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SLE is characterized by outbreaks but also by remissions. The disease will completely disappear by naturally strengthening the immune system.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE)

"If I walk with two other men, they will serve as my teacher. I will pick out the good points of the one and imitate them, and the bad points of the other and correct them in myself."

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) was a Chinese teacher, politician, and philosopher. By Simran Khurana (Updated March 18, 2017)

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) autoimmune patients are treated with the misconception that this is an incurable disease. Therefore, treatment is only symptomatic and does not attempt to enhance the patient's recovery.


A butterfly-like rash overlaps the edges of the gallbladder meridian.

(May indicate chronic gallbladder inflammation)

A butterfly-like rash overlaps the edges of the gallbladder meridian.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) - Introduction.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system is malfunctioning by attacking various organs and systems in the body. It significantly impairs the quality of life.

  • Systemic Lupus Erythematosus disease is a lifelong condition, meaning it is incurable! (Incorrect determination.)
  • The prevalence of women is much higher than that of men. (8-9 times) What is the reason?
    • Women's tendency to have autoimmune diseases is usually much higher than men's, but not in such gaps.
    • The disease is prevalent among women of childbearing age. (15-45 years)

Possible and logical explanations of why Women's prevalence is much higher than men's.

  • Women have fluctuations in sex hormones due to the menstrual cycle, pregnancies, births, and birth control pills. 
  • In the modern diet, many unnatural substances act like female hormones.

Like other autoimmune diseases, conventional medicine has no clear indication of the causes of the disease.

  • The literature's common causes are hereditary predispositions, female sex hormones, environmental factors, sun exposure, vitamin D deficiency, and various infections.
  • Exposure to the sun is not one of the causes of the disease. Still, the opposite is a lack of sun exposure and vitamin D. Although exposure may exacerbate the symptoms due to an effect I have called the self-healing paradox.

Why does the treatment offered by modern medicine only perpetuate the disease?

Link: Long-term immunodeficiency illnesses — Allergies, Chronic inflammations, Cancer, and Autoimmune.

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), Corticosteroid drugs, Immunosuppressive drugs, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and Methotrexate (MTX) cannot cure lupus!
  • Symptomatic treatments usually cannot cure the patient, as they do not eliminate the disease's causes.
  • All the listed medicines are designed to relieve the symptoms without possibly curing the patient. All drugs, including these, have severe side effects in prolonged use and severe damage to the immune system they seek to cure!

The shape of the butterfly on the face usually indicates obstruction and inflammation of the Gallbladder.

  • SLE female patients have an increased tendency to blockages and inflammation of the Gallbladder due to hormonal imbalances. (As do women in general) 


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) Autoimmune Disease short brainstorming.

The body never works at random. There are over 80 autoimmune diseases, a few of which damage many organs. The main question, of course, is why the disease is so systemic. The simple answer to this complex issue is that diseases break out in the human body's weakest energy.

  • The self-healing method's principles of combining body, mind & spirit allow the body to independently rehabilitate the immune system, thereby initiating recovery from any acquired illness, including Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE).
  • Full recovery from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) Autoimmune disease is achievable by using self-healing medicine within 6-18 months, even after many years of suffering. 
  • Since no single treatment or medication can cure Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) For autoimmune Diseases, it is recommended that you read the entire article.
  • Proper nutrition and eating habits may help but are usually insufficient to fully recover and restore the accumulated damage.
  • This article presents a different approach to treatment and recovery from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) an autoimmune disease that is based on the principles of self-healing.


Self-healing is like "Performing miracles." Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.

Full recovery from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is achievable using self-healing medicine, even after many years of suffering.

Links:| Self-Healing Medicine – Main principles and guidelines. | How to get started with self-healing therapies? |

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) symptoms.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) outbreak underlying mental-energetic causes short analysis, using Chakras (energy centers) method.

  • The (unconventional) perception of the human body as a dual, physical, and energetic entity is essential to full recovery.
  • "To live is to have Qi in every part of your body." To die is to be a body without Qi. For the health to be maintained, there must be a balance of Qi."


The location of the symptoms and the severity are not accidental. (This analysis is simplistic but thought-provoking.)

Link: Chakra (Wikipedia) Note: A simple search will provide more detailed diagrams with elaborated information. (Recommended)

The 7 Chakras (Energy Centers) and Endocrine system organs represent respective influential emotions. (The emotional settings I brought are slightly broader.)

