The name "Alternative medicine" is unsuitable and should be replaced by "Self-healing medicine."

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15/09/2022 5:04

The name alternative medicine implies inferiority compared to conventional medicine. If you write with your right hand, your left hand is not your alternative hand!

Alternative medicine.

The name "Alternative medicine" inherently produces the inferiority of therapy for self-healing, although this is not the actual situation. There are about 100 techniques for diagnosis and treatment in the self-healing method; all of them, without exception, are based on principles of self-healing. At the philosophical-mathematical level, there are only two therapy methods. One interferes with the natural processes and is conventional medicine, while the other method, which is always preferable but not always possible, is the self-healing method.

About 100 diagnostic and treatment techniques can be divided into several categories, depending on their mechanism of action. The development of the philosophy of medicine, with appropriate regulation of medicine for self-healing, will significantly improve the quality of medical services, especially for patients with chronic diseases.


Link: Conventional Medicine vs. Self-Healing Functional Medicine - SWOT analysis.



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