that the survey was not methodological enough to conclude. Since then, no in-depth research has been conducted on the subject, even though over 50 years have passed!

The question of what happens after death has preoccupied many scholars for generations. I believe a determined and curious billionaire, not necessarily on the verge of death, will want to advance such research that will perpetuate his name forever. The hospice of people on the brink of death could provide a scientific glimpse into death. (Use of detectors, sensors, cameras, and innovative technologies)


Is there life after death? (This discussion does not address issues of religion or belief.)

Link: Afterlife (Wikipedia)

The answer to the question can only be Yes and No. At the same time, you will find quite a few different interpretations of the meaning of things. (Separate topic)

  1. To say "YES," The meaning of life after death is far-reaching in every possible aspect. Religious, social, and personal. Many credible stories of people returning from clinical death with a strange but very similar story can be found.
  2. To say "NO" means that our bodies have no spirit or soul. Denying the possibility of life after death profoundly implies that the human body is not endowed with energetic properties!


Modern physics understands the duality of matter and energy. Yet, medicine did accept these properties.

The most recent quantum physics theory states that all matter in the universe comprises vibrating energy particles. (String theory) The possibility that the human body is not endowed with energetic properties - is unlikely! For those who believe that the human body is given energetic properties - the answer must be that there is life after death.


The 4 seasons are just one (of many) examples of cyclic energetic flow.

The 4 seasons are just one (of many) examples of cyclic energetic flow.

Short analysis using the 4 phases of life model.

The four phases of life are a broad model that mainly consists of a physical determination—energy is always in cyclic energy flow. This model is frequently used in various contexts.

From the single cell to the entire universe, all energetic processes in nature are characterized by cyclic energy flow, which consists of four Phases.

The four phases are:

  1. Stimulation.
  2. Expansion.
  3. Contraction.
  4. Relaxation.

Prominent examples:

  • Life Cycle: Birth, Maturity, Old age, Death. (This applies also to stars!)
  • Mitosis (Cell division) consists of 4 phases. (Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase.)
  • Body organs: Respiratory system & heartbeat. (Each has 4 phases.) 
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.
  • All matter has 4 phases: Gas, Liquid, Plasma, and Solid. (Matter and energy have dual properties.) 


According to the energetic conception of the human body, death is but the physical body's death; the human soul's energy is immortal!

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