Prostate Enlargement (BPH) The Gat & Goren procedure. (Varicose veins & BPH)

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02/06/2022 5:02

Benign prostatic enlargement (BPH) is widespread, especially among men after age 45. BPH side effects often impair life quality in a meaningful way; searching for solutions is understandable and natural.

Prostate Enlargement (BPH) The Gat & Goren procedure. (Varicose veins & BPH) image 1
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH - Introduction. 
  • The various drugs offered (including herbal medicines) are not helpful in the long term. (Exactly for the same reasons, I have said that chronic prostate inflammation cannot be cured by medication.)
The underlying causes of BPH:
  • Recurrent inflammation of the prostate and genitals (usually without acute symptoms) is the leading cause of BPH.
    • Varicose veins result from high blood pressure, caused by the need to pump more blood into the inflamed area; over time, the blood vessels dilate and form varicose veins.
    • As a result of varicose veins, the male hormone testosterone reaches the prostate (instead of the bloodstream). It causes an increased division of cells that leads to benign enlargement of the prostate.


The Gat & Goren procedure. (Varicose veins & BPH)

Varicose veins are one of the common causes of non-fertility in men.

Link: Gat Goren clinic.

Dr. Yigal Gat and Dr. Menachem Goren have found the origin of the evolution of prostate enlargement. In articles published worldwide, they reported on the newly found testosterone route to reach the prostate in high concentration directly from the testes. (Instead of getting the bloodstream.)

I underwent this procedure in 2009. It saved me from further prostate damage due to my terrible liver condition. 

  • The Gat & Goren catheterization treatments have many benefits. (Not only for patients with enlarged prostates BPH.)
  • The main benefit is improving blood flow and regulating the blood pressure in the groin area.
  • It is a relatively simple procedure with no side effects.
  • It might not be available everywhere, and it is also quite expensive.
  • In my opinion, The Gat & Goren procedure is the most fundamental and successful invasive solution that exists today in the world.
The most effective treatments for benign enlargement of the prostate. (BPH) 
  • The catheterization of the blood vessels using the Gat-Goren method is the most effective invasive treatment. The main drawback is that the problem may recur if prostate inflammation is not treated. It is also a relatively expensive treatment that is not available to everyone.
  • Self-healing that will eliminate the body's inflammation, including the prostate, by natural means may improve and allow the body to shrink the prostate and restore the damaged blood vessels.
    • Of course, this is the most fundamental treatment; its main disadvantage is maintaining a strict lifestyle and diet. (Not a simple task in modern times.)
  • Combining treatment with the Gat-Goren method and eliminating infections through self-healing methods will bring about the best possible outcome for those who can afford it.


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