Inflammation vs. Infection. (Often confused)

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14/01/2021 6:46

The manifestation of inflammation is much broader than pathogens infection. Which usually produces an inflammatory response.

Inflammation vs. Infection.

Inflammation vs. Infection. (Often confused.)

The definition of inflammation is much broader than infection. (Which often produces an inflammatory response.)

Inflammation and infection are two closely related but separate phenomena. 

Link: Inflammation (From Wikipedia)

  • Inflammation - is a natural and immediate response of the immune system to repair tissue damage, such as a blow, accident, harsh chemicals, radiation, burn, or pathogens infection.
  • Infection - is a direct result of pathogens (Bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.) The immune response to this infection is inflammation.

Prominent examples of inflammation that do not necessarily involve infection:

Although infections and infections are sometimes seen as synonyms, it is pretty clear that many inflammation cases do not involve pathogens.

  • Knife injury while cutting.
  • A burn from an iron, stove, or boiling water.
  • Callus on foot from prolonged walking.


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Inflammation is usually characterized by redness, swelling (increased blood flow), and pain in contact. Since infection often causes inflammation, the symptoms are very similar, thus creating confusion between these two conditions.

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