Cow's milk and dairy products are inflammatory.

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09/01/2023 16:01

The problem with cow's milk is not the fat percentage nor the milk sugar, but mainly the excessive amount of protein, making it highly inflammatory.


An average cow weighs about 600 kg, and its milk is intended to feed calves that need a diet rich in protein to develop. The protein in cow's milk is very concentrated and often exceeds the requirements for protein.

  • Adults need about one gram of protein per kilogram of recommended weight. The modern diet is very high in proteins, especially from animals. Digestion of animal proteins is relatively slow and is very acidic to the intestines. Acidic intestines encourage the proliferation of pathogens that considerably weaken the immune system.
  • Therefore, many experts tend to recommend goat's milk, which is less rich in protein and more similar to mother's milk. Also, sheep's milk, which is particularly oily and tasty, is better than cow's milk. It is essential to know that the animal's nutrition is critical to the quality of the milk.
  • A cow that eats its natural food produces high-quality milk; the same applies to goats, sheep, and other animals. The problem is that most of the milk is in industrialized barns, and nutrition given to cows is designed to maximize output. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of milk and dairy products from cows and switch to milk and especially to goat yogurt, the price of which is double or more.


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