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24/10/2022 5:21

The human body has two primary filters: the liver and kidneys and a long sewage system (digestive system) that occasionally needs mechanical cleansing.


Nutrition-based detoxification and cleansing of the liver, gallbladder, intestines, and kidneys have a far-reaching effect on strengthening the immune system.


Detoxification - Questions and answers below each question. (I have immense experience in detoxification.)

Is detoxification able to cure any chronic disease, including autoimmune diseases and cancer?

  • Detoxification raises the patient's energy level but does not act on the mental-spiritual level, which is critical in many chronic diseases, especially autoimmune diseases and cancer.

How long does detoxification take?

  • Depending on the patient's condition and treatment intensity, the answer can range from days to years. It is usually a process of months for chronic patients who do not have chronic liver disease or chronic kidney disease. (Up to two years)

Is it advisable to attend detox workshops?

  • It is recommended to attend detoxification workshops, mainly to learn nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Do not expect to recover from a chronic illness during the workshop, which usually lasts a week or two.

Do I have to drink natural squeezed juices as part of the detoxification process?

  • I highly recommend everyone (including healthy or asymptomatic people) drink natural squeezed juices regularly. Natural squeezed juice has proven health benefits with no side effects!

I'm afraid I will gain weight if I drink sweet fruit and vegetable juices.

  • Paradoxically, drinking naturally squeezed juices contributes to weight loss! A well-functioning liver allows for much easier weight loss.

I'm a little disgusted by the enema. Is there another way to achieve a similar result?

  • Enema can be performed at home, in complete privacy, and under hygienic conditions. For those interested, it is possible to perform liver and gallbladder flushes, even without enemas, but great care is required in complying with the safety guidelines.

Is it advisable to eat foods rich in antioxidants, such as berries?

  • Natural berries, without additives, combined with other fruits, goat yogurt, sheep, cinnamon, and nuts, are exceptionally healthy and delicious. (A type of cake substitute)

Are there any recommended animal foods?

  • The liver is unable to synthesize omega-3 three and vitamin B12. These are found mainly in animal foods. (Omega 3 from the plant differs from omega three from the animal.) Therefore, moderate consumption of free eggs (organic) and deep-sea fish such as halibut, tuna, salmon (Norwegian), and bone marrow are recommended foods. Quality seafood is also recommended. (As well as most fish are a product of agriculture)

Is it advisable to use antioxidant supplements?

How do I know if I need mechanical detoxification or if I can make do with a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet?

  • Listen to your body! You probably need mechanical detoxification if you have not significantly improved symptoms after two to three months of a natural, healthy, and varied diet. A more objective measure is a decrease in the acidity level of the urine (P.H values of 6.5-7)

The paradox of detoxification that sometimes sends us to the medicine cabinet!

  • Detoxification raises the energy level of our body and strengthens the immune system. In our body, there are always inflammations, often asymptomatic. Strengthening the immune system causes the immune system to heal our body, temporarily worsening symptoms. Still, we are accustomed to each symptom immediately requiring medication. We often run to the medicine cabinet and hurt our body's attempt to recover.!

Ups and downs in symptoms characterize the detoxification process. Some symptoms disappear while others intensify. Over time, the improvement is noticeable.


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