The 7 Chakras (Energy Centers) and Endocrine system organs represent respective influential emotions. (The emotional settings I brought are slightly broader.)

General and Introduction -  The concept of energy centers. (Chakras)

Only Traumatic, Non-resolved mental and spiritual events from our past can block the life-force energy. (Traumatic resolved mental & spiritual events do not block the energy centers.) 

  • These principles come from traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and Chinese medicine, balancing the body. Western medicine completely ignores the human body's energetic being and misses an opportunity to understand chronic disease formation deeply.
  • Diseases break out where life-force energy does not flow smoothly.

Common to all autoimmune diseases.

  • The thymus gland is of great importance in understanding autoimmune diseases. The maturation of T blood cells is the one that enables self and no-self-recognition. The thymus gland belongs to the energetic dimension of the fourth center (Heart Chakra), whose driving force is Love, Relationships, and self-acceptance.


Short analysis concerning mild Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE).  

Traumas related to the sense of abundance, lack of love, and self-esteem, with potential sexual trauma, may explain the extreme prevalence of young women ill with SLE. 

  • According to another map, the relevant centers (Female reproductive organs and thymus.) are 1,2,-4. The corresponding traumatic emotions are probably related to financial independence, money, a sense of abundance, pleasure, sexuality, Love, Relationships, and self-acceptance. (Only the patient themself can interpret the traumatic events.)

My example is too simplistic but illustrates the idea and encourages self-searching.

  • The symptomatic organ should be adjusted to its energy center; the traumatic emotions that block the specific energy center must be identified and released.
  • You should consider assisting a certified hypnotist if the result cannot be reached through an internal search.
  • The right side is the male at the energetic level, while the left is related to the female and the offspring. Therefore, trauma with the mother or a brother, for example, will be expressed in various locations!

The severity of symptoms. 

  • The intensity of the symptoms is related to the body's general energy (in the central energy channel) and the specific organ or organs' energy level. 


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) fundamental underlying causes. (Body, Mind & Spirit.)

Pathogens in cases of an autoimmune disease outbreak. (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) disease) They are not the fundamental cause. 

  • In chronic diseases, pathogens are not a cause but only catalysts for further deterioration. The fundamental cause is always a weak immune system.
  • You will often find mention that the patient suffered from viral infections before the onset of autoimmune disease. The facts are probably correct; the context seems different to me. Autoimmune diseases indicate a weak immune system, with the weak body easily attacked. In these cases, the viruses are not the cause of the disease but only catalysts and triggers.

Lifestyle vs. Genetics. 

  • An unhealthy lifestyle (Mental and physical)  is the leading cause of SLE. (80% or more). Genetics explains only a small part of the failures. (20% or less.)
  • One of the leading causes of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) disease is - Traumatic, Non-resolved mental & spiritual events from the past. (Usually subconscious) It can cause low life-force energy flow. Blockages in the flow of life-force energy have far-reaching physical and mental effects.)

Age factor (Unhealthy physical lifestyle) vs. Traumatic non-resolved events from the past.

  • The age factor - As symptoms onset at a younger age (30-35 years or less), it is more likely that the weight of unresolved mental traumas is higher than the unhealthy lifestyle. The explanation is that the process of cell aging and death is cumulative, while unresolved traumatic events have an immediate and cumulative effect. (Particularly prominent in autoimmune diseases.)

Physical Body.

An unhealthy lifestyle reflected in Improper nutrition, high body toxicity, low physical activities, and exposure to the sun, lack of sleep manifests itself in:

  • The low flow of body fluids. (Blood, lymph, bile.)
  • Gut flora imbalance and parasite overgrowth cause a heavy load on the immune system.

Mind and Spirit.

Happiness, Love, Satisfaction, and other positive emotions charge life-force energy.   

Anxiety, Stress, disStresstment, hate, fear, guilt, envy, and negative emotions deplete the life-force energy.

  • Traumatic Non-resolved mental and spiritual events from our past (usually subconscious) can cause low life-force energy flow. (Blockages in the flow of life-force energy have far-reaching physical and mental effects.)

The combined effect of body, mind, and spirit.

  • A long list of symptoms is due to massive tissue damage all over the body. (Physical & Mental.)


  • Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated.
  • Symptomatic treatments usually cannot cure the patient, as they do not eliminate the disease's causes. 


