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When I first saw the stinking gut tissue, I went to the hospital with samples and photographs. The doctors were not impressed.

Decaying intestinal tissue.

After coffee enemas, the sight of rotten intestinal tissue coming out of my body made me arrive at the hospital at the place of residence then, scared with intestinal tissue samples. (In a plastic bag) To my surprise, the doctors reacted indifferently! To regenerate the intestines, I had to remove the rotten intestinal tissue. The stench was terrible. The process of bowel rehabilitation took me about four years.

Frequently asked questions and answers:
Where and when were the photos in the gallery taken?
The photos were taken in China and Israel over several years, mainly in the toilets and bathrooms and often in artificial lighting.
Which chronic patients are likely to have rotten intestinal tissue?
Damage to the digestive system is not a rare phenomenon. As in the pictures, rotten tissues can be observed mainly among patients with chronic digestive tract diseases. (Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitis, IBD.)
Can the damaged intestinal tissues be removed only through a healthy diet?
Removing the damaged small and large intestine tissues requires the renewal of bile fluid flow into the duodenum. For this, a combination of mechanical detoxification with a healthy diet is necessary.
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