"Alternative medicine" should be replaced by "Self-healing medicine."

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15/09/2022 5:04

The name alternative medicine implies inferiority compared to conventional medicine. For right-handed, your left hand is not your alternative hand!

Alternative medicine.

The name "Alternative medicine" inherently produces the inferiority of therapy for self-healing, although this is not the actual situation.

  • There are about 100 techniques for diagnosis and treatment in the self-healing method; all of them, without exception, are based on principles of self-healing.

At the philosophical-logical level, there are only two therapy methods:

  1. Conventional medicine interferes with natural processes
  2. Self-healing medicine is always preferable but not always available or possible.

Alternative medicine # Self-healing medicine. 

  • Alternative medicine techniques can be divided into several categories, depending on their mechanism of action. Developing the philosophy of medicine, with appropriate regulation of medicine for self-healing, will significantly improve the quality of medical services, especially for patients with chronic diseases.

The in-depth analysis points to a mirror image between modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine's weaknesses and strengths. Integrating modern medicine and self-healing functional medicine is vital to achieving optimal healthcare.


Link: Conventional Medicine vs. Self-Healing Functional Medicine - SWOT analysis.



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