Unbelievable giant liver worms.

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Doctors in China have identified two types of worms. Their sizes were terrifying and unbelievable. Liver worms are evidence of advanced body decay.

Giant Liver Fluke Worms.

Shocking pictures of worms coming out of me in unbelievable sizes! Worms in the liver indicate severe liver blockages with impaired liver function. I had been in a situation for years of progressive decay, on the verge of death.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
How did I react to the sight of the giant worms that came out of your body?
It was a shocking sight, accompanied by a terrible stench of decay. The terrible view only emphasizes how resilient the human body is.
Where and when were the photos in this gallery taken?
The photos were taken in China and Israel over several years, mainly in the toilets and bathrooms and often in artificial lighting.
Are worms in the liver a rare phenomenon?
Liver worms result from an acute secondary infection in people with severely damaged livers. It is a relatively rare phenomenon.
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