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08/03/2021 6:42

Sexual orientation is not a genetic or social-environmental trait but an energetic-magnetic trait.

Gay man.

This model suggests looking at sexual identities and orientations as an energy-based phenomenon rather than a genetic or social one. Reading the article at the link below is recommended to understand the explanation. Continue reading: The Unified Theory of Sexual Identities and Orientations. (Alixin's Theory)


The magnetic poles' tilt alignment determines all sexual orientations. (Excluding asexuals)

Heterosexuals, Gay men, Lesbian, Bisexuals. (Men & Women) 

Sexual orientations. (A continuous scale.)

General assumptions.

  • Tilt in both axes is limited because both magnetic poles are inside the physical body.
  • The Tilt can be Vertical, Horizontal, or both.

The magnetic poles' tilt alignment determines sexual orientation.

  • VT (Vertical Tilt)-Vertical alignment tilt (Angle of Tilt) No Tilt = 0.
    • Vertical alignment to the ground or Tilt from the body center.
  • HT (Horizontal Tilt)-Horizontal alignment tilt (Angle of Tilt) No Tilt = 0.
    •  Horizontal alignment to the center of the body.

The changes in Tilt do not affect sexual identity.


Men's Gay sexual orientation.

Only vertical Tilt of the magnetic poles.

  • The gay sex can gain the same energy transfer qualities that heterosexuals have.
  • Since charging can occur only when the opposite poles are nearby, the anal sex is probably not in the charging energy position. (The positive (Red) poles might be very close)
  • What are the relevant charging positions? Since I do not have a gay experience, I will leave it to the reader's imagination. But no doubt, there are quite a few possible charging positions that probably are not associated with sexual climax.
  • I could not determine if the role each partner (roles might change) takes during gay intercourse is energetic.
  • I believe that identifying the sexual orientation of an unknown individual is not pure intuition; we have these energetic sensors that are constantly working subconsciously.

Vertical alignment direction (Tilting towards the heart) may influence mental behavior! (This may explain the hypersensitivity among gay men.)


A heterosexual woman and a man with magnetic poles illustrate the energy flow. (Positive (red) to negative (blue))

Heterosexual woman and a man with the illustration of the energy flow. (Positive (red) to negative (blue))

A gay man with a vertical tilt of the magnetic poles. (Both directions.)

The poles' vertical Tilt among both gay men enables, in the long run, better life-force energy charging capabilities with a partner of the same sex.

The same methodology is also applicable to lesbians. 

A gay man with a vertical tilt of the magnetic poles. (Both directions.)

Continue reading: Sexual Identities and Orientations Energy-Based Unifying Theory.

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