Events anticipated by aliens are not deterministic!

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11/05/2023 5:23

The upcoming event of a powerful earthquake combined with a volcanic eruption sharpened the issue of whether the event must happen.


The future is interconnected with the past and has a deterministic component combined with chaos, so events I receive through channeling usually happen but don't necessarily happen. Link: A devastating earthquake is expected northeast of Yosemite Park.


Extraterrestrials have clarified that time is not an axis from past to future but a spiral. (Something hard to grasp)

For years, I have struggled to understand the paradox of time. Sometimes, I accept time as deterministic, permanent, and unchangeable; occasionally, I consider it chaotic and changeable. The explanations I received are not very simple. Still, if I summarize them, time is deterministic for events that depend solely on individuals who follow the right energetic path- only for those events on their critical path. A chaotic component is constantly synchronized for events that rely on many entities so that they may be modified.

  • Extraterrestrials expressed their displeasure, in discordant tones, with humanity's conduct. Wars, lies, manipulation, environmental pollution, and hatred of the other. Is it possible to change or postpone the horrific event of the earthquake that may hit the west coasts of the United States and Canada? I'm not sure, but I've learned from previous experiences that it is possible to change things through positive energies. As mentioned, chaos has exciting recurring patterns.

Prayer (not necessarily in the religious context), good deeds, helping others, telling the truth, helping the weak, preventing environmental pollution, and more have great significance in creating the correct chaotic pattern to postpone or cancel events of natural disasters! Which are seemingly seen as inevitable. I admit that the explanations are not trivial; even if you don't understand everything, I believe the message is clear.

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