The first stage of recovery from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) - How do you start? 

Self-healing is a challenging process that often involves changes in diet and lifestyle. The first stages of adaptation are the most difficult. Don't expect your attending physicians (they believe and know only the conventional methods), so support from your spouse, family, and friends is critical.

  • It would help if you adopted the available treatments & lifestyle changes that best suit your condition. However, a Balanced diet and liver & kidney cleansing are usually needed.
  • The benefits of adopting a self-healing lifestyle are immense; discipline and strong willpower are mainly required in the early stages.
  • If you followed self-healing principles for at least three months without significantly improving symptoms, the more systemic inflammation you have, the more you need time! And more intense treatments.
  • A urine pH of 6.0 or below usually indicates that the intestines are too acidic. It can suggest that gut flora is imbalanced!

If you seek advice from doctors about self-healing from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE), do not expect your doctor's support for self-healing medicine.

Link: Conventional Modern Medicine vs. Self-Healing (Alternative) Medicine.

I recommended everyone delve into the principles of self-healing before deciding. And the differences between conventional medicine and self-healing medicine.

  • The patient decides which to choose; the support of family and friends is vital.
  • Doctors don't like undermining their authority; they usually see themselves as the one who knows what's right for you! 
  • Many questions arise in my experience of entering a self-healing process, especially from severe illnesses. Understanding and believing along the way is critical to success. Self-healing is a challenging process accompanied by ups and downs; it is effortless to break down in the healing process; success comes thanks to perseverance.


Self-healing principles concerning Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE).

A general overview of each one of the self-healing principles to achieve full recovery from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE)

Link: Preparations before starting self-healing therapies.

  1. Self-healing general principles and guidelines. 
  2. Self-healing lifestyle recommendations.
  3. Mental-energetic aspects of improving the vital life-force energy flow essential to recovery.
  4. Recommended Diet and Natural physical therapies.

Self-healing general principles and guidelines.

Harnessing the extraordinary capabilities of Self-Healing.

  • Self-healing is like "Performing miracles." Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.
  • Our body, mind, and spirit are reflections of each other.
  • The influence of our mind & spirit on our physical body is immense. 
  • I prefer to call it Complementary Alternative Medicine. (CAM) "Self-healing medicine."

The Holistic approach to self-healing.

  • The location of symptoms does not necessarily reveal the main problem.
  • A single organ or system cannot be cured apart from the rest of the body. The entire body's immune system has to recover as well.

The self-healing allegedly paradox - A few symptoms during recovery may be more severe, but other symptoms disappear!

  • Be aware that self-healing has ups and downs; it does not indicate it does not work. The last stage might be the hardest because the immune system is becoming more responsive. (Light fever and fatigue during self-healing are usually signs of recovery.)

Self-healing SLE patient's lifestyle recommendations. 

  • Controlled exposure to the sun regularly. 
  • Try to minimize your medication intake. (They all harm the immune system.)
  • Minimize exposure to toxins from all possible sources. (Such as toxins in food and beverages, detergents, drugs, chemicals, and radiation).
  • Avoid or minimize all alcoholic beverages & smoking.
  • The frequency of sexual activity depends on age. Meaningless sex depletes energy. Sexual activity, combined with love, increases stamina. (Happiness.)
  • Although you may feel healthy and not tired, seven hours of sleep at night is essential. Working night shifts continuously confuses the biological clock; it harms the Qi life force in the long run.
  • Physical activity is necessary for maintaining a good mood and proper physiological functioning.
  • Try to avoid very crowded places for extended periods. They consume energy.


Mental-energetic empowerment is essential to recovery from SLE.

Links: Mental and Spiritual empowerment is critical to recovery!

Although these principles sound clear and logical, they are sometimes difficult to apply. It is recommended to use empowerment workshops or other professionals.

Happiness has a high impact on Qi's life-force-energy.

  • Unfortunately, there is no sure recipe for joy, but you can take small steps, such as: 
  •  More free time is essential to gaining high levels of Qi.
  • If necessary, you should reduce your working hours – you will be surprised that your productivity will not be significantly lowered.

Find a suitable activity to free your mind and spirit, such as:

  • Tai Qi, Yoga, Meditation, Guided Imagery, Swimming!
  • Any exercise that helps release mental Stress. (PrStressce is individual.)

Make peace with yourself, your environment, and your family.

  • It would be best if you did all you could to resolve all meaningful disputes. Hate, envy, anxiety, and shouting consume Qi's life-force energy.

Do not be disappointed with what you have achieved.

  • Be happy with what you have. Unfulfilled ambition is frustrating and depletes energy in the long run. Curb your ambition for a while. It will help you to regain lost strength.

Love and giving elevate life-force energy. (Qi)

  • By volunteering & assisting others, you gain satisfaction; it increases the life-force energy. (Qi)
  • Donations of money alone are not considered giving.  

Having a robust and deep belief. (With or without praying and worshiping the god.)

  • Deep belief is like meditation and promotes Qi energy. There are claims that the placebo effect results from this mechanism.

Having a good couple's relationship is essential to maintaining high Qi.

  • Love and understanding are crucial in recovery, while fighting and shouting deplete your Qi. Try to resolve marital issues. If you are having problems, seek professional advice.

The use of hypnosis to eliminate unresolved mental traumas. (Recommended)

  • Many may perceive hypnosis as unrelated to SLE; the release of unresolved mental traumas has far-reaching effects on the body & mind. 


Nutritional recommendations for SLE patients.

Recommended link: The balanced-varied diet is the most suitable anti-inflammatory diet.

Very few SLE patients have a healthy diet & eating habits, even though many believe they are eating healthy!


  • Fats, protein, carbohydrates & natural sugars are needed; it is wrong to deny completely one of the macronutrients.
  • The need for various foods (mainly from plants) allows the body to get all the nutrients (enzymes, minerals, electrolytes, dietary fiber, antioxidants) through food and drinks. High-quality and varied foods and sun-controlled exposure almost eliminate the need for sometimes harmful supplements and absorb less than quality food.

SLE  patients may suffer from severe farting.

  • Imbalances in intestinal flora often manifested themselves in farting. Farting during the recovery period is often a positive sign! (Contrary to what is commonly thought) they reflect attempts by good bacteria to control the parasites. (Dead parasites release gas.)
  • Taking control of the good bacteria over the parasites is usually accompanied by much farting. This process can take several months. There is no need to panic and see the recommended diet as if it failed. On the contrary!


Recommended food:

  1. Start your morning by drinking one cup of squeezed lemon juice with lukewarm water. (It is even better if you add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar + one tablespoon of olive oil.)
  2. Vegetables, seeds, sprouts, roots, nuts, legumes, beans, lentils, mushrooms, fruits, and berries.   
  3. Moist low-medium glycemic index starches such as rice, sweet potato, taro root, and spelled quinoa. (You better add a teaspoon of coconut oil, ghee-purified butter, or other natural oils for better absorption.)
  4. Organic range-free eggs (especially egg yolk) are excellent emulsifiers due to their high lecithin content. (Good quality egg yolk has an orange color.)
    1. Egg yolk is rich in vitamin D3.
  5. Eat wild deep-sea fish 2-to three a week. (They are less contaminated and also have a high omega-3 content.)
    • Fish is easy to digest and does not create a very acidic environment in the intestines.
  6. Berries are among the most potent antioxidants – combined with fruit, goat yogurt, cinnamon, and walnuts. (Yogurt, like all probiotics, may cause gas bloating. It is usually a good sign.)
  7. The liver, in particular, benefits from all-natural bitter foods. (Such as grapefruit and dark chocolate.)
  8. Dietary fiber (found only in plant-based diets) is essential for gut recovery. It might cause a reaction like gas bloating. (Fiber helps to feed the good bacteria.)
  9. Fermented products with natural live bacteria, such as goat yogurt or natural kombucha, are essential for good health.
  10. Consuming high-quality fats like Olive oil, flaxseed oil, hemp oil, Ghee (purified butter), and coconut oil, together with fiber, helps lubricate the lining of the intestinal walls. It is essential to replenish the good bacteria and help regenerate intestinal wall tissue.
  11. Regular eating of bone marrow (possibly in soup) is especially recommended.
  12. Consuming Iodine regularly (for proper thyroid function) is essential. (The easiest way is by consuming Himalayan pink salt.)
  13. Consuming sulfurous foods such as avocado, onion, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale is recommended to strengthen the immune system.

Which bread is the healthiest? (Sprouted bread, rye, spelled, or whole flour sourdough bread.) 

  • Healthy bread is dense and tends to be massive. (Especially bread made without yeast.)
  • Bread with low gluten is best. Most healthy bread has low gluten. (Although not zero percent gluten)
  • There are many bread recipes. Most people do not bake their bread. Buying bread from a reliable source is essential. The best are small specialized bakeries that deliver organic whole-grain sourdough bread.
  • Sprouted bread is most recommended for everyone. Sprouting releases enzymes that break the grain shell. Sprouted bread has low gluten and is much easier to digest because enzymes start breaking the grain shell. (which is hard to digest)
  • Low-calorie bread is less dense and weighs less. Heavy bread makes you feel full faster.

Minimize eating white flour and yeast bread; it disturbs the gut flora balance.


Recommended beverages:

  • Water, tea (without sugar or milk), black coffee (without sugar or milk), and freshly squeezed juice. (Not too sweet.)
    • Drinking fresh juice may cause gas bloating. It is inevitable and part of the recovery process.

Due to intestinal wall damage, appropriate discipline in eating and drinking is required. 

  • Until there is a significant improvement in symptoms, the list of food and beverages not recommended is quite long, but that should not surprise anyone.
  • Eating mainly cooked, soft, warm, and moist food is recommended(Easier to digest)
  • The additional nutrients that the body needs for recovery will come from drinking natural, fresh-squeezed juices.


Food and beverages are not recommended. Minimize consumption.

  • All Processed food, smoked food, preservatives, and canned food. (Huge category.)
  • Soft drinks of all kinds, including diet beverages. 
  • Plain sugars and high glycemic starches. (Such as white flour products, potatoes, white bread, biscuits, cakes, etc.)
  • Eating high doses of sweet fruits. (Especially grapes and watermelon containing mainly glucose.) Sugars can create an imbalance in gut flora.   
  • Trans-fats (found in many industrialized products) like Margarine are very harmful.
  • Yeast bread. (Sourdough bread is much better.)
  • Dairy products are unsuitable for Fibromyalgia patients as they are loaded with sugar (lactose) and too many proteins. Besides, they create an acidic environment in the intestines.
    • Goat's milk or yogurt is much better. (Limited quantities.)
  • High gluten content products. (Gluten protein is found in most cereals. Gluten tends to adhere to intestinal walls and will probably aggravate symptoms.)
  • Reduce meat & poultry consumption by 50% or more. (Meat & poultry are hard to digest; they create a high acidity environment in the intestines.)
  • Leafy greens. (Until significant relief in symptoms. They tend to stick to the inflamed intestinal walls.)
  • Spicy hot foods are usually beneficial, but they may cause symptoms to worsen. (Due to the Herxheimer effect, dead pathogens release toxins & gas.)
  • Eating large amounts of carbohydrates and animal proteins is not recommended. (Especially meat or dairy products with potatoes or other high glycemic starches.)


Recommended eating habits.

It is advisable to eat two main meals a day plus snacks (for those who need them). Dinner should be easy to digest and early, maximum up to 7 in the evening, because most tissue regeneration occurs during sleep. The digestive system needs constant rehabilitation; prolonged breaks between meals are preferable to continuous eating.

  • Minimize eating away from home, preferably taking home food to work and not buying outside.
  • Prepared food deliveries are a terrible alternative! It is processed and industrialized food at the most harmful levels possible.
  • Chew well, take a break, and eat comfortably.
  • Do not eat late at night.
  • Intermittent fasting (not with zero calories) has many benefits.
  • Fresh vegetables should be sprinkled with olive oil or other oils such as hemp or flaxseed.
  • Add a little fat with a higher melting temperature, such as coconut oil or Ghee butter, boiled or baked starches, or vegetables. (Although they are saturated fats.)
  • Especially after a meal that includes animal protein (more difficult to digest), taking a short 20-30 minute walk at moderate speed is recommended. Walking helps the digestive processes.

We eat with all senses; filling the plate with various vegetables with oils and spices is desirable. (Including aromatic salt.)


Recommended additional physical therapies.


Detailed explanations of this chapter can be found in the links below each headline.

  1. Mechanical Detoxification. (By unblocking and cleansing the liver and kidneys.)
  2. Exercise and massage to improve blood & lymphatic circulation.
  3. Controlled Solar-baths. (Essential for proper physiology and charges the life-force energy.)
  4. Acupuncture can restore the life-force energy flow and relieve pain.
  5. It uses mainly Herbal food supplements and antioxidants (as little as possible) to restore the body's balance and deficiencies.


Summary, conclusions, and recommendations. 

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) underlying causes.

Traumas related to the sense of abundance, lack of love, and self-esteem, with potential sexual trauma, may explain the extreme prevalence of young women ill with SLSLE'sLE's underlying causes, which are an unhealthy lifestyle combined with anxiety & traumatic Non-resolved events from the past.

  • One of the leading triggers & catalysts of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) is - Traumatic, Non-resolved mental & spiritual events from the past. (Usually subconscious) It can cause low life-force energy flow. Blockages in the flow of life-force energy have far-reaching physical and mental effects.)
  • Recovery occurs only when all the disease causes (mental & physical) are resolved and eliminated.
  • Symptomatic treatments usually cannot cure the patient, as they do not eliminate the disease's causes.

Age factor (Unhealthy physical lifestyle) vs. Traumatic non-resolved events from the past.

  • As with all autoimmune diseases, as the disease erupts at a younger age (30-35 years and below), the likelihood of mental trauma as the leading cause of the disease increases, and vice versa.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) is not an incurable disease!

  • Autoimmune diseases reflect long-term immune system failure. Strengthening the immune system with integrated self-healing tools can help recover from all autoimmune diseases, including Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE).

Economic aspects.

  • The economic burden of doctors, drugs, and treatments is sometimes very high. 
  • Despite the significant spending on food and juices, the savings on medicines and doctors, not to mention the suffering and reduced quality of life, investing in self-healing is exceptionally economical in the long run.

Self-healing is like "Performing miracles." Every human being has this capability. It just needs to be revealed.


Recommended link: Forum discussions about All autoimmune diseases.

I wish all people, wherever they live, full recovery from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) 


Frequently asked questions and answers:
The butterfly shape characteristic of SLE reflects inflammation in the gallbladder.
The area where the butterfly shape appears in the face is the end of the gallbladder meridian. (Suggests inflammation of the gallbladder)
Why is the disease incidence in women much higher than in men?
There is a high incidence of gallbladder inflammation in women due to typical fluctuations in sex hormones. (Births, contraceptives, menopause, and more)
Is it possible to recover from SLE by medicinal means?
The treatment of SLE is a symptomatic therapy designed to moderate the immune system's reactions. In the first place, treatment is not aimed at achieving full recovery from the disease. Recovery from the illness can only be achieved through the constant strengthening of the immune system. (Body, Mind, and Spirit)
When it comes to a disease with long remissions, such as SLE, it is advisable to take advantage of the remissions to change lifestyle and diet.
Autoimmune diseases such as SLE are a warning call requiring a significant lifestyle change and diet. Without strengthening the immune system, outbreaks become more frequent and more robust. The drug treatment designed to suppress the symptoms only aggravates the problem!
Is it recommended in SLE to perform mechanical detoxification of the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys?
There is a significant advantage in strengthening the immune system through mechanical detoxification of the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys when it comes to systemic diseases such as SLE. At the same time, an anti-inflammatory diet, the cessation of harmful drug therapy, and a mental lifestyle as relaxed as possible are required.
Why do patients with autoimmune diseases such as SLE have to emphasize the thymus gland?
The thymus gland is a gland that is responsible for the maturation of the white T blood cells that are responsible for recognizing an enemy-friend. A malfunction of the thymus is what causes the body to attack itself. It is essential to emphasize that the thymus is associated with the heart's energy center (chakra). In the energetic dimension - Love, self-esteem, and self-image are vital to recovery from the disease.
Challenge Yourself, Your Knowledge and Intuition:
Test your self
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus | Self-Healing Functional Medicine.
1. Why does the shape of the butterfly on the face of SLE patients indicate possible gallbladder inflammation?
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. (SLE) autoimmune patients are treated with the misconception that this is an incurable disease. Therefore, treatment is only symptomatic and does not attempt to enhance the patient's recovery.
See my suggested, most suitable answer »
A more detailed explanation:
1. The most suitable answer is answer number 4.
The fact that women get SLE much more frequently than men only reinforces that the gallbladder significantly impacts the onset of the disease. At the same time, autoimmune diseases also have an integrated mental-energetic dimension. Removal of gallstones (without gallbladder resection) may significantly improve the symptoms of SLE patients.